Goda nyheter från Defkalion och Purdue University, IN, USA

Såg denna artikel alldeles nyss. Skriven av John Hadjichristos (Defkalion) och Yeoung E. Kim (Purdue University, IL, USA).


Här är några utdrag:

Abstract—Experimental results for anomalous heat effect and super magnetic field observed for hydrogen-Nickel systems are described. Theoretical analysis and reaction mechanisms are presented using theory of Boson cluster state nuclear fusion (BCSNF) based on the optical theorem formulation. Observed excess heat generation and anomalously large magnetic field are explained by theoretical descriptions based on nano-scale explosions (“Bosenova”) and proton supper currents.

Defkalion’s Hyperion R-5 reactor has been demonstrated to be a reliable working device producing excess heat at sufficiently high level with reliable control and high reproducibility for further scientific investigations and for practical applications. The experimental results obtained with the HyperionR-5 reactor are described in some details.