Killing the Patient to Cure the Disease: How Many People are Actually Dying WITH Covid, not from?

And even though these numbers are published by Socialstyrelsen, they are not mentioned, not discussed, not analysed. Why is this so?

Because facts are that 71% of the deaths reported as “Covid” are balanced by an almost magical improvement when it comes to the big three death causes out there; tumors, circulatory and respiratory diseases.

And even more amazing; Socialstyrelsen also measure FLÅ (loss of years to live) due to different causes of death. And in that case more than 90% of the years lost to Covid are balanced with MORE years to live due to the magical reduction of deaths in those other diseases.


This is what it looks like

So at least 70% of the deaths are really people dying WITH Covid and those people are generally way older than the average death among those that normally die from the other causes.

So the conclusion is clear. The seriousness of Covid is blown way out of proportion, at least by a factor of 10.