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Sifferkoll is about the numbers. The facts.  Basically Sifferkoll means “Knowledge of Numbers”. Quantitative analysis is the tool I use to verify my models of reality. This is kind of misleading since I’m actually an intuitive thinker being and INTP personality according the Jung typology. But, an intuitively created model needs quantitative verification of some sort to be usable.  It might be short term trading using statistical models or using a wide diversity of available data and theories in different fields to support long term models of macro events like a LENR breakthrough.

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  2. Hello Sifferkol

    Here is a link to a pdf with the slides of a presentation by Industrial Heat, prepared for the Chinese in connection with the opening of the Baishishan Science Park, October 2015 :
    The aim of this collaboration between IH and the Chinese is, officially, ‘to investigate nickel-hydrogen cells’.

    On page 8 Industrial Heat claims a COP of between 3 and 20 for the Ecat. Quote :
    ‘Creates excess energy between 3 and 20 times the energy required to operate the device—depending on the model of reactor and operating temperatures—at temperatures between 120 and 500 degrees Celsius’

    This is at odds with Darden’s current claim COP=1. Either he is lying now, or what he states to the Chinese may be fraudulent.

    The ever cautious Darden starts the claims on p.8 with the proviso ‘We believe…’. A Chinese friend tells me that in the translation there is no such proviso at all. The Chinese text says literally : “The nickel reaction has the following advantages: …”. The “We believe bit” isn’t there at all.

    On p.1 IH explains the meaning of LENR as ‘Low Energy Nickel Reactions’, changing the scary word ‘Nuclear’ to ‘Nickel’. The Chinese translation shortens this to just ‘Nickel Reactions’.

    Do also note that in the text Rossi is never mentioned, and that the Ecat is called just the ‘Reactor’.

    I think this info is relevant, because, as many say, we are relying too much on just what Rossi says. This is an independent source, giving confirmation of Rossi’s side of the story. I understand that there is also a patent application by Industrial Heat, claiming a COP of 11 for their device. That is in line with this document, and proves that Darden’s position on the COP is inconsistent.

    • The translation stuff is interesting… BTW! Darden/IH has not officially claimed COP~1. These numbers have only been spinned by Weaver and Jed so far to induce FUD and discredit Rossi. It’s all PR.

      BTW, do you have any idea what the last pages in chinese says?

      • Hello Sifferkoll,

        I’ve asked my Chinese friend about those 2 slides without English. Here is his translation.

        [The first (p.9) gives a comparison between energy production by coal (above) and Ecat (below).]
        The coal model says: Port -> Storage, Transportation -> Coal burning
        1.4 million tons/year produces 200 MW
        4.2 million tons/year produces 600 MW

        [Below:] The future prospect [with the ecat]:
        The green thing there is a 20 foot container, producing 1 MW
        x200 of those = 200 MW
        x600 of those = 600 MW

        [The two lines in green at the bottom:]
        1. Zero pollution, 2/3 cost savings, savings in land.
        2. A 2 fen coin sized piece of nickel produces [energy] equivalent to 1000 truckloads of coal.
        [A fen is the smallest currency unit in China, comparible to our cent.]

        The second of the two slides (p.10):
        [On the left it says:]
        LENR Market Strategy, First Phase
        1. Coal Power Plant
        Each 1MW requires a 20 foot container, the plan is to supply 3 coal power plants every quarter, and construct 1800 containers.

        2. Each quarter will see a production capacity of 10,000 containers.

        [My friend says that the text is not entirely clear here, it is after all only a power point presentation, but he thinks it can be understood as follows : They propose to supply these 1MW containers to existing coal power plants, so that these will switch from using coal to using LENR to generate power. And then they’ll step it up to produce 10,000 containers every quarter to replace all conventional sources of energy.]

        [On the right:]
        Second Phase: Production of generators
        1. Construction of 1-3 MW portable generators
        2. Construction of 10-20 MW medium sized generators
        They want 3000 mu of land for that.
        [1 mu is equivalent to 600 m^2]

        [Last bit on the right, which says “First Phase” again, talks about the income:]
        Gross profit from each container is RMB 30,000
        They expect to sell 50,000 units, giving a gross profit of 1.5 billion [RMB]

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