Black Swan Ascending


Please read “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis and/or “Antifragile” by N.N. Taleb and you will know what I’m talking about. The next Black Swan will have nothing to do with real estate, money printing and/or debts (well, not as the prime cause anyway). It will have everything to do with energy. It is all out there …

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8 thoughts on “Black Swan Ascending

  1. Those waiting for energy miracles should read some physics to learn where all the energy in the universe comes from. But hey! I understand it is harder than daydreaming, so maybe most of you are excused.

        • Yeah, REALITY! That’s a concept with a definition that everybody agrees upon… right?

          You probably should go preach your ignorance to other ignorant religious fundamentalists. They will understand you.

    • My opinion is that assuming that we know already where the energy of the Universe come from is far more stupid than day dreaming. If you have the answer, to the origins of the energy in the universe then you have become the smartest guy in the world. Congratulations!. I just hope that this knowledge is not anything that comes from Discovery channel.
      But now please let the experimenters do their job and let them work without interruption, dont waste your precious time here.

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