Systems and business analyst with entrepreneurial background (sales, marketing, M&A, accounting, etc). Thrives on model building, problem solving, rapid “working prototype” development, complex systems with big data and business automation / intelligence. Experienced IT architect, manager and “hands-on” developer. Preferably in UNIX/Linux, open source environments.

Business Experience

Founder and President of a award winning premium hosting service provider in the SME segment. Besides building and managing a business that delivered high availability hosting services, primary focus was on M&A, seamless customer migration, business automation architecture, sales and online marketing. The company was sold during 2007 and is now a part of the Binero Group quoted on the Nasdaq First North Exchange. Also founder of the first Swedish consumer market ISP in 1994, and 25+ years of independant consultancy business.

Consulting Experience

25 years of consulting experience as a project manager, IT Architect and systems developer. Expert in complex customer-, systems- and data migration. Deep knowledge of Internet infrastructure, algorithmic trading systems (all asset classes) development for the financial markets and social media data mining using AI/machine learning. Preferably working on UNIX/Linux platforms using Oracle/MySQL/MongoDB databases/complex datastructures and Open Source tools. Also ten years of experience of development in OpenVMS environments using OracleRDB, DCL, etc. for retail and steel industry.


M. Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. Master thesis in manufacturing technology. One year university level micro and macro economics. Half year university level theoretical philosophy.


Long distance runner and Triathlete. PB since 2012 includes: Marathon 3:09, Lidingöloppet (30 km cross country) 2:13, half marathon 1:26, 10 km 38:47, Olympic distance triathlon 2:40, half Ironman triathlon 5:36. Ironman triathlon 12:14. Goal for 2020/21 – Sub12 Ironman Kalmar.

Passionate about LENR and the coming energy revolution. 

Thrives on exploring current “itm” trends and future “otm” Black Swans

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