Killing the Patient to Cure the Disease – WITH or FROM Covid? A Huge Difference …

I had a quick look at some cause of death data published by Socialstyrelsen and there are some really interesting “coincidences” that for some reason has not been discussed much at all. Have a look at this:

This shows the differences in absolute number of deaths Jan-June 2020 with Jan-June the previous 5 years (average). As can be seen there are, and this I find extremely important, about 2500 deaths less than normal with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases…


It is not far fetched to conclude that these do exist, but have been included in the Covid19 statistics, ie. they merely died WITH Covid19, not from it. But since they died WITH Covid they have been reported as such, even though the real cause of death was probably cardiovascular or respiratory diseases.

And this was only the first six months of the year. It seems reasonable to suspect that this has not changed since, which in that case would be close to 5000 deaths misreported. Ie. more than half of the Covid deaths… Hmm.

Also I would like to mention the issue of “dry tinder”. Ie. the fact that Sweden had far less deaths in 2019 than previous years. An estimation could be that this will add another 2-3000 deaths reported as Covid to the stats. It’s also worth mentioning that we for the first half of 2020 had significantly less deaths than usual from seasonal flu.

I made an attempt to show these stats in a graph.

As you can, when we compensate for “dry tinder” and “with Covid” assumptions we will get a completely different view of the data.

The conclusion is that the death rate FROM Covid19 is maybe ~ 1500. This is of course bad enough. It is certainly a serious flu, maybe in the Hong Kong flu range, but that is it. These things seem to happen on a fairly regular basis – 50 years or so.

To close down the world the way our rulers have done, with the help of our fear mongering media, is more or less a crime against all humanity. The consequences are immense and devastating. I can’t help to think, that this is the way we will welcome fascism on a global scale into our lifes. Actually, we are doing it right now, and there are even people advocating more regulations and rules… Be fucking careful what you wish for, because in this case they will sure as hell get it for you. And they will never take it away. You do not need to look far to see the signs.

10 thoughts on “Killing the Patient to Cure the Disease – WITH or FROM Covid? A Huge Difference …

  1. Very interesting, good work. Thanks! Are You aware of anyone else looking at these things?
    B R Henrik

    • No fan of Tegnell or other politicians in general, but I’m not sure the scientific background has much to do with it as that low quality article supposedly suggests…

      Some mistakes were made. Sure. But generally the whole Covid hysteria is blown way out of proportion all around the world. It’s a bad flu. Yes, but hardly worse than in 50s or 60s. The main difference is the way media and our politicians are taking advantage of it the increase power and induce fear. That worries me a lot more than the flu.

      • so we should handle it like in the 50’s and 60’s and let the people die?

        • In many ways I believe they did a better job in the 50s and 60s than today. Their strategy was definitely not to let people die. Is that what you believe?

          • How old are you? From the numbers I can find in the web this is what they did.
            They didn’t see it coming and couldn’t do anything. We are in a premiere here. First time humankind is actually able to see a pandemic and do something about it.

            • I’m not sure about that. It is mostly hubris (as the numbers show clearly). I believe that some parts of humankind believe that they can do something about it, but that what they are doing (as of restrictions, lockdowns, laws etc) is only making things way way worse in the long run (and even the short in many cases). I also see Govs around the world being happy to put weapons in the streets to enforce restrictions. And suggesting restrictions for traveling and tracking of individuals etc. It’s all very creepy. And the worst part is all the morons cheering this on. All the idiots that seams to want to this new kind of “fascism” in their lives ruled by Govs together with big-tech and big-pharma. Creepy shit it is.

              • Idiots. Strange folk. Always the people on the other side…

                • Well, for lack of better words, that’s what I would call people who from stupidity (or worse) advocate any kind of fascism. Do you have a better suggestion?

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