Covid Economics… When the Truth is too Hard to Handle…

Papers please, and how to trade them!

… This world is totally fugazi…

For some unknown reason senior analysts (Andreas Steno Larsen & Martin Enlund) at Nordea actually managed to publish a sincere report on what is going on in this totally fugazi world, where fascism is making giant leaps forward in a way not seen since the 30’s. “Lockdownistas” are obviously prepared to use violence in order to restrict movement and lock up everyone not injected and not wearing the correct tracking device. And, what is worse; a lot of people (sheeple) seem to want it.

It used to be “two weeks to flatten the curve”, but somehow it has developed to “imprison the unvaccinated (or worse)”. Lockdownistas have been on parade also over the past week, with “papers please”-systems being implemented in many countries to try to boost the injection rate. Ireland has implemented a semi-lockdown with a midnight curfew. Austria has not only decided to imprison the unvaccinated (albeit so far only in their homes), the entire country is now going back into a lockdown and a nationwide vaccine mandate is launched.

Exactly like the authors of the Nordea analysis, I clearly see the connections to the 30’s, where it was actually the people, with their votes and with their hands raised that enabled fascism. The same thing is happening now. The unclean/unvaccinated are blamed and are to be used as scapegoats to enforce a new kind of fascism controlled by social media giants and big pharma together with power hungry politicians.

It’s absurd to see reports coming out of countries like Australia, Austria, Germany, etc., where enforcing and planning to enforce any number of authoritarian measures is the new normal. And then seeing our fucked up media helping out, not reporting on all the riots, etc. (including the way they downplay the Nordea report and try to ridicule the authors using the pathetic “conspiracy” word), and not the least, tons of otherwise seemingly normal people cheering them on…. As the authors of the Nordea report put it:

Leaving aside the lessons from the Nuremberg trials such as bodily integrity, informed choice, the impact on civil liberties, and so on (because who cares?), lockdown policies, vaccine mandates and so on do carry costs. School closures can lead to children missing out on education, and with humans being social animals, locking them up or reducing socialising also carry costs even if these will not be visible in GDP figures. And as The Telegraph recently noted: “nearly 10,000 more people than usual have died in the past four months from non-Covid reason [in the UK]” (and no one knows why).

The report is very sincere and absolutely worth reading. which of course did not please our rulers so it was swiftly removed. Luckily the Internet never forgets so it is still available on wayback-machine here:

Or here as well (when the above link stops working):

Also read the authors earlier analysis and insights on the covid mess created our rulers.

As I said before. The real danger of fascism is the that it will seize power with a majority cheering them on (in Switzerland 62% recently voted for enforcing severe restriction on everyone not having an obviously (as the Nordea report convincingly argues) useless “health” certificate).

And since people in streets with hands raised is the wet dream of many politicians, and not really from the direction they want you to look, but instead from the ones that are already in power and are afraid to loose it – those that are not afraid to use the word fascism on the opposition … Look for the ones selling the lockdown and passports and you will find the real fascist within.

And finally, you might believe they are doing their best for you, (although failing due to whatever mutation etc)… Well, an even more plausible explanation is that the premise is wrong and that they are actually succeeding in their aims. It should be absolutely clear by now that the actions taken are not about “health” but all about politics. And they are extremely successful… Eager as they are to use any mean available to increase control and power. With that in mind you realize that they are succeeding to a degree they could not even themselves imagine. And everything suddenly makes a lot more sense.

“This world is totally Fugazi, but it belongs to you …”