Is it Really as Bad as they Sell it? Or is Covid more of a Lifestyle Disease than they want us to know?

Is it really reasonable for governments around the world to seize power the way they have, and induce harsh and far fetching regulations, lockdowns and tracking of individuals in the name of Covid? Or is it simply fear mongering by the politicians and officials in their aim to gain media time and clicks (and votes in the end, I suppose) by trying to look as if they “act”. And of course to try their best to hide the fact that they themselves caused most of the problems by poor execution of the only real task they had. Taking care of the elderly and sick. Those who cannot defend themselves.

I cant help to think that they are also trying to cover up the obvious fact that for about 90% of us Covid is less serious than a normal cold.

The numbers from SCB & Socialstyrelsen, tell this story pretty well.

As can be seen, for close to 90% the lethality of Covid is less than 0,2% and if you are below 70 years old and generally healthy, the risk of dying is as low as 0,004%, ie. 72% of the population. Most of us are basically PAYING for the DESTRUCTION of our lives. No wonder that FEAR needs to be pushed so hard to make us conform.

Actually, I do not believe it is a coincidence that the 10% (higher in many other countries) group of 70+ year olds with some other, often lifestyle induced, condition is also extremely profitable for the BigMed industry. Not to mention that this group also correlates pretty well with many men in power… We’re talking 70-somethings of generally unhealthy men with bad eating and drinking habits, somewhat high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. And there’s a lot of them…

Can’t help to think it would be a lot cheaper and much more beneficial for everyone to FORCE these men to eat less and more healthy, and get a little bit of exercise. At least it would be a lot better than forcing everyone else into regulations, lockdowns, vaccinations, etc.

However, now it seams as if they rather shut everything down for everyone else, than to solve the real problem protecting those that cannot protect themselves; the elderly and sick.

It would be so incredibly much cheaper to simply staff up where it is needed, than to kick this immense can of costs down the road in the form of unemployment, ruined livelihoods, bankruptcies, domestic and social problems, drugs, isolation induced hopelessness, depressions, etc. Lasting for years, maybe decades… But I guess they figure that it will be somebody else’s problem by then…

Looking only at cause of death in the range below 70 years the picture you’ll get is somewhat interesting. (Source: Socialstyrelsen)

If you’re below 70 years and physically healthy you’re actually three times as likely to commit suicide than to die of Covid. Makes you think… Why? I’m not even sure I want to know the answer.

Because it’s probably way to close to what happened in the 30’s, than any other scenario we’ve been worrying about for the past few years… Fascism will as always be voted into power by the majority, and we have, it seams, been looking in the wrong direction.

This is the way it happens. Politicians, together with BigMed and BigTech are grabbing power and control, and we’re cheering them on. So right before your eyes they keep on sacrificing the lives of many small business owners for the sake of NOTHING except their own power. And, even worse, many people seem to like it. Some even say it should have been done earlier. I’m telling you; those who are cheering on regulations are exactly the same kind of people who would have been standing with their hands raised 90 years ago. Go figure.

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    Right. On. Point.

    Sweden’s resurgent exceptionalism may, then, be related partly to the national tradition of public administration, including both extensive vertical and horizontal delegation. In recent years, however, this has interacted with additional, contingent factors: weak political leadership and strong bureaucratic leadership. If this model of policy making is perceived as bringing positive results, regarding coronavirus or something else, the problem of accountability might not bother too many people. If policy is perceived to have failed, another crisis—political rather than epidemiological—might ensue in Sweden.

    • The reason for Sweden having more deaths than other Scandinavian countries are pretty straight forward;
      * Huge organizational issues in nursing homes and mobile care for the elderly and sick (hemtjänst). More centralized and many employees that do not have required education and don’t even speak the language.
      * Much larger migration and problematic areas with clusters of migration, where there are a lot of unhealthy people (to much and a lot of unhealthy food, not excersizing, spending most of the time indoors, etc.). Many of these people are also working in nursing homes, hemtjänst, etc. which contributed a lot to the spread initially.
      * Much more dead tinder due to less serious flu during 2019 than most other countries.
      Taking thise issues out of the equation the difference to our neighbors is not that big as I’ve shown in earlier posts. I was all about failing to protect the small high risk group of already old and sick people. Instead we did the absolute opposite.

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