The Rossi Darden & @ApcoWorldwide Saga: Why is it Good to NOT Release the COP~50 ERV #LENR Report?

I wrote this short comment on the forum to argue that it is good for Rossi to hold on the ERV report and that the comments by Jed Rothwell indirectly is a IH acknowledgement of the COP~50.

Of course IH has to say they do not believe the report and sacrifice Penon. What else can they do? Its the only way they can justify not paying the $89M. Jed is only their messenger of choice here. Reading between the lines this also says indirectly that the reference to the ERV in the complaint is correct, ie COP~50 (this could now be considered a fact and acknowledged by IH). So it only verifies that this is a credibility game as stated in the first Apco letter from IH. It’s all about damage control.

I believe it is the best thing for Rossi to do, to hold on to the report until the court case. I believe IH is leaking parts of it to get help by selected people to find possible scenarios to attack it. I believe some of these are already worked out to be used if Rossi releases the report. This I believe Rossi knows. As I said numerous times; it is really easy to create fraud and incompetence scenarios when these only have to be stated, not proved. Impossible to defend against.

So, to summarize. This is good. IH acknowledge that the Penon report says COP~50, althoug they will attack it anyway they can since could save them $89M. Rossi is making the right choice holding on to it, since it is now indirectly acknowledged by IH. Releasing it, would only give the inferior people more details to attack and fraud scenarios to work on.

Also I would like to add, that this is good, also to reduce the allready huge amount of speculations on the forums on whether there is even a slightest possibility that Penon has made some kind of extreme mistake when measuring this 1MW heat compared to 20kW input. I have no doubt the cryptodenialists will think one up. Already there is some kind of “Goatguy” on a forum using the IH COP~11 patent application to make fraud scenarios on the fly.  So. Rossi not feeding the snakes and monkeys is a good idea since it is impossible for him and Penon defending themselves from the numerous ad-hominem attacks that will be the result.

Further. As I wrote before I’m trying to figure out the Apco strategy. I’m worried. These people are not to be trusted.  They are world class professionals in astroturgin  and spinning these kind of stories. Right now I believe they are cleverly recruiting by selectively placing information in the hands of people they believe could be useful in arguing theirs and IH cause.

And they do it on the highest level. Above government (ie. GoldmanSachs + Hillary, NGOs, CO2 taxation, BigCorp and surveillance). I’m trying to get an idea on how they are planning to fit LENR into their “plan” (not really a plan, I dont think thet is possible, but they do have influence to push opinions and are good at it).  Here are my slides since last summer, oil price is a little lower now, but nothing has changed.

Since we know the connection to the Clintons and we know their connections to Goldman Sachs and we know they do have interests in the energy market  I would suspect that Apco is not only working for a pretty small customer like Darden unless there is something bigger more important going on.

Apco could very well have been working on this issues even before the complaint. An obvious strategy is FUD. Been watching this since 2011 on daily basis, I have often been amazed by the enormous amount of FUD used by the critics. Probably both intentional delibarate (impossible to prove) and also plain envy and aggression.

The most scary and interesting part comes from both Big Oil (Goldman Sachs) and the Global Green Agenda (Clintons etc). Now we’re not talking about a measly $89M. This is peanuts. We’re talking about “money” as a concept per se. What will happen if there is no need to back “money” with hard assets, like land, gold and energy(oil basically).

My take is that then there are only power to taxation left (at least for govs and ngo’s that gets revenues from taxation). And this can only be done by increasing control using surveillance. If you are interested follow my links to Armstrong Economics (take pi-cycle theory with grain of salt though) and Zerohedge for alternative views on economics.

And read my slides on the issue.


The picture above displays clearly the world today in the sense of control. First money, then energy, followed military power. It explains many geopolitical and BIS/WorldBank/FED issues actually and it is changing rapidly. And LENR is part of it. Maybe more than we care to believe.


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  1. In its broadest context, money is a tool for dividing humanity in lenders and debtors. Taxation = interest payment = systematic and continuous expropriation of the commons. Free energy will challenge every argument in favor of a debt based economy and expose those who support it. Inho, e-cat is WAY more disruptive than is being acknowleged and discussed in any forum i have seen so far. Think about it: it is a huge cost reduction for everything that surrounds us. How can “they” prevent the people from capitalising that new found potential wealth? The peasants are now educated and “they” still have nightmares when they think of the spring of nations.

  2. Presuming an 80% efficient boiler, industrial pricing of natural gas of $6/1000 cubic feet and that the plant ran 24/7 for 352 days the customer would pay the equivalent of $215,510 for the gas to produce a continuous 1MW of steam. The customer paid Rossi $12,000 for the equivalent.

    The customer knows exactly how well the e-cat works. Find the customer, find the answer. Sometimes natural gas bills are public knowledge…

  3. One thing is consequently left out : the secret services which operate in behalf of the powers to be..
    They orchestrate this LENR introduction into the world very thoroughly, you can bet your mother on !
    My belief : Rossi and Darden et al are all together a kind of theater ensemble giving us all the needed show to enable the introduction to be as smooth and slow and sub-mainstream as possible. This is what I would do if I were the one in power.
    This topic is just too important to be left alone and on its own. Who really believes there is no secret service steering every step of this LENR revolution also believes there is a free market and a truely democratic political system in the USA 😉

    • Perhaps “clergy” is a more appropriate term than “theater ensemble”. I wish someone better than me in researching these matters would look into all the “devout christians” theme that seems to surround this new energy thing

  4. Another thought

    Jed Rothwell seems to think that the COP is 1, not 50. And that Rossi is in cahoots with Penon. If Rossi and Penon colluded to produce a false report in order to force IH to pay $89,000,000 that would constitute criminal fraud.

    IH has acted as though they intended to walk away from the contract, had Rossi not pressed the issue. Would Rossi sue, and thereby create criminal liability for himself, were Rothwell’s claims true? That doesn’t pass the proverbial whiff test, to me.

  5. Great article Siferkoll.

    It seems like the ApCo guys must have been busy lately…

    “Two closely affiliated companies that own the site of an idled urban redevelopment project in the Charleston Neck Area filed for bankruptcy Monday with the goal of selling most of the 182-acre property. Bogged down by the last economic downturn and lengthy litigation, Ashley I LLC and Ashley II LLC sought protection from creditors in Columbia. Their debts total more than $23 million, with much of that owed to one lender, according to the filings.”

    “Ashley I and Ashley II, which began acquiring property in 2002, are owned by Raleigh-based Cherokee Investment Partners. Cherokee did not respond to requests for comment Monday.”

    And in 2008 it seems they also lost $300M of tax payers money in a landfill fiasco despite House of Dards:

    “On April 25, 2002, Thomas Darden contributed $25,000 to the New Jersey Democratic State Committee;
    • On November 15, 2002, Darden contributed $3,000 to the New Jersey Republican State Committee; and
    • On April 23, 2004, Darden contributed $15, 000 to the New Jersey Democratic State Committee.

    On Matts blog

  6. Siffer, don’t worry to much about this Goatguy, I already mentioned him, and he now knows, that George Clooney is staring at him at that he should stay put !

  7. Thanks for the update and analysis.

    I came across something I would like you to look into.

    As the Industrial Heat and Rossi (saga) lawsuits unfold, the Saxo Bank/Saxo Group causes reason for more head-scratching by the pathoskeptics…

    How the heck does Rossi fool all these people?

    Others note the odd timing, Rossi filed suit 06 April 2016, this Saxo/Spotlight Group article came out the day before, a connection between between Saxo IH or Cherokee?

    “Saudi Arabia Prepares to Break Oil-Wealth Dependency”
    Saxo Bank/Saxo Group 05 April 2016 by Stephen Pope
    Managing Partner Spotlight Group, United Kingdom


    A potential partner for KSA to partner with is Industrial Heat LLC that was incorporated in 2012 and is based in Raleigh, North Carolina. This firm has already been granted the license to sell and manufacture energy catalysers “E-Cats” in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, I do not think it unreasonable to envisage the Saudis looking for partners to help start laying the groundwork for commercialisation of LENR within the Kingdom and for export overseas.

    – end quote

    I posted a little article about it on Linked In “Saxo Bank/Saxo Group Speculates about LENR Industrial Heat LLC Rossi E-Cat and KSA Saudia Arabia”

  8. from rossis blog (i would not bet on the “snakes” victory in this challenge):

    Andrea Rossi
    April 15, 2016 at 11:48 AM

    Bernie Koppenhofer:
    Our Customer wants to work in peace.
    Just for you to know: we have evidence ( undisputable evidence) that all the guys of the family of the snakes have sent libraries of letters to all the possible authorities asking for the prohibition of the E-Cat because it emits toxic radiations. These letters, that have been sent from the usual and well known and very vociferous snakes, ( our attorney got due copies of them ) give evidence of the fact that they want to kill the E-Cat NOT because they think it does not work, but because they DO think that it works: otherwise they could not think to stop it sending authorities to check ionizing radiations OUTSIDE the E-Cats. Your intelligence will allow you to make the logic deductions.
    All the other considerations depend on our product’s distribution in the market, let in peace our Customer(s).
    Warm Regards,

  9. I want to compliment you on your postings about the mudslinging mob rule behaviour regarding the E-Cat and Rossi. Your blog is one of few sources of intelligent information without the diatribes, thanks..

  10. Read “Dark Money” is there a IH connection to Koch money?

  11. I confess I believed that Apco conspiracy theories were an exaggeration but seeing the proliferation of new trolls on Ecat related websites I’m really starting to reconsider…

    • There is no conspiracy. This is what Apco do for their clients. They are not even secret about it. They market it that way.

      That said, trolls seems to propagate by division when preaching to the converted. so a lot of times Apco is not even needed …

      • I hope it doesn’t get worse than this, with so many big interests at stake Rossi could risking a lot more than such paltry nuisances.

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