The Rossi vs Darden #LENR saga: Is it Possible that they Both are Telling the Truth?

I actually believe this is the most probable scenario right now.  There is so much to loose for both parties from telling lies. Those will be verified for sure, when the lawyers gets going.

So, this means that the complaint actually describes what has more or less happened. There are of course a lot of other things that has happened that we do not know about, since they are not included in the complaint. Most important being if IH has been able to produce industrial any scale plants fit for production in China.

Patent applications and statements by Darden indicates that IH at least has been able to replicate the E-Cat a number of times, even at COP~11.

As I have written before this is not the same as being able to build working energy producing plants.

The agreement could be intepreted in different ways. Probably Rossi giving instructions on how to replicate the E-Cat should be enough. I mean Rossi has supplied the recipes, concepts and procedures to make it work. But there might be more stuff to it – stuff needed to actually keep the plant running on high availability for a year that are not easily transferable as recipes. We’ve seen Rossi listening with a stetoscope …


Maybe this knowledge is what IH calls to “substantiate”. And maybe there is no clear procedure on how to do this, because it works mostly on Rossis intuition; like a doctor listening to the heart. Or a mechanic to a combustion engine. More of an artform … Or like an athlete.

So, in the same way as it take many years to become a really good carpenter, it might not even be possible to deliver this kind of experienced based skills.

And since this is new technology, this knowledge is not very common yet …

So I believe IH has replicated the E-Cat with excelent COP, but have not been able substantiate it enough to sell it to the Chinese.

Exactly how to interpret the agreement is not clear. And that will certainly be argued by the lawyers in infinitum.

When it comes to the patents and IHs other investment  and in which way these are regulated/delivered in the agreement the only thing that is certain, is that it is not. And that it will be argued.

It is also possible that when Rossi where loosing trust in IH, due to their actions, which according to him was violating their agreement, he became more restrictive with the supply of new information and training. Since there were no time limits on these deliveries, he probably felt he could wait and see if IH were going to pay and thereby respect the GP test result of the ERV.

Unfortunately IH did not despite the overwhelming result of the test, only using the very vague “substantiate” word as an argument.

Now everyone is in fighting mode. Ad-hominem arguments are flooding the forums. Everyone involved are being attacked on preconceptions by pathological pseudoskepths and cryptodenialists. Apco Worldwide is involved, and they have a long history specialising in astroturfing. Bad.

All this because of IH lack of people skills. They failed to understand that they alienated Rossi by trying to make the business more robust bringing in other investments to reduce risk.  To parahrase NN Taleb, they thought Rossi was fragile, when he was the opposite: antifragile.  Huge mistake. HUGE.

7 thoughts on “The Rossi vs Darden #LENR saga: Is it Possible that they Both are Telling the Truth?

  1. Very perceptive. Along with the cardiologist and mechanic, I’d include the master chef, master chemical/materials engineer.

    In the somewhat similar saga of the Papp Engine, Joe Papp held numerous trade secrets / recipes that were never revealed to his colleagues. Particularly in the steps of his fuel production.

  2. Where is seems Rossi’s theory fail it is on “stealing the patents”.
    They rather seems to have behaved like protecting Rossi’s IP, and if I understood well the data on Cobraf, IP is now assigned to Leonardo Corporation.

    The “Guest” theory on LENR-Forum seems rational, and batching both personalities.

    Darden/IH have good will, and waited for the 1year test to see how to cook the chicken. they paid 10Mn$ already, which is the price to see for them.

    After many test, they don’t have the real recipe, they refuse to pay 90Mn$.

    Rossi, a wounded man, don’t trust them, and imagined he could obtain the money before he give the real recipe.

    IH/darden are nice but their limit is at 100Mn$

    • The license agreement is to sloppy written and the legal framework to unclear to say with certainty whether IP were stolen or protected. Both point can and will be argued. Both parties probably have lawyers who believe they can argue their side. Usually these kind of cases end in settlement, but we’ll see. First each side need to show some muscle.

      Unfortunately this whole thing is all to common on many many business deals. We’re probably blowing it out of proportion because of our emotional involvement. Including me.

  3. Siffekohl please take care.
    Big powers, will realize that you are a central point holding and sharing the true facts. They will reach you and they will offer you something and you will have to accept because the alternative is bad. If you don´t continue, then we all loose.
    I hope you use encryption and good VPN. Nowadays, if you are hub of information, anonymity is very important.

    • Well since everything i write is in the open (incl me) there is not much use for encryption, but I have the knowledge and will use it if I need to.

  4. Please reach out to both. Like two brothers not talking, they need to be coaxed back together as they need each other. And the journey ahead is potentially so wonderful the ZPE crowd will steal the kudos unless Rossi and IH kiss and makeup. Yes I mixed the metaphors. But it is 2016.

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