Somebody is Watching and Acting – Serious Hacking attempts on @sifferkoll Triggered by #LENR ERV Analysis!

Looking through the logs of this site, publication of this article very clearly triggered serious hacking attempts using wp-login.php brute force attacks trying several logins per second for a few days, This is still going on allthough at a somewhat lower pace. (1 attempt per 5s at the moment)


Even other sites I own, with negligable traffic normally are under attack. Yesterday a site of mine on the same server had 84,000 login attempts …



The server attacking above seems to be based in Singapore, but in the Digitalocean cloud.

Here’s the whois data for another offender. A hosting company in LA (Namecheap Inc) with a Turkish customer. Could be hacked of course …


Somebody obviously did not like the post …

4 thoughts on “Somebody is Watching and Acting – Serious Hacking attempts on @sifferkoll Triggered by #LENR ERV Analysis!

  1. hi,

    if you log the passwords they tried,
    maybe change it for something they already tried…. 🙂
    maybe you have a computer guy friend who also can help
    with the issue or better, is able to find the root?

    kind regards,

    • The password is a good one. No problem there…

      I’ve actually been working with this stuff for many years myself, so have som knowledge. It’s really hard to know exactly who, but I log all the IP numbers, which is as close I get the source right now. Many attempts comes from IPs owned by “Namecheap Inc” in LA, but this particular part of the net belongs to a Turkish company …

      Could be hacked of course …

  2. I checked Wikipedia. Namecheap hosts more than three million sites. Wouldn’t that imply a ‘fair’ probability? (Btw, I really support the investigative journalism, but I think you should not jump to conclusions too quickly either.)

    • They are pretty big. Yes. But there some weird coincidences that strengthen my case, especially the timing of certain things that show up in the logs. Not 100% of course, but better than most stuff discussed in this circus …

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