#LENR #ECat Saga: Darden must Really REALLY want to Keep Rossi in a Tight Leash …

So Darden is mobilizing a serious defense line against the Rossi “one-man-band” …


The no 1 crisis control PR agency Apco Worldwide, specialized in astroturfing and manipulating public opinion. Here represented and outed (by cc: of press release) Brian McLaughlin a Director and lobbyist at their Washingon DC office. And Jones Day, the largest collection of lawyers available under one roof in the US.


As I said before it is not about the money, all about freedom and control.

If it was as easy as the 1MW reactor not performing or Rossi not being able to deliver any COP above 1, then this would be as easy as anything. They would need to take the $11.5M loss as one of many other VC has done during history and go on doing other important stuff. The same goes for Woodford. $50M is a lot of money, but worse losses have been taken.

You simply Do Not need this Huge collection of Talking Heads to counter a simple fraud. It just doesn’t make sense.

We can be sure that by putting up all of these “inferior”  people on the defense, they have a bigger agenda (ie. not proving fraud).

  • The COP of the reactor is certainly 50 according the ERV/Penon report, as Rossi says in the complaint. Which in turn would require IH to pay some amount of money according to the agreement.
  • They chose not to pay because it would more than anything acknowledge Rossi. His credibility would skyrocket. This they can not have. They knew this from the beginning and have planned for it since the validation test, by delaying as much as possible. It would also cost them $89M of course, but that is a minor issue.
  • Before the Rossi complaint, their original plan was to keep delaying and keep discredit Rossi while continuing to extract IP according to the still valid license agreement. Remember this had nothing to do with the 1MW test. To IH this test was not important. They never wanted to do it, since there was no upside. The agreement was already valid, keeping Rossi in a tight IP leash.
  • And they obviously planned to distribute it to 3rd parties, since their plan has to invest broadly, even though this could very well be considered a breach of the agreement according to §13.3. (This is what they need the lawyers for)
  • And they obviously planned to patent parts of the IP in their own name, even outside their territories. This is probably their plan to undermine the Leonardo IP as a whole in other parts of the world.

As I said. This all points to IH knowing that Rossi has something HUGE.

Rumours are now spinned of COP=1 and personal attacks are executed on Penon, etc. Darden travels the world inserting FUD here and there … but putting nothing in print. Only talk, talk, talk. “… could not be substantiated …” Pure damage control. Pure discrediting.  Nothing else.

And here comes Mr Apco and Mr Jones … The world champions of talking  … Hmmm.

Why? Why are they putting all this effort in?

  • Because they really REALLY need to keep Rossi in a tight leash. Having him locked up in a container is perfect. Having him keep delivering according to the agreement is perfect. Actually it is even good to have him locked up not delivering much as well, since they have absolutely no hurry to roll out LENR, as they stated clearly several times (the science stuff before going industrial, etc.). They want to control it, not release it before they have it covered enough.
  • And they would rather have at COP 3-6 or something that is not as intensely disrupting to start with. COP=50 is in this sense bad news. It is bad news for Clintons and AGW crowd. It is bad news for Goldman Sachs and the oil industry. It is bad news for everyone in power today that is happy with status quo or slow change. I mean  COP=50 has influence even on  the very concept of money.
  • With this defense I would suspect that their aim, no expenses saved, is to make sure that the agreement is kept in place so that they keep the contractual leash on Rossi – preferably forever. This continuos IP transfer is what it is all about..

The army of lawyers have only two things on their in mind.

  1. Keep the agreement valid; 50% of World GDP market and IP transfer is worth several orders of degree more than $89M
  2. Keep Leonardo from starting a competing business elsewhere, especially outside the IH territory.

Their aim is a slow controlled roll-out of LENR. And of course controlled by IH and their stake holders. From their point of view, including Washington friends, this means both money and power in the long run. So it is only logical. Business as usual.

The Apco agenda is all about discrediting Rossi, keeping him from raising money and starting Leonardo production with superior IP

We have now entered the fighting phase. As Mahatma Gandhi said

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.


34 thoughts on “#LENR #ECat Saga: Darden must Really REALLY want to Keep Rossi in a Tight Leash …

  1. Makes me wonder how long until this site disappears from blogoshere. You are after all a coward, Torkel, and will shit you pants when you finally realize the truth.

    • Well. That is an interesting comment Timo. What makes you say that? If I’m the coward then you are the hero I presume? Hmm. Something wrong with that picture …

      • We must also thank for the insults. Allow to better assess who makes them. 🙂

        “Praise makes me humble, but when i am abused, I know That I have touched the stars.
        (Oscar Wilde)

  2. I don’t know how you get that reading of Section 13.3 – to my reading, it imposes no obligation on IH except after a breach.

    • Of course. This is the reason for all the IH lawyers. To prevent the breach verdict … So that the contract is still valid for them. That is their assignment.

  3. Are you sure apco and Jones are not always used by Darren & co? Maybe they are just their standard pr and legal advisers..?

    • Could be, I guess, allthough I’ve not seen it. But does it matter? They are still huge and Apco has their historical issues. To me it makes no sense to spread rumours of failure because then what would they need the license agreement for and it would be so much easier to prove failure of test.

      • Previously you wrote: “And they obviously planned to distribute it to 3rd parties, since their plan has to invest broadly, even though this could very well be considered a breach of the agreement according to §13.3.”

        OK, if I’m following you then we in accord that if the License Agreement is still in effect then IH distributing it to 3rd parties and investing broadly could not very well be considered a breach of the agreement according to Section 13.3

  4. People than can’t grasp the profound impact that accepting a test that gave a COP of 50 as a public true is the people that think that this is all about a mishap in a VC investment. This is poised to be a clash of a dying paradigm with a new one. I am really glad that Rossi did not gave IH the EU license, so Rossi can keep working while the legal circus happens. I am not really certain what will happen with the legal complaint. “Good lawyers” in this system are not the ones that help truth be discovered, but the ones that get their clients what they want. I expect it to become a circus as it advances, specially resorting to the lower of the tricks of Ad Hominem attacks.

  5. Could you direct me to the part of your presentation that demonstrates that APCO has been retrained by I.H.?

  6. Aree talking about “APCO Worldwide” or some other Apco?

  7. We must use the “Occam’s razor” :
    “If factors being equal the simplest explanation is to be preferred”
    1) if IH so sure she thinks it is unnecessary to use a big law firm (which will cost many thousands of $)
    2) if e-cat is “fake”, IH has had years to know (and to make everybody known)
    3) if the Penon report is “fake”, IH was holding everything to try it in a short time. Without lawyers.
    4) If Rossi is right, he has a head that wants to eliminate IH (discrediting Rossi for the time sufficient to act alone)
    Therefore, generally for LENR, for Rossi, for all those who work for a new energy to the world, I have set you two questions:
    A new form of energy, clean and cheap, necessarily represents a huge breakthrough in the political, economic, environmental, historical, mental, psychological.
    It creates terror among those who want to direct everything.
    Although it is absolutely necessary, as not to expect problems?
    Can “the common man” (not tied to regimes or interests) win? This is a great test for democracy and for freedom
    Let’s join forces to bring out the truth on Rossi-IH affair

    • In a carefully planned and managed roll-out the “common man” will never win. Not even i black swan events like the mortgage crisis.

      Only if there is a bottom-up energy “revolution” the common man will win. This I believe. And in this story this will come from the combined efforts of Rossi and MFMP type replicators world wide. Not from Washington establishment represented by IH and their army of talking heads.

  8. På vilket sätt påverkar kommande domstolsförhandlingar IH:s möjligheter att lansera någon kommersiell produkt under tiden domstolsförhandlingarna pågår?

    Bör vara rätt svårt för IH att börja sälja produkter och samtidigt hävda att man inte kunnat replikera Rossi. (Speciellt ifall Leonardo i sin tur börjar en officiell försäljning)

    Men Rossi har marknader tillgängliga (Europa) och skall IH börja lansera produkter så får man nog vara beredd till förlikning….. (Eller så använder man något skalbolag 🙂

    • Tror nog inte IH har några direkta planer på att lansera i närtid, utan är mer fokuserade på att hindrea Rossi. Får hoppas att han får möjlighet att göra något i europa, helst här i Sverige. Vi får se.

      • Naturligtvis är det en stor möjlighet att IH tänkt lansera i närtid. IH har/hade ingen världlicens!

        IH skaffar sig “IP” av många olika aktörer. Dels som en försäkran att ingen har en bättre lösning än vad Rossi har men även som en möjlig ursäkt för att hävda att att “IP” inte härstammar från Rossi utan från någon annan aktör.

        Vi kommer troligen aldrig att få reda på hur IH tänkt. Rossi har troligen tidigt i skeendet fattat befogade eller obefogade misstankar mot IH. När han väl lyckas få till ett test (som IH egentligen skulle ordnat) låter han “katten” spinna för fullt med ett cop av 50! Detta noterar naturligtvis IH men NDA förhindrar Rossi att prata/skriva om resultatet (F9) blir ett känt begrepp.

        Men vad Rossi KAN göra är att prata/skriva om nya produkter. Vi känner alla till hans “dröm” som publicerades tidigt, tidigt på det nya året (ungefär då ett okänt NDA skulle gått ut)

        Vilka presumtiva kunder skulle vilja skriva kontrakt med IH ifall Rossi skriver/pratar om helt överlägsna produkter som både genererar ljus/elektricitet/värme .

        Rossi kan inte diskutera COP men han kan nämna både ljus och elektricitet. Detta gör IH irriterade och deras kända uttalande publiceras.

        Testet avslutas och IH beslutar sig för att inte betala. Detta antingen för att pressa Rossi att börja samarbeta igen eller för att de för att de känner sig tvingade då de inte har en tillräcklig bra produkt (eller uppfattas så av presumtiva kunder efter Rossi vidlyftiga prat om quarken)

        Rossi et al har naturligtvis tänkt igenom konsekvenserna av en eventuell stämning långt innan testet avslutades då Rossi helt uppenbarligen varit misstänksam en lång tid.

        En sådan konsekvens är att det blir väldigt svårt för IH att lansera en produkt med den minsta lilla likhet med Rossis olika varianter av “katt”. Inget COP 50, inget ljus och ingen direkt produktion av elektricitet.

        I avtalet mellan Rossi och IH nämns i någon patentansökan direkt elproduktion. Bara genom att nämna direkt elproduktion (vilket mig veterligen ingen annan aktör gjort) blockerar Rossi IH. Antingen detta är sant eller inte!!Varför skulle en kund “liera” sig med ett företag som de uppfattar inte har konkurrenskraftiga produkter?

        Rossis stämning av IH var en väl övervägd åtgärd som blockerar IH:s manöverutrymme. Kanske kan IH hävda att Rossi inte fullföljt sin del av avtalet men vad leder det till?

        IH måste övertyga omvärlden att de har en konkurrenskraftig produkt OCH att de inte “stulit” den från Rossi. Ur IH:s synvinkel är det en uppenbar risk att den antingen inte kan sälja några produkter eller att de får betala Rossi.

        Att “kalla” in advokater och lobbyister kan säkerligen hjälpa IH hur skall det då bli när vi får en politisk dimension på det hela..

        Jag noterar att Sveriges statsminister för andra gången på mycket kort tid skall möta Obama i maj..

        Vi kanske ses när du besöker Trollhättan..

        MVH ” Jag bara undrar?”

        • Tror det ligger mycket i analysen. Dock är avtalet brett skrivet kring IP så där är inget säkert avseende elprod, ljus osv. Och Rossi löper en risk att bli sittande i avtalet med påtvingad vidare transfer av IP, avseende alla “ecat” produkter. Detta är i alla fall den uppgift IHs armé har fått. F9 hade säkert med allt detta att göra. Rossi har länge känt till att det skulle bli problem. Antagligen sedan innan testet påbörjades. Och få skulle väl då ändå orka med att sätta sig in en container ett år … krävs nog en ultralöpare… Länge sedan jag var i Trollhättan .

          • Avtalet skrevs naturligtvis innan misstänksamheten på båda sidor eskalerade.

            Ifall Rossi blir “kvarsittande” i kontraktet och blir tvingad att transferera IP. Då blir även IH rimligtvis tvungen att uppfylla sin del…

            Det hela bottnar troligen i (vilket du tidigare skrivit om) dålig psykologi och dålig personkemi. Bägge parter är misstänksamma av förklarliga skäl..

            Efter att samarbetet skurit sig mellan parterna har IH säkerligen gjort allt för att dra ut på tiden. Detta för att hinna bygga upp en organisation och införskaffande av IP från andra aktörer..

            Även efter 1-års testets avslutning var IH:s ursprungliga plan (uttänkt före testets start) säkerligen att dra ut på tiden så länge som möjligt med diverse förhandlingar, krav på klargörande, kompletteringar med mera innan någon betalning till Rossi kund bli aktuell…

            Vad de inte hade räknat med var Rossis genidrag att börja tala om helt överlägsna produkter han håller på att utveckla (sant eller inte)

            IH har säkerligen marknadsfört sig mot kund med ett garanterat COP av 10 (patentansökan) vilket är något mer än vad Rossi utlovat (Cop 6)..

            Rossi skrämde upp “katten” i betydligt mer och då står IH där utan att kunna hänvisa till IP från annan aktör!

            MEN kontraktet säger att Rossi skall transferera sin IP till IH vilket han då uppenbarligen inte gjort.

            Problemet nu psykologiskt. Parterna litar inte på varandra och skyr varandra som pesten…

  9. If it was the intent of both parties to sell and buy patents and IP why create a “License Agreement”? Would they not create a “Sales Agreement”?

  10. Well said, dear Torkel.
    I am in direct conflict with the Rossi killer trolls at my blog
    EGO OUT They are more rude than Timo who is able to write only one sentence messages.

    Let’s collaborate


    • I know, I know. Keep up the good work! The fight has only begun. Keep out of their traps and hit ’em where they aint’ !!

  11. Makes no sense..If the COP is >50 than they would gladly pay $50m..You can’t be that stupid..Probably Darden is ashamed that he was fooled by the mother of all snakes..And tried to save face in front of his investors. Darden clearly stated that IH are investing in LENR in general.
    Rossi has one one option left..to make a public test,

    • As I said, by paying Rossi they acknowledge the tech and Rossi. This they do not want. And Darden has a serious problem with the §13.3 “Covenant Not to Compete” when it comes to broad investing.

  12. 100 millions is not enough? Enough for anybody and his family. One can be at some stage in a unique context which makes to create something unique. It is just a matter of context. One might tries to keep that context unique…. it is like to play when one wins in order to win more to be in a position to loose some. Just a non sense. On the other side. Why to give 100 millions if it is not to build something unique, initially obviously. it is non sense otherwise.. Even. the geo coverage of their business makes them as competitors. I do not see anything strange regarding what is happening except that it is happening 😉

    • When reading the license agreement, this all seems sort of like a logical scenario (unless). Darden was probably betting on being able to breach the contract a bit, and keep the pressure on Rossi. At least for some time longer. which he hoped would be enough to get all IP. He underestimated Rossi, and now he has to bring in the army.

  13. Sifferkoll wrote:
    “by paying Rossi they acknowledge the tech and Rossi. This they do not want”

    It is the only explains why IH waited the last time to challenge Rossi (after checking he for years)
    Why not one month ago? three months ago? six months ago?
    Think about it: if though Rossi was trickster, why wait until the last moment?
    The ” IH madness” it is too logical.
    The choice of date implies a precise and accurate plan. Certainly not a random or hysterical choice .
    The only logical reason for this choice is what sifferkoll wrote

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