The Increasingly Creepy IH op. Fred Zoepfl is Now Making Open Threats from the ECN Troll Dungeon! Targeting Sweden?

— Update #1 – June 8

Talking about paranoid and delusional. This is mad dog Fred’s latest convulsions. Maybe he is actually having a look in the mirror? Now he is actuually believing HE is the target of a “counterstrike” … 😀

Now you go ahead and tell me that this piece of shit “counterstrike” Siffy isn’t taking direct orders from Rossi. Do you think he’s an unpaid volunteer??

I will admit that this has given me tremendous motivation to go after these crooked bastards even more.

“accessory to fraud” under US law by definition. It wouldn’t matter what he “believes.” Ditto for Mats Lewan, Frank Acland, etc. I don’t know about Swedish law. I can assure you that Florida and US Federal law enforcement agencies are very interested in Rossi’s scam. By now they have probably contacted Interpol, Europol and the FBI’s Europe office already.

What about “Hydro Fusion” in Stockholm? What if anything can you tell me about them?

I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what this Siffy lunatic posts about me.

Wow! I have an easy solution for you Fred; stop reading and writing about it. And you actually do not need to proofread my posts (thanks though, my spelling is sometimes weak..)  😀

And stop making threats in relation to the illusional fraud conspiracy of yours. There is no such thing, so there consequently can be no “accessory to it either.


— original msg

“Fake” physicist and tax dollar (alt. energy) funded Fred Zoepfl is positioning himself as the angriest and meanest of the ECN Dungeon trolls. He is now joining Dewey Weaver in making open threats against this site trying to achieve censorship and curb freedom of speach Not only that, he is also trying to recruit disciples of the dungeon to help him out …

I am getting an inexplicable urge to rat Siffy out to the Swedish authorities as an accessory to fraud. [XXX] mentioned in an earlier post that he lives in Sweden; maybe he could find a good contact for me.

Any info that anyone could gather on Hydro Fusion, especially on their ops in Sweden, would be greatly appreciated. The Swedish authorities should be notified of their fraudulent activities, especially after that delusional piece of shit Rossi is indicted for fraud in Florida.

Really nice guy this Fred, eh?

I suppose this is what happens when you’re closing in on the truth … As I said before it is becoming more and more obvious that IH operatives Fred and Frank (who seems obsessed with Mats Lewan) is viewing Sweden/Swedes and Hydro Fusion as their main targets of slander (And Italians of course, but that is old news).

My advise; take a break Fred. You’re done here. Go look for another assignment. Write something banal about biofuels maybe. Like you used to do. Or whatever?

7 thoughts on “The Increasingly Creepy IH op. Fred Zoepfl is Now Making Open Threats from the ECN Troll Dungeon! Targeting Sweden?

  1. Dear Fred Zoepfl
    The first thing is to find a “victim” (and there are no). As Hydro Fusion is almost entirely focusing on the corporate sector it is very hard to get this through Swedish or European court even if “victims” lines up and cry foul.. Companies are assumed to have the competence to make the correct evaluation (and due diligence).

    Business are not protected by the consumer laws and any deal can be negotiated to terms both parties accepts. If Hydro Fusion starts selling to individuals its another ballgame, money back is the basic accepted compensation (not court or police).

    However.. filing a groundless police report can be “falsk tillvitelse” (penal code 15 kap. 7 §, false accusation) and carries a prison sentence.. The thing here is that it is possibility to make a private prosecution even if the prosecutor does not have the time or feel that the case is of importance.

    Please note that prisons in Europe does not keep the same standards as in USA. The composition of the prison population is increasingly made up by Muslims and there is a prospect that a slender-limbed (American) guy like you ends up as somebody’s “girlfriend”.

    So my basic advice is .. Just forget it.

  2. Complete and utter Libel. I’d like to see a punk like that make a comment like that to me, face to face. I bet he would be as sweet as pie. Albeit phony. I hate these cock roaches hiding behind the anonymity of the PC. I never hear people talking this way, except on TV and the internet.

    • Freddie Z isn’t anonymous.

      The problem with having a weird name like his, is that it’s very easy to look up your address on…

  3. Just a heads up, it may not be IH that is the real mastermind in this, but some of those people with trillions in oil. It would be like them and the international goon squad to make IH the lesser partner and fall guy if anything goes wrong.

  4. Sifferkoll, you’re cracking me up. You expose the trolls and goad them into even more frustrating immature responses, trying fruitlessly to win opinions against AR, Matt, and yourself. It is like the three stooges smacking themselves in the face. I’m really enjoying the comic relief. Thanks!

  5. Fred is harmless. He is just frustrated.He probably has no real friends,he either lives with his parents or lives in a van by the river. He is not paid well and is obviously not very well educated. He was probability the high school bully and will always remain so until the day he lives this world.

  6. Sifferkoll, keep up your detective work.

    The admin there, Paul Story, gave up trying to moderate and so ECN attracts personality (and propaganda) types that enjoy ridiculing any support for LENR but use Andrea Rossi as the prime target.

    It is fair to say that Andrea Rossi is a ‘soft target’ and that has a lot to do with his own tendency to say repeatedly, things that either don’t happen or can be shown to have been nothing better than thought bubbles with little to no substance.

    Also, It is hard to ignore Andrea’s 100% bad track record with ‘partners’. But, whatever conclusion one wants to draw about Andrea, IMHO nothing justifies the vitriol and vindictive nastiness directed at him by so many of those inhabitants of the ECN dungeon (an apt name). The biggest question to me is what motivates anyone to repeat the same attacks week after week, month after month, year after year, in what amounts to an obsessive tirade against Andrea Rossi no matter what Rossi is doing.

    It is obvious to me the attackers are not people who believe they are protecting anyone from Rossi evil, they are not saving mom and pop investors, they are not saving the world from a tyrant. They attack investors (as they did IH until the lawsuit, now they are IH new best friends).

    At times it can be entertaining.

    Doug Marker

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