“Mad Dog” Fred Zoepfl of the ECN Dungeon Continues to Make Open Threats Against Swedish Involvements.

Update #3 – June 10


Angry Freddie at his best in a condensed format from the ECN dungeon. Enjoy!

… “mafious” asshole … attack weasel … he’s nuts. … lying turd… complete idiots. … delusional lunatic … pathetic … delusional.

… moronic …

… paid Swedish attack weasel … E-Cat whore. … idiotic/insane … absurd … stick them where the sun never shines. All he is doing is providing daily laughs for the “sceptics”… juvenile crap …  minions … despicable …

… delusional lunatic’s “clown” .. clown …

Well, Fred should probably focus on the laughing routine instead of looking himself in the mirror and fantasizing about fringe psychiatry …  I like the “Despicable Me” references though. 😀

Update #2 – June 8

MadDog₁ – Fred is now hinting that the Florida legal system is on the level of Venezuela (or whatever) and that, since the IH lawyer of Jones Day “knows everyone” he will get the authorities to go after Rossi even though there is no fraud case in existence or anything … not even from IH …  Wow!

We have had this discussion before, but I would like to point out that Rossi’s lawsuit against IH et al. has drawn way too much law enforcement attention to his scam. The Florida and Federal authorities are now very interested in Rossi and Leonardo. The real question is what will occur first, an IH/Jones Day countersuit or a Florida/Federal fraud indictment.

If you take a look at the Jones Day lawyer’s bio (www.jonesday.com/crjpace), you would see that he knows everyone who matters in Florida legal circles, and he has RICO experience.

You are right about Rossi’s attorneys (all four of them: silverlawgroup.com). Rossi should be looking for a really good criminal defense attorney.


Update #1 – June 8

This is hilarious. Now MadDog₂ – the Weaver is on the Zoepfl track. At the same time as he is denying the IH – Zoepfl connection, he is actively looking for leads on where it came from … Hmm … Do we need any more confirmation than this?

Does anyone know where Sifferkoll is getting his “Fred Voepfl” material from? There is no one associated within the IH network by that name and I have spotted some useful information that will allow me to tie Rossi and Sifferkoll together in a much more interesting way.


— original msg —

Talking about paranoid and delusional. This is MadDog₁ Fred’s latest convulsions. Maybe he is actually having a look in the mirror? Now he is actually believing he is the target of a “counterstrike” … 😀

BTW Fred, if you are, as you argue, not an IH operative, how can you possibly believe that you are important enough to be a target of Rossi? Talking about paranoid …

Now you go ahead and tell me that this piece of shit “counterstrike” Siffy isn’t taking direct orders from Rossi. Do you think he’s an unpaid volunteer??

I will admit that this has given me tremendous motivation to go after these crooked bastards even more.

“accessory to fraud” under US law by definition. It wouldn’t matter what he “believes.” Ditto for Mats Lewan, Frank Acland, etc. I don’t know about Swedish law. I can assure you that Florida and US Federal law enforcement agencies are very interested in Rossi’s scam. By now they have probably contacted Interpol, Europol and the FBI’s Europe office already.

What about “Hydro Fusion” in Stockholm? What if anything can you tell me about them?

I don’t give a flying rat’s ass what this Siffy lunatic posts about me.

Wow! I have an easy solution for you Fred; stop reading and writing about it. And you actually do not need to proofread my posts (thanks though, my spelling is sometimes weak..)  😀

And stop making threats in relation to the fraud conspiracy you are having hallucinations about. There is no such thing you know, so there consequently can be no “accessory” to it either.


8 thoughts on ““Mad Dog” Fred Zoepfl of the ECN Dungeon Continues to Make Open Threats Against Swedish Involvements.

  1. “Now you go ahead and tell me that this piece of shit “counterstrike” Siffy isn’t taking direct orders from Rossi. Do you think he’s an unpaid volunteer??”

    LOL! I have read Sifferkolls comments since 2011, and i can safely say that he is NOT paid by Rossi!

  2. Howdy Fred Zoepfl, just for your tremendous motivation to go after us, the crooked bastards, I am a Dutch ‘unpaid volunteer’ as well, my website: http://www.e-cat.co.nl See you in court ‘xxxxx xx xxxx’ (just one of your own ‘friendly names’ for people you’re discussing with!

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for your work, Sifferkoll. You are unearthing a panoply of interesting connections and characters.

    Never has the Rossi soap opera been so good.

  4. Well, they talk about “reference frames”, but the sheer magnitude of the depravation expressed makes me think their only reference frame is their own personal egos. I hope the legal system is better than Venezuela.

  5. Whom needs a “counterstrike” when the guy shoot himself in the foot.

  6. Hey Torkel

    Thanks a lot for your persistancy as a self assigned dungeon keeper 🙂
    Now the saga has really reached a level of permanent humor, as the snakes and lizards rat themself out.
    (Didn’t knew before to what or whom Rossi excatly was referring to).
    Thinking about entering the dungeon myself – maybe as a Siffy2 (in the hope of getting on Rossis payroll).
    This is sooo absurd as I never thought it could.
    I’m starting to believe this is all just a simulation (as others already recognized 🙂

  7. This is pure entertainment. I do believe that Weaver and Zoepfl are both employed by Rossi to bring some laughter in these dull days before trial. Thank you, Andrea and I hope the QuarkX will bring its promise!

  8. This Question needs to be answered:

    Why if, as Weaver claims, IH never measured any excess heat, has he collected millions from his investors in Deep River Venture Capital, when only your IP was in the portfolio of his funds, as well as in the Cherokee fund of his partner Tom Darden ?

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