Is Fred Zoepfl totally losing it in the ECN dungeon since he was Revealed as an IH Insider?

It is kind of interesting to follow Frank, Fred and their disciples in the ECN (troll) dungeon. From their latest post it seems obvious that they are totally losing it. After revealing Fred Zoepfl and his possible IH connections and the shady agendas of “Frank”, heads seems only to fill ut with ugly words. (Oh, the MaryYugo is there also of course, but she’s not worth to much of attention anyway)

Keep in mind, this is supposed to be someone who boosts his credibility as a nuclear physicist … It seems clear though that Fred has a deeå interest in fringe psychiatry. My suggestion would be for Fred to dig deeper into it, by having a look in the mirror, maybe?

… asshole(s) … flea fart … impotent … delusional lunatic, … fraud complaint … delusional fantasies.

paranoid … delusional … lunatic … asshole … jerk … paranoid … delusional … lunatic … psychiatric … psychiatrist … retraction … crap …

However, if his free publicity does get me a consulting job with IH or Cherokee, I’ll consider paying him a finder’s fee.


Hmm, since I didn’t get Fred this particular assignment (Joseph Murray did I believe), I’m not sure I can claim the finders fee 🙂


One thought on “Is Fred Zoepfl totally losing it in the ECN dungeon since he was Revealed as an IH Insider?

  1. The most amusing thing about Fred is that he constantly tells people that has a “PhD in Nuclear Engineering” and “40 years ‘experience’ “.

    I wonder why he feels the need to tell people this so often? Between Disqus and ECN he’s written it over 20 times.

    Maybe it’s because his posts are so devoid of scientific content, but he still wants to be taken seriously?

    Maybe he is lacking in other areas. Height? Length?
    And becuase of that he needs to reinforce his “status” to feel good about himself.

    How’s that for some psychoanalysis Freddie?

    And Sifferkol… Who is Joseph Murray?

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