Mystery Man James Bass Playing Soccer for Johnson Matthey of Royston UK! The HQ of Johnson Matthey Chemical Products …

Update #1 – August 8

On JONP Rossi commented the post below as follows:

Thank you for the link, anyway, as I always said, Johnson Matthey is NOT the Customer.
Warm regards,

I have to admit that the soccer playing James Bass below might not be the correct James Bass, although I still do find the circumstances interesting even though Johnson Matthey is not the direct customer of the MW plant.

— Original Post – August 7 —

It seems like IH is making the complete “fake customer” story up … An interesting find by “givedogabone” on ECW reveals that there is a certain James Bass playing soccer for the Johnson Matthey XPO team in Royston, UK.


And guess what. The small town of Royston is the HQ of …. you guessed it


Johnson Matthey Chemical Products
Orchard Rd, Royston SG8 5HE, UK

And guess what they manufacture …


Any type of platinum based catalyst imaginable…

5 thoughts on “Mystery Man James Bass Playing Soccer for Johnson Matthey of Royston UK! The HQ of Johnson Matthey Chemical Products …

  1. Hi,
    Being a long-time follower of the e-cat story, I have to admit that I am completely confused.I hope you can help to bring some light into this.

    What I understand from your posting is:
    There is a company called “Johnson Matthey Chemical Products” in the UK. They have (or had) an employee named “James Bass”. The company works on Platinum-based products. According to Dr. Rossi, Johnson Matthey is not the customer. Everything good and correct at this point, right?

    Now, IH claims that they have worked with a company called J.M.Products, incorporated in 2014, and, strange enough, that company also has an employee called “James Bass” (or, to be correct: “James A. Bass”), who is a director or something like that. Even more strange, that company also works with Platinum products, but from Johnson Matthew, not from Johnson Matthey (“Advanced Derivatives of Johnson Matthew Platinum Sponges”).

    Do you know what is going on?

    • Rossi answered specific questions. Legally speaking, he answered correctly and was able to protect Johnson Matthey’s anonymity. IH on the other hand was being dishonest when they said James bass didn’t exist and was made up by Rossi. The reason I say dishonest is because James Bass was so easy to find. To think IH couldn’t find his is impossible.

  2. Hi all!

    Maybe Rossi’s denial about Johnson Matthey is due to the fact that he is bound by NDA.

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