Darden / IH / Cherokee Goes Full Ad Hominem on Fabiani and Penon in Conspiratory CounterFUD!

The Scumbags from North Carolina have finally shown their cards. Here is their answer to the Rossi Complaint … And everyone with an Italian sounding name unfortunately had to be sacrificed without any tiny bit of evidence … (but as the good altruistic world saving men they are, this was a sacrifice they were willing to make … a bump in the road maybe)



some notes;

First we need to realize that it is not that important what is written (with some exceptions it is onlyu FUD), but what is NOT … This is a very carefully worded document with the intention to make it sound like the E-Cats do not work, but never actually stating it … (as Jed does in his FUD – but that is his job as the “librarian” who rewrites history).   

IH completely dodges to validation test by Penon, only stating it was a 18 units, not 30 … but not stating it did not work… go figure …

IH also dodges the guaranteed performance test, only stating it did not produce MORE than 50 times energy …

Defendants deny that the energy catalyzer (“E-Cat”) technology “generates a low energy nuclear reaction resulting in an exothermic release of energy” along the lines claimed by Plaintiffs – which is that a reactor using the E-Cat technology produces more than 50 times the energy it consumes

And then again. Look how they focus on the new energy levels (COP~50), and that they only state they IH themselves has not produced excess energy. They clearly avoid stating that Rossi could not. Anyone remember the Weaver “hand on the bible” incident …???

Lastly, the E-Cat technology has never been independently validated by a scientifically reliable methodology to produce the energy levels Plaintiffs now claim, and has failed to produce any commercially viable product. Indeed, using the E-Cat technology Plaintiffs directly provided them, Industrial Heat and IPH have been unable to produce any measurable excess energy.

And later in the counterclaim part this is what they state – are these scumbags for real? – How come they completely dodge the reason for the delay ?

The testing Leonardo and Rossi now claim was the Guaranteed Performance did not commence immediately

following the delivery of the Plant to Industrial Heat. In fact, that testing began well over one year after the Guaranteed Performance period commenced under the License Agreement – making it impossible for the Plant to achieve Guaranteed Performance during the time period required by the License Agreement.

They then keep on arguing on the “required time period”, ie. disregarding 2nd amendment that they signed themselves …

So what happened. Lets have a look at the establishment operative that was activated last summer when it became obvious the MW test was a success.


What I find most interesting and scary is the activities of a certain Joseph Murray. He is a military complex guy activated probably together with or by Apco (McLaughlin is mentioned) last summer. This is where everything changes, probably as a result of the stellar reports IH caught the attention of the establishment. Neither IH or the establishment was ready for industrial scale COP=50 at that time and consequently had to do something about it. This Rossi realized.

Interesting to note that IH carefully avoids denying excess heat in the Rossi tests. They contine to produce FUD. All the issues presented on the forums are brought up, coinsidence? Lugano, flow meters, etc etc. It smells like an executed FUD script … with Murray as the FUDer boss.?? Leaking small bits here and there. The letter to Penon is most certainly FUD and part of the strategy. We have no idea if it was even sent.

Worth a note is that Fred Zoepfl (the mad dog from the former ECN dungeon) is closely connected to Murray; both from the DC area and involved in military/politically financed projects. They are also both listed in different places as working for a 3Phoenix consultancy agency… go figure.

I believe Zoepfl was activiated by Murray to discredit Rossi about the time when the flow meter letter was crafted and teh Apco FUD releasy was produced. Remember; Zoepfl was the guy leaking Penon as ERV … Coinsidence?

Always interesting to follow the timeline… Now there is a goldmine to dig


Here are some of the exhibits as well:

0029.16_Exhibit_16 (Rossi initializing the GPT with JMP)

0029.21_Exhibit_21 (Fabiani discussion – explains Weaver schizofrenic behaviour – IH really wanted the info he had, even after to complaint… Wow!)

0029.23_Exhibit_23 (JD Request for Rossi to assign them his patents, before they paid …)

0029.5_Exhibit_5 (Murray FUD letter about ERV – leaked to Jed, Abd, etc – ie. flow meter FUD)

0029.17_Exhibit_17 (JMP terms)

0029.19_Exhibit_19 (Murray Apco involvement)

0029.20_Exhibit_20 (James Bass business card)

0029.18_Exhibit_18 (Palladium Sponge letter)

0029.13_Exhibit_13 (About HF test 2012)

0029.12_Exhibit_12 (About HF test 2012)

0029.11_Exhibit_11 (Fabiani consulting agreement)

0029.25_Exhibit_25 (some JONP posts about new sales)

0029.15_Exhibit_15 (JMP incorporation docs – shows Johnson as director, nothing else )

0029.22_Exhibit_22 (Rossi Cook paper)

0029.8_Exhibit_8 (Rossi agreeing to IPH as license holder)

0029.7_Exhibit_7(IH moving license to dutch entity IPH )

0029.6_Exhibit_6 (list of patents and applications)

0029.4_Exhibit_4 (JONP posts reports on GPT progress)

0029.2_Exhibit_2 (Patent doc mentioning Mills)

0029.1_Exhibit_1 (USPTO patent doc)

0029.3_Exhibit_3 (six cylinder unit pic.)

0029.9_Exhibit_9 (Rossi about the Lugano report – This explains why it was so important for Murray/IH/TC to attack it later on. and produce conspiracy theories about Rossi involvement and meassurements)


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  1. Do the Koch brothers appear anywhere in the financial picture on IHs side? Did you mention Robert Godes was involved with IH funding somehow? Koch have interest in holding out or controlling LENR commercialization. Charles Koch the chief is a Nuclear Engineer & Chemical Engineer MIT by training & controls 80 some billion $. Both brothers where raise by a John Bircher father & play by their own secretive rules. Presently they subvert USA governance at all levels since 70s stealthily I might add.

  2. Siffer, what do you think about the letter concerning the HF test of 2012? Rossi being rather gleeful about misrepresenting the capabilities of the Hot-Cat, not considering the deception a necessary evil, but a ‘masterpiece’. Doesn’t speak highly of his character, does it? Along with naming one letterhead “Advanced Derivates of Johnson Matthew Platinum Sponges” (EXHIBIT 18), they were clearly avoiding technical incrimination while blatantly leading IH on as to the identity of the parent of JM. Might not be such a bright thing to do, in hindsight.

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