Is Joseph Murray the Establishment/DoD/Apco Operative Assigned to Slow LENR Down and Trash Rossi?

With Joseph Murray (long DoD consultancy background) entering the scene shortly after the first quarterly ERV report showing COP~50, the likelyhood of establishment involvement increased exponentially.


It also seems very probable that Mr. Murray has been the FUD boss in charge of leaking selected parts to Fred Zoepfl, Dewey Weaver and Jed Rothwell; like the Penon involvement, flow meter FUD, distorted ERV data, etc.

It is interesting that as long as Rossi only produced E-Cats with limited reliability on an experimental level, IH did not feel the urge to speed anything up. They were happy with very slow progress and managed to delay the test from august 2013 untill feb 2015. In october 2013 they made Rossi believe he could still get the GPT if he made a one year test, but already at that point IH knew they would never pay due to legal technicalities. They never considered the 2nd amendment valid but had Rossi believe it was.

I find this quote in the counterFUD describing it. Ignoring that IH themselves signed the amendment … Why?

Leonardo and Rossi were fully aware that, per the clear and express terms of the License Agreement, they were required to commence any “Guaranteed performance” in 2013. Nevertheless, Leonardo and Rossi made no efforts to commence such a test during 2013.

So, for good reasons Rossi did not allow Murray to visit. He probably became suspicious when Apco operative Brian McLaughlin visited together with Darden. Maybe this was the time when Rossi realized IH did not plan to pay him any money. Probably Mr. Murray was also assigned by Apco to play their agenda, who most likely are billing both IH and the DC establishment crowd.

I suspect this was also the time when Rossi was offered a couple of millions to stop the test and Rossi offered to buy the license back for $11M, but IH refused …

About the meeting of Tuesday, you obviously can come when you want, while Joe Murray cannot enter in the factory of JM because, as I have explained to Tom during the visit with Brian Mc Laughlin, I do not allow anybody, except for the personnel already reciprocally authorized, to approach the plant before the tests on course will have been completed.


In the end Murray was assigned to write a letter to Penon containing flow meter FUD used and manage the FUD campaign using Jed, Zoepfl, Abdul and Weaver. Note also that this letter does not refer to the actual ERV report, not even the quarterly reports, but only other data and charts.

A bit strange i would say, that the real ERV report is totally ignored, or … actually not. It is refered to as “speaking for itself”.  Loudly it says COP~50 …

2 thoughts on “Is Joseph Murray the Establishment/DoD/Apco Operative Assigned to Slow LENR Down and Trash Rossi?

  1. Good detective work Sifferkoll and thank you for mentioning who the the “does not exist” James Bass is.

    “Murray was assigned to write a letter to Penon containing flow meter FUD” Is that from Industrial Heats respond to Rossi’s complaints?

  2. Over at LENR-forum, everyone’s favourite Imperial College London lecturer / British Gas shill, is back on the scene. Yes the famously rabid Thomas Clarke has returned, this time masquerading as “THHuxley”.

    …At least this time it’s the summer holidays, and he’s not (currently) wasting his employers time by writing 30+ long, unhinged, posts during working hours…

    Some favourite quotes so far:

    “I note you think I (THH) am identical with some previous poster everyone here seems to be calling TC”

    “I think perhaps you are not reading my posts? I realise I (THH) am new poster* here”

    “This site has recently promised** strongly to respect anonymity”

    * yep, a “new poster” with 1600 posts already.

    ** well they are doing a really bad job then…

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