Envy, Hate and some Greed; the Glue that Holds the Cryptodenialists like Dewey, Fred, Jed & Maaary Together …

The psychology of the E-Cat is extremely interesting. Angry Fred has been showing his interest in fringe psychiatry, but I suppose it is upon me to give him the very simple answer to his existential questions … It is all about HIS misjudgements.

Not only Fred. I’ve been wondering why so many seemingly smart people spend so much time in a negative mode, making as much noice as they can and go vomit all over the place to lower the credibility of Rossi and the E-Cat. I can understand a certain obsessiveness  with building stuff, but only destroying …

Well …

It seems that the glue holding the E-Cat deniers together is as simple as hate and envy. It can be seen clearly in the writings of Dewey Weaver, Fred Zoepfl, Jed Rothwell, Mary Yugo and a large number of their desciples in the ECN FUD dungeons. Some are a little more clever like Thomas Clarke, Abd and Frank, but also among them the powerful psychology of envy and hate shows it’s ugly face when it comes down to the conclusions from otherwise seemingly logical and very lengthy arguments of the diffusive kind, ie deliberate FUD.

Often the answer to these kind of situations are quite simple. So lets hava a look at the brilliant words of a real analyst and business man, Charlie Munger in his famous Harvard speech;


12. Bias from envy/jealousy.

Well envy/jealousy made, what, two out of the ten commandments? Those of you who have raised siblings you know about envy, or tried to run a law firm or investment bank or even a faculty? I’ve heard Warren say a half a dozen times, “It’s not greed that drives the world, but envy.”

This explains the behaviour of the old school LENR community headed by Jed Rothwell.

The whole Munger speech is well worth reading and/or listening to, since it covers also many other important behaviours of the trolls. Mostly incentives/greed (Munger no 1), authority influence, threat of “stuff” removal and like/dislike biases.

1. First: Under-recognition of the power of what psychologists call ‘reinforcement’ and economists call ‘incentives.’

Well you can say, “Everybody knows that.” Well I think I’ve been in the top 5% of my age cohort all my life in understanding the power of incentives, and all my life I’ve underestimated it. And never a year passes but I get some surprise that pushes my limit a little farther. …

As you realize, this covers all kind of economic inventives, ie “follow the money” and also personal credibility investments.

10. Bias from over-influence by authority.

Well here, the Milgrim experiment, as it’s called — I think there have been 1,600 psychological papers written about Milgrim. And he had a person posing as an authority figure trick ordinary people into giving what they had every reason to expect was heavy torture by electric shock to perfectly innocent fellow citizens. And he was trying to show why Hitler succeeded and a few other things, and so this really caught the fancy of the world. Partly it’s so politically correct, and over-influence by authority …

This is the ignorant pysicist prime bias. You know; it is impossible, and if not, it should be illegal anyway …

11. Eleven: bias from deprival super-reaction syndrome, including bias caused by present or threatened scarcity, including threatened removal of something almost possessed, but never possessed.

Here I took the Munger dog, a lovely, harmless dog. The only way to get that dog to bite you is to try and take something out of its mouth after it was already there. …

Well, IH thought they had the golden goose with the golden eggs in a cage … Ooops! Now it is gone …

15. Bias from liking distortion, including the tendency to especially like oneself, one’s own kind and one’s own idea structures, and the tendency to be especially susceptible to being misled by someone liked. Disliking distortion, bias from that, the reciprocal of liking distortion and the tendency not to learn appropriately from someone disliked.

Well here, again, we’ve got hugely powerful tendencies, and if you look at the wars in part of the Harvard Law School, as we sit here, you can see that very brilliant people get into this almost pathological behavior. And these are very, very powerful, basic, subconscious psychological tendencies, or at least party subconscious. Now let’s get back to B.F. Skinner, man-with-a-hammer syndrome revisited. Why is manwith-a-hammer syndrome always present? Well if you stop to think about it, it’s incentivecaused bias. His professional reputation is all tied up with what he knows. He likes himself and he likes his own ideas, and he’s expressed them to other people — consistency and commitment tendency. I mean you’ve got four or five of these elementary psychological tendencies combining to create this man-with-a-hammer syndrome.

Ohhh! Dislike, here turns into hatred for the Yugos, Wrigths, Rothwells, Adb-Uls and Clarkes of the deep dungeons …

I do believe these quotes covers most of the psychology behind the cryptodenialism and also the skeptopaths and pure trolls.

6 thoughts on “Envy, Hate and some Greed; the Glue that Holds the Cryptodenialists like Dewey, Fred, Jed & Maaary Together …

  1. The recent bad mouthing of Fred and others may be down to something else.
    There is a Hierarchy of Influence (lets call it HI) which has been controlling the mouths. HI has been issuing, through them, implied threats to you and Rossi. As time has progressed the threats have had no effect, and more detailed analysis has been leading the trails back to HI. All of a sudden HI’s position is weakened.
    What better way to dissociate HI from those threats than to cause the mouths to issue spite and foul words – turning those mouths into simple Trolls acting on their own.

    The big puzzle for me is where Jed fits in to this. He has gone from a respected researcher with valuable opinions and high in my esteem – to something cringe worthy and foul mouthed..
    Does someone have power over him? Is he being forced to say these things? Has he deliberately gone ‘over the top’, so that we know not to trust this new Jed?

  2. Excellent writings and right on point and accurate.

    Thank You


  3. EGO OUT:

    Jed has eventually told something important that improves his story (not necessarily IH’s ):

    “It was only when I.H. published their press release on March 10 that I knew the test had failed.

    That press release is here:


    1- What does Rothwells phrase “caused more harm” mean? It means that since 2011, Rossi has acquired a large about of power and attention in the LENR community that is corrosive to the other major egos at work in the field of LENR. Rossi is unwilling to share his tech to allow others in the field to share in the current and forthcoming adulation that they believe that they rightly deserve.

    The feedback that Rossi gets from his friends is tainted by this animus to Rossi and being a trusting and loyal personality, Rothwell becomes a megaphone and focal point for the negative opinions that abound about Rossi throughout the LENR old guard.

    I am concerned that Rothwell’s good nature is being subverted by the FUD machine contracted by IH in the legal battle afoot between IH and Rossi. In this case, the fault must be placed on IH and their agents who are shamelessly taking advantage of the good nature and innocent weakness of a noble and fine man.

    2- In the legal battle between IH and Rossi, truth has taken a holiday. This court battle started 3 years ago when the two parties took the measure of each other. They were destined for a contentious divorce from the very start of their relationship.

    Rossi’s setup of this 1 year test was designed principally by Rossi to protect Rossi’s interest’s as informed by his previous misadventures with Defkalion and was never intended to be a fair demo of his reactor.

  5. Personal observations:

    I am at a loss that ECN seems to foster nasty, vicious, aggressive and above all constant personal ridicule & attack on any who disagrees or disputes the core mantras, the biggest vitriol is aimed at:
    1) Andrea Rossi (yes a soft target in many ways)
    2) Anyone who shows an inkling to believe or support Rossi (regarded as retarded by the core ranters)
    3) Anyone who offers support for LENR (this is usually hidden but easy to tease out – by ‘Popeye’, ‘Yugo/Potenza’, Frank, Jami etc: etc: then the pack followers join in, mostly with no insights, just ridicule & sarcasm). The interesting part of this aspect is how some there (like Thomas Clarke) pretend to support LENR but then slip up and eventually come out and say “they may believe if someone produces real proof” but just you try to point them to the proofs – then the nastiness starts

    AS for Jed Rothwell. I hear what he is saying, but there are very clear contradictions in what he says. He seems to offer two arguments, 1) He only found out the 12 month test failed when it ended, and 2) He has known all along. But, what is disturbing is that he now seems to have taken it on (like Yugo) as a ‘life mission’ to trash Andrea Rossi. And yes, Jed’s language is drfiting well into the ECN dungeon vernacular and style. What ever kind thoughts one can (and should) say about Jed, the truth his he is not ‘the sharpest knife in the drawer’ and that opinion of him along with his seemingly new anti Rossi mission, paints a strange picture. But I do respect all the work Jed has put in as an unpaid LENR librarian. For that effort he is ‘stellar’.

    Doug Marker

    • Rothwell has probably been contacted by the anti-Rossi squad, who somehow got into his head, plus if Rossi has the goods, he loses his gig as one of the “authorities” on LENR: he’ll merely be remembered, if at all, as an archivist on pre-breakthrough LENR (who cares about what came before a world-changing tech, except nerds?)

      The paranoid in me also thinks that if you want to efficiently suppress a tech, you plant people in its research/archives field
      If you’re really good at it, you even manage things so that those people don’t suspect it: you can predict how some individuals will act and know how to push their buttons, those are the ones yo want to help/promote/leave alone.

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