LENR (kall fusion) och oljebolag

Har gjort lite mer research efter föregående inlägg. Visade sig att jag inte är den enda som funderar i dessa banor. Som framgår av Commitment of Traders report har oljebolagen stadigt ökat sin korta exponering i oljeterminer. Utöver det visar det sig att de stora amerikanska oljebolagen säljer sina innehav i internationella oljefält.

På följande länk finns ett antal intressant länkar till nyhter och kommentarer kring detta.


Följande är till exempel intressant:

“Most of the assets bought were assets in the US and Big Oil has made a big fuss of talking them up and crowing about buying assets in the US and in truth there were an awfully large number of such purchases, though many were in fact leases rather than purchases BUT even if all those US assets were bought rather than just leased as is the case; they would not amount to a spit in the ocean compared to the amount of assets sold.
A simple comparison of the total amount of Proven US Oil Reserves compared to what the Big Oil Giants have sold round the world in the last year would show the fallacy in this Big Oil spin job.

the total proven Oil Reserves for the whole of the US not just the small amount in the Gulf is 20,680,000,000 Barrels

the total proven Oil Reserves of Kazakhstan; that Shell just sold its share in is 30,000,000,000 Barrels

the total proven Oil Reserves of Nigeria; that Shell just sold its share in is 37,200,000,000 Barrels

the total proven Oil Reserves of Russia; that BP and Conoco just sold its share in is 60,000,000,000 Barrels

I could go on but here have a look for your self. http://www.indexmundi.com/g/r.aspx?t=0&v=97&l=en

I did already point out the amount and value of oil field assets being bought does not come any where near the value of those sold in the last year, but you must have missed it.
The next big Oil Spin is the hype around Shale Gas and it is a vast new source of fossil fuel energy although somewhat problematic to extract and seems to be causing an awful lot of pollution but lets ignore that maybe it would get solved as it will be US homes and voters that will be polluted. Let us stay on the figures because they are what counts!
The total percentage of proven Shale gas reserves in US would only cover 40% of US current Natural Gas requirements according to the EIA http://www.eia.gov/naturalgas/. In other words all it does is decrease the amount imported by the US. “

Detta är givetvis inget bevis för LENR, men utgår vi från scenariot att LENR är på riktigt, så kan vi också utgå från att oljebolagen vet om detta och agerar utifrån det. Med den bakgrunden förefaller analysen ovan logisk.

Sittande med svarte petter i exemplen ovan blir Nigeria, Ryssland och Kasakstan.

Ryssland börjar kanske bli medvetna:


Som sagt, detta är något att hålla ögonen på även fortsättningsvis.