#LENR #ECAT saga: Weaver goes Schizofrenic about Penon and Reveals a Goldmine of #Cryptodenialism to Study!

Look at these schizofrenic comments on Penon by Mr Weaver. Remember that he was actually the one who “leaked” Penon as ERV on ECW, and this after a full year of testing and previous engagements with IH.

Digging thru Frank’s archives, I wonder if this could be the ERV? He’s listed as M Eng in Nuclear Power in an Elforsk LENR summary document in 2013. Lots of speculation but If it is this guy – is he qualified?

Is he a true PhD? Now really wondering how IH feels about the ERV if this is the guy?

Regarding the Penon report, my guess is that Rossi is going to release it when he feels the need.
I suspect that IH is going to preserve their response for the court.

I do wish that Rossi would stop his prolonged bluffing and go ahead and release the Penon report.
That is the only information that he is keeping secret and don’t you wonder why?

Mats – You should ask Rossi to release the Penon report for your review. It is my understanding that IH has no need to release that document at this point in time.

Having said that, the present reviews of steam flow and flow meters are very good preparation for when the Penon report gets released.

unfortunately, Penon removed the flowmeter details from the final report that was sent to IH and Rossi.

Now let’s ask Rossi why Penon did not respond to the IH engineering questions about the problems with the draft report before publication

Rossi is going to have to wait and find out what Penon sent to others prior to the “final report” in court.

Regarding your question about Penon – I’m not sure about him. He’s been Rossi’s tool for so long – it could be that this is the last time he gets abused.


  • First he seamed to aim for discrediting on lack of an american PhD …
  • Then the report became important and he wanted Rossi to leak it …
  • Then he was asking Mats to ask Rossi to leak it. (Q: If he really wanted it leaked. Why not leak it himself ? He obviosly read it) …
  • So when this didn’t happen he needed to leak som stuff himself …
  • So we get random pieces on flow meters, and imaginary “drafts” and spin on under the table communication between IH and Penon (that Rossi dont know about) taking place.
  • So now he has to cover his tracks and raise the credibility of Penon a little bit again to piece his agenda together. Suddenly Penon was in the team of IH instead… Strange isn’t it?


If anyone wants to have a real world example of cryptodenialism in action, check out this link with complete coverage of @nchawk disqus comments


Here is an before / after example regarding Rossi:

When IH announced agreement (2014):

If you think about it, the Italians have been thought and invention leaders for centuries – perhaps this is another in a long line of blessings to the planet. I think that Rossi left to avoid similar treatment from his last round of invention there. The Italian Gov’t / Mafia plays rough if you don’t do things their way and that may have caused the (potentially) most important invention of this/last century to walk out their front door. The Italians are presently trying to put the former heads of their main power group’s nuclear division and their leading fashion company in jail as we type. Anyone can be “convicted” of tax evasion there if the Gov’t wants something from you and needs leverage – the place is a mess on one hand and remains a font of invention on another.

And now:

Why all the noise, fury and blatant lies in defending a convicted felon who has cornered himself while trying to pull off one more con?

Somebody migth say, he changed is mind. Well, knowing Mr. Weaver is an insider with all information available, to me it only looks like a change of agenda. In 2014, Rossi was an asset, now he is a liability (only the License Agreement and IP are assets worth defending)

Anyway, it is really interesting to follow these writings and connect to the overall timeline from the point of view of a true insider.

Here are som examples.


Here Mr Weaver starts to spin the ERV and MW test after the Apco pressrelease. As we knew he then leaked Penon, who maybe was not employed by, but had worked for world class certification agency like Beureau Veritas and Det Norske Veritas.



First comment on the Apco  press release. Hmm. What is so strange with the David v. Goliat Mr W? Is that hard for you to understand when you in every other sentense proudly boosts what gang of “big swinging dicks” you belong to …




Ok. Here is an interesting timeline. Four months, that means October/November.

Q: So what exactly did change at that time?

A: A couple of things flashes. Brilluoin makes presentation at Capitol Hill and there is a seminar at SRI. This catches interest among the politicians. Apco gets involved (if not earlier and they have the connections to the Clintons and NRG Energy, etc). Bill Gates talks about 10-15 years … timeline. E-Cat X hits the light which make other E-Cats obsolete … And a little later Rossi announce direct electricity production. Check the E-CatWorld.com timeline. It all makes sense. At this point the E-Cat turned important.

Another thing happened. Oil price peaked on October 9, and started a long slide from $57 to $29 in 3 months. Maybe this put pressure on Weaver and Darden to act accordingly … Ie. slow down …  Who knows … The amounts of money at risk in bad oil & gas assets is in trillions.  Ask NRG Energy. They know.






More slandering and spinning from the Weaver. And worse – “hints” aimed at Mats Lewan. Read this twice and you’ll get what kind of person the Weaver is.

For whatever reason, you are personally raising the stakes to a very high level right now. You may already be crossing the point of no return. LENR doesn’t need another high profile failure right now. You will have responsibility for raising a lot of potentially harmful hype and interest. You risk taking a lot of people down with you if you are getting tricked by Rossi. Sober up man and stop believing EVERYTHING that Rossi is feeding you! This is getting beyond ridiculous.

The Weaver was obviously on a mission to stop Mats from reporting, and even more to stop the Symposium in Stockholm taking place. As he later stated.

I feel badly for Mats and know this was a difficult but correct decision.

Yeah Weaver. Of course you felt bad. Of course …




12 thoughts on “#LENR #ECAT saga: Weaver goes Schizofrenic about Penon and Reveals a Goldmine of #Cryptodenialism to Study!

  1. I don’t understand you. The symposium in Stockholm was intended to highlight Rossi’s success. The lawsuit, by his only real customer ever, stopped that. If Mats had held a symposium, all that would have been discussed would have been Rossi’s deceptions, lies, previous criminality record, and the overall failure of his career and of his one year (and every other) test. That’s hardly worth having a symposium about or traveling all those miles for.

    • Ok. Lets leave Rossi (I know your feelings since long, you know) and talk about Weaver here, who I find much more interesting at the moment. Since you are such an expert maybe you could make a judgement on his behaviour as well. He is interesting because he went from an anonymous cryptodenialist to mor of an official spokesperson the last couple of day. This is quite rare.


      The symposium was conditioned on the ERV report. I understand it could have been leaked by Rossi as well as by IH, and then maybe it would have taken place. Depending on reception etc.

      However, the inconsistent and almost aggressive behaviour of Weaver is more interestin. He starts off by leaking and discrediting Penon and ERV full speed. When the symposium is cancelled he rather wants Rossi to leak the ERV. When that doesnt happen, he himself leaks tiny parts (or imaginations). And at this point he spins Penons credentials instead (hinting Penon had given IH special treatment).

      One question could be why IH/Weaver does not leak it themself in full if they want it leaked? But this is still a bit of a mystery.

      My take is that they have prepared some fraud scenarios to float if Rossi leaks (Now all pathoskepts are idling instead, bringing up old boring stuff), but it sort of is a too obvious agenda if they do it themselves. I dont know. We will probably see more nuggets coming from Weaver if he is not taken off the field by his coaches, since he is becoming a liability for IH.

      Maybe you could analyse Weaver from a neutral standpoint.

      • Leave it to Weaver sounds like a desperate media thug hit man aimlessly drifting on a rudderless sailboat taking him where the hot wind blows to pointless and contradictive hyperbole accusations. What a stark contrast from the accrued historical facts Mats and Sifferkoll have intelligently collected to provide a very feasible and likely scenario. Thanks for your insights.

  2. This has all of the hallmarks of a pump-and-dump scam. Shady operators in a “boiler room” (seriously, that’s what they are known as) pick out some promising technology, buy call options, and start shouting its praises. Casual investors flood in driving up the stock price. On cue, the scammers sell their long positions and short the stock. From that moment forward they can find nothing of any merit in the company, the technology, or the idiots who still own the stock. As investors head for the exits the stock price tumbles and the scammers cash in again.

    • I know “Boiler Room”. Actually I like the movie … A little different though since that stuff is mainly about telemarketing selling penny stocks at 20% commissions, etc.

      This is something else, we’ll have to wait for the movie …

      • This is NOT fundamentally different- none of us know how much IH/etc. (the plethora of shell and holding companies is entertaining in a sick way) actually obtained from investors other than Woodford and the Chinese (and that’s supposed to be well in excess of $150M now, and no one knows how much THEY have gotten as intermediaries)- so a pump-and-dump operation has lost them absolutely nothing, cost them the $11M for the tests (and maybe not even that, much of the tax burden will be offloaded), and given them nearly free access to the technology as long as the controversy and court case continues, with low to non-existent probability of effective competition.
        Unless this is ALL a subterfuge to skunk any of us interested for whatever reason, the governments involved, and the entrenched energy and financial interests that have a multi-trillion dollar incentive to simply eradicate ALL of the involved parties…and that’s my favorite suspense-sf speculation, but while it seems Heinlein wrote much of our present timeline, the smaller social forces do seem to constantly trend to the negative.

  3. I do not think you should take sides in this argument between Rossi and I.H. until you have had a chance to see what I.H. says in response to the lawsuit. It is a bad idea to pick sides when you have only read what one side has to say. There is a great deal about this situation that you do not know.

    If Rossi is right you will have plenty of time to attack I.H. later on. If he is wrong, defending him will not do him any good, and it will make you look like a fool. I advise you to suspend judgement and wait.

    • I do not agree that it is bad to pick sides. From an ethical standpoint I think it is worse to pretend some level of objectivity when it is obvious that a side has been picked.Thats hypocrisy. I was worried about you Jed for a while, but it seams you recovered by now. I was actully worried you had been threatened, since the change in your style went from many years of stringency (which I respect) to very emotional. I’m still a bit worried since you for some reason use the hint of “looking foolish” and “paint into corner” arguments. I means this is ad-hominem disguised as helpfullness. Creepy!

      I realize that I could be wrong, definitily I believe it is possible that the lawsuit could turn into IH favour from having more muscles, which dont necessarily means being right as you know.

      So I believe waiting for IH to answer is the wroing thing to do. IH is already answering here thru Mr Weaver (head of PR, or maybe only soldier, with someone coaching in behind). So I listen to what is said and how, and put those pieces together.

      I have a firm belief that this whole story is not about science, not about measurements, not about tests, not about certifications and titles, but all about humans (and business/politics). To understand what is happening human behaviour has to be considered central and I tend to like the Jung (and some eastern philosophy), but also the power of incentives (Skinner/Pavlov) and groupthink/authorities (Milligram). All if it apply here.

      I wrote about it some time ago: http://www.sifferkoll.se/andrea-rossi-an-edisonian-inventor-or-a-scammer/

      I also tend to take the side of the outsider against the establishment. I hade hopes for IH, but when thay start to flash names like Apco Worldwide, JonesDay and whatknows my alarm sets off like a christmas tree. I have also had the “pleasure” to watch Mr Weaver managing damage control here and elsewhere, and to me there is more data in his behaviour than in any test or fraud scenario.This also goes for the excessive ranting of some others here on archeological issues, instead of what is important.

      So no Jed. I believe you are way more close minded, failing to see the big picture and the ethical/psychological perspectives. And maybe also the policital/financial. Take a short break and meditate on what it would mean for large established organisations if a COP 50 MW reactor was acknowledged widely. It’s not too big to fail, it is too big to be true. (for trillions of reasons)

      • You wrote: “I have a firm belief that this whole story is not about science, not about measurements, not about tests, not about certifications and titles, but all about humans (and business/politics). . . .”

        You are completely wrong about that. I am talking about measurements and tests only. Over the past year, I have seen some limited information from this test. I have experience doing calorimetry on both a small scale and a large scale. In my judgement, Rossi is making a mistake, and the I.H. experts are right.

        You wrote: “I believe you are way more close minded, failing to see the big picture and the ethical/psychological perspectives.”

        The dispute between Rossi and I.H. has nothing to do with ethics or psychology. There is no “big picture” here. This is about temperatures, flow rates, steam quality and instruments. I have some knowledge of these details, whereas you know nothing about them, so you have no basis to judge who is right. I advise you to wait and see.

        • As you probably realize I believe you are completely wrong. The “big picture” or the consequences of postitive test results, especially in the COP~50 range makes it a political/business issue. The pure concept of energy with negligable marginal cost have consequences on everything requiring energy on this planet. Even the concept of money is affected.

          As you can understand these consequences makes it an ethical issue. And considering that this whole saga is made by humans and using merely ad-hominem arguments against Rossi, Levi, Penon, Fabiano, etc. makes it a psychological issue as well.

          I actually have a hard time to figure out how you can fail to realize this.

          You have no idea what I know or not. And YES I consider me to have a basis to judge better than most people. And I will absolutely not wait, but act now, as much as I can. Mostly because I believe it to be the RIGHT THING TO DO.

          You can post comments here if you like, but please do not come here and tell me what you think I should do. That pisses me off.

          • You wrote: “The “big picture” or the consequences of postitive test results, especially in the COP~50 range makes it a political/business issue.”

            The COP is not 50. It is less than 1. Rossi made mistakes in calorimetry, similar to his previous mistakes.

            If there were a COP of 50 you would be correct. It would have important consequences. But the machine does not produce any excess heat. Therefore, there are no consequences. There are no moral issues.

            I realize you do not believe me, but I have seen some of the technical details and you have not, so you have no basis to judge whether I am right, or Rossi is right. That is why I suggest you wait. The details will be revealed in I.H.’s response to the lawsuit. If they do not reveal them, they will automatically lose $89 million.

            “You have no idea what I know or not.”

            Rossi has not told anyone details about the equipment or data. I.H. says they have not spoken to you. So I do not see how you could have learned any technical information about these tests.

  4. @jedrothwell

    Leaving the tech data aside, which neither of us have seen in full. They may have leaked selected parts to you; I dont know. They may be playing you for a fool; I dont know.

    What I do know, by analyzing the behaviour of Weaver, is that they are playing games and make up reality as they go.

    “If there were a COP of 50 you would be correct. It would have important consequences.”

    We agree completely on this. And circumstances are such, that the most logical conclusion from this saga is that Rossi is correct, and IH furiously tries to insert FUD without stating anything official.

    I believe you to be either played by the IH guys or worse, threatened in some way. Because your behaviour since you first agreed to come speak at the planned symposium in Stockholm has gone from technichal logical stringency to spreading rumours and asking people to shut up. It does not compute.

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