#LENR #ECAT Saga: The Most Important Inconsistency by Dewey Weaver (so far)!

Update 29/4 #2

Some nuggets from Disqus:

My response to Sifferkoll addressing his COI matter appears to still be suppressed. Regarding your questions – the APCO conspiracy story was pretty funny. The entire uberconspiracy concept is a Rossi offensive plan.. He is the one who fired off a lawsuit and simultaneously unleashed a smear campaign/PR war.

I am sharing my first-hand experience as a shareholder and point man for the broader IH mission. I am authorized to share all data that is in the public domain to date. Rossi has unleashed litigation and a coordinated PR war as part of his plan to attempt escape from IH. He is the runaway inventor. I am sick and tired of the smears against Darden and got a little to riled up in that regard – not my best moments

I don’t think the Apco connection is funny at all. It materialized way before IH even knew about the complaint (read my blog). So how the f.ck could this be a plan of Rossi …???… Mr Weaver, if you at least done some research you could have avoided this mistake!!!

I take coordinated as compliment (since I do not consider myself alone to be especially “coordinated” most of the time … ) 🙂

Update 29/4

The spinning continues. Latest from the Weaver:

IH wanted to test the referenced 1MW unit in Raleigh before shipping it to Miami but Rossi insisted that was a waste of time. he did the same thing for the Lugano reactors. The “ERV” report / data, which will be soon released, will give you the answers you need to make a final decision. The reactors that IH did build and test in their lab, per Rossi’s instructions, sadly never produced even a watt of excess heat.

Well, since IH at this point deliberately had delayed the test by failing to find a suitable place during a whole year in Raleigh this comment on ECW is a new contradictory statement by the spinning Weaver … Why delay, and why trying to negioate Rossi out of it? And why being optimistic until November 2015? It only get worse …


So. It’s all over. Mats closed down the comment section on his blog after a veritable troll-fest …

The by far most interesting discovery has been the identity of the nickname @nckhawk, being Dewey Weaver of Deep River Ventures, a stakeholder in Industrial Heat and a close friend of Tom Darden.

I’ve analysed his activities in a couple of posts here, and would like to summarize it in what I believe to be the most important information. Browsing thru his posts searching for substance and it dawns on that he has been very careful to only spin often contradictory ad-hominem rumours about Rossi, Fabiani, Levi, Penon, etc. and apart from these attacks talked mostly in “ifs” and “buts”. To be clear, I can not find any place where he actually states that the Rossi technology does not work. He only inserts doubts; FUD.

Here he states that the replication attempts failed quite early, which is as close as he gets. What is interesting is the timeline. Ie. before the MW test even started … I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s worth mentioning again: In line with my “delay” hypothesis, IH tries to get out of the MW test by pretending not find a place to do it, and also trying to negiote Rossi out of it completely. Wow!

To answer your question, I fully believed Rossi after first meeting him, studying the Ecat and reading the test results. We all did. It was only after replications attempts failed to produce ANY results that the doubts began to creep in. IH didn’t want a 1MW reactor but Rossi insisted. IH offered substantial sums of money for Rossi to produce 10 watts and / or 100 watts of excess power from a single characterized and verified reactor as an alternative to the insanity of the 1MW test. Rossi would have nothing to do with it and insisted on a 1 year, 1MW test. He shipped out from Raleigh to Miami and it went down hill from here. That’s about all I can say on this for now.

But, but… The above spin was done after the complaint was filed. In march he said on ECW:

I was cautiously optimistic around Rossi and his technology, especially after IH bought in. That has changed with Rossi’s light speed pace of evolution over the past 4 months – it is not humanly possible for 1 engineer with 2 or 3 helpers to pull all of this off. All I see now is a circus act moving from one ring to three.

At that point, not knowing about the complaint, only knowing IH was not going to pay Rossi he was totally focused on the MW test. He says, that until October/November he was “optimistic”. They were at this point planning only to not acknowledge the MW test, but continue to accept earlier replications … They were certainly not bashing all of it; only the “speed pace of evolution”

I do not know about you, but to me it looks very suspicious.

In a previous post I asked if Weaver considers the Leonardo Agreement valuable from a business perspective. The only answer I got is somewhat vague, but again it is not what is said that is important, but what is not said.

 … my interpretation is that the IH license with Leonardo is a valid paid-up license …

followed by more “ifs” and “buts”. This though is a clear and truthful statement I believe, but carefully avoiding the discussion about more important aspects.

I’ve been saying it before and do it again. IH consider the License Agreement very VERY valuable because it keeps Rossi in a tight leash from an IP point of view, at the same time as they keep 50% of the world market (GDP) for E-Cat products, also aiming for it all by stealing IP and patent it, even outside their own territory.

This business only hypothesis is actually the nicest one I can come up with. There are far worse and scary ones.

15 thoughts on “#LENR #ECAT Saga: The Most Important Inconsistency by Dewey Weaver (so far)!

  1. The scary hypothesis
    Steal the IP and kill Rossi and make it look like an accident .

    Hope Rossi can pass the IP to his trusted family members just in case.

    • Did anyone else notice and think it was kind of creepy that Weaver not once, but twice, confidently predicted that Rossi would “play the health card” at some point during the trial? The certainty with which he said it almost made it sound like a veiled threat. And it’s like he’s already spinning it, putting out the narrative that when Rossi ‘suddenly’ starts to have serious health problems, it will just be another con, not something nefarious.

  2. Rossi has always known it was there, and there there will be danger.
    Depends on us, on the web, trying to protect him writing all you need to do it

  3. I can help you with a nicer scenario. What if IH are not sure if it works or not. Maybe thats the reason they do not want to pay 89 milion’s. And then Rossi got upset and sued. What facts speaks against that scenario?

    • That actually is nice of you! And I suppose you could be right, since IH actually have not stated that it absolutely doesn’t work officially.

      Most of their spinning seems to hint that though, and Darden even travelled to Stockholm to tell some people personally that was more or less the case, which sort of rules it out in my opinion.

      • I didn’t know anything about Dardens trip to Stockholm. Do you have any more information?
        My personal guess is that IH are almost sure Rossi have nothing or much less than he claims. But they still belive in LENR. And that’s why the want to keep as much IP as possible. Just in case. They paid 11 miljon dollars for it. Why throw it away? There might be something even if Rossi haven’t been able to show it. But that’s only speculation’s of course.

        • Rossi wrote “IH is going with their puppets everywhere, they have gone in Sweden disseminating lies”.

          Mats wrote: “I know that Tom Darden has recently met with people I personally know, not far away from me, claiming that the 1MW test was technically and fundamentally flawed and that COP was around 1”.

          At this point I unfortanetely can not say more than my impression, from what I heard, is that Darden is a creepy guy. (ie. first impression great, but then …)

          • Well I can’t see any arguments against my hypothesis that Rossi haven’t been able to show COP above 1 in a convincing way. And that’s why IH haven’t paid. Of course there are other possible explanations.

      • Am I the only one who finds it ironic that DNI also stands for Director of National Intelligence?

  4. Some additional thoughts.
    – Few people (if any) that I have read, expected the results to claim a COP of 50. I think most (if not all) who expected any results, imagined it might average out at at least 3 but optimistically up to 6. The announcement that it reached 50 for such a long period of the test was stunning to say the least. A COP of 50 is not a simple advance, it would be spectacular and if accepted today, an energy game-changer and a perfect example of a ‘disruptive’ technology. One that has the potential in a very short period to shift the way energy is obtained and managed. One that will change the fate of many countries especially those who have built their economies on selling high priced oil. Some countries (esp in Sth America & Africa & some parts of the Middle East) could collapse if oil loses its strategic role in nations foreign policies. Saudi Arabia is the clearest and most obvious and fragile country in this regard. Fragile in the sense that a shift in power could see the Saud family dynasty overthrown and Sunni Wahhabi extremists take over (as they are attempting to do in Syria and Iraq. It is interesting that just in this past month the US Govt has directly intervened in the affairs of Saudi Arabia who have now committed to a) divesting themselves of 100% control of the nations oil reserves (still the largest in the world) and b) to open the country up (which is a way to undermine the Wahhabi extremists who are taking full advantage of the closed nature of Saudi Arabia as enforced in the past by the Saud family. Any deeper turmoil in the Middle East could be a harbinger of world war 3. The tensions are ripe. All that is needed is a disruptive technology to emerge that kicks the feet from under oil as a primary strategic commodity ruled *and managed* by nations’ foreign policies. Anyone in any doubt needs to read Daniel Yergin’s Pulitzer prize winning book “The Prize” – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Prize:_The_Epic_Quest_for_Oil,_Money,_and_Power

    – If (as I personally suspect) this is all about delay, (get the world in order first), then the current contradictions, the claims and counter-claims, fall into place.

    – The bigger picture has national interests and conflict avoidance at heart. The small picture is to get LENR on the table as a working ‘new energy’ we can all make use of.

    I expect the debate to continue at a shrill level. What I do watch out for are people who have a clear history of whipping up anti LENR and anti Rossi hysteria (and that choice of word is a perfect fit for much of what is being said about Andrea Rossi). The way he is spoken about by supposedly well educated intelligent people is simply irrational unless the nature of the personal attacks is to serve a purpose. The evidence to me is to delay LENR emergence at all costs and Rossi the man is one cost. Also consider how the anti-Rossi attackers can be so certain they know 100% what they claim and can be so virulent in their claims, when none of them have been directly involved.

    Does anyone remember the hysteria that occurred in the USA and in web forums over the US decision to invade Iraq. I remember it only too well and how nasty and shrill the pro-invasion ‘voices’ got. Then years later we learned that some Govt agencies and military interests set up teams to go into forums and blogs and force their views anywhere that questions were being raised against the invasion. I had not experienced anything that nasty before (until now). Today it is anti LENR and in particular vicious personal attacks on Rossi and now even Peter Gluck and many others (Lewan etc:) who seek to keep an open debate and avoid extreme positions that are unfortunately being taken (mostly by the anti side of the debate).

    Doug Marker

  5. @DNI

    “Well I can’t see any arguments against my hypothesis that Rossi haven’t been able to show COP above 1 in a convincing way. And that’s why IH haven’t paid. Of course there are other possible explanations.”

    One argument could be that IH have not officially stated anything about the MW test in particular. Only spinning FUD and ad-hominem accusations against Rossi, Fabiani and Penon. Rossi on the other hand has filed a complaint in writing. That one is non-deniable.

    • I honestly can’t see how your arguments speak against my hypothesis. I would say it is very normal to say very little officially before the trial when your are sued.

      If you by spinning means Dewey Weavers posting. I think Mr Weaver is now convinced that he has been fooled by Rossi and because of that he is very angry with Rossi. And that is way he writes as he does.

      But I still can not see anything that speaks against my hypothesis. And since there is more than one reasonable explanation I think it is wrong of you to jump to the conclusion that IH must be crooks.

      • Well. The court will decide if they are crooks according to the law. It could be you are correct in that matter. Hard to say. I believe they act from what they percieve best from a business perspective; nothing else.

        You can’t explain the Weaver inconsistencies from being angry. Even if that is the case. His story has changed considerably before/after the complaint was filed; and that I would call a clear circumstantial evidence of my hypothesis.

  6. Part #2

    Looking again at the Middle East and the impact of any *sudden* undermining of oil as the basis for trade and the fuel for national foreign policy.

    No one should argue that nations are not aware of the limited life span remaining for oil as a primary source of energy. Governments world wide have met and chosen to work together to devise alternative non-polluting sources for a replacement primary energy. The belief is the world has 20-40 years of known oil reserves and new ones are still being located.

    There are several Tokamak projects underway in several countries. Notably ‘ITER’ in France a combined effort between China, Europe, India, Japan, Korea, Russia and the USA. Then there is an even longer term follow-on ‘DEMO’, plus China also has its seperate ‘CFETR’ project. But the Tokamaks seem to be still decades away even *if* they can be made both effective *and* efficient. The point that needs to be made here is that Tokamaks are massively expensive and massively complex and as of today massively under-performing. The goal is for 500MW out for about 50MW needed to drive one. A rough COP of 10. Perhaps in 20 years if we are lucky.

    Wind power is a help but is no solid solution, it is expensive to set up, expensive to run and maintain and requires constant subsidization. Solar panels are also not yet a satisfactory solution and have similar cost to manufacture, logistics and maintenance problems as wind power devices.

    LENR as a solution is in a class of its own once it is accepted refined and the biased bickering about the theory is put into perspective.

    If however Rossi has his ‘miracle’ eCat, or there is perhaps some other know LENR such as Brillouin, or even some under the radar LENR project (there are a few), of similar disruptive new energy technology, such as Randall Mills’ brilliant light, then disruption may well be nigh.

    This ‘potential disruption’ line of logic can not be easily dismissed or sneezed at. The claims *are* out there, the consequences of any of these claims being real and perhaps ready to be developed are monumental. Those who choose to rant against LENR based on their conviction that the science hasn’t come up with the theory, need to read about the history of science and the blatant opposition to new theories that has dogged science since it began. So many discredited ‘theories’ later allowed science to leap ahead in the way it has. LENR *has* been proven to be real. Those who argue otherwise have a problem. The issue is “is it ready for prime time” yet ?.

    Back to the Middle East, we have seen the consequences of national aspirations of Middle East people rising to the surface. The map of the Middle East is crumbling and the artificial boundaries set as a consequence of WW1 and WW2 western carve ups (read Daniel Yergin’s book about this) are no longer useful nor defensible. The same might be said of African nations too. Many of these were western political carve ups that cut across traditional tribal boundaries and loyalties.

    One emergent challenge has been the Iranian revolution. The Shites of Iran saw a potential to create a Shite Caliphate encompassing Iran, Iraq (dominantly Shite in faith), Syria (where Shites are a minority but rule the country, and Lebanon (where Shite militias have effective control). Had Iran obtained a nuclear weapon capability, that along with Irainian expansion (as was happening post the Iran Iraq war) then the potential for a Middle East conflagration was well brewed.

    However, the western powers have managed to contain Iran, and despite the misgivings of some western allies (read Israel) the US has pushed to end Iran’s isolation and accept its status as a potential regional superpower. A reality that horrifies the Sunnis led by the Saudis.

    In retaliation for Iran’s ambitions, groups of Iraqi Sunnis combined with Syrians, began fighting for their own Sunni Caliphate. It would take part of Iraq, part of Syria, Jordan and if they could, all of Saudi Arabia. ISIS/ISIL are the core of that movement. It is a continuation of the dreams promoted by the Saudi Osama Bin Laden and an extension of the Wahhabi movement that is so strong in oppressed Saudi Arabia. They have shown they are a force to be reckoned with. They are using captured oil to fund much of their revolution.

    The fear of the anti-Iranian powers is that if the US / Iran peace (based on a commitment of Iran not to develop a bomb) was signed, that the Iranians once free to expand trade and export oil without constraint, could become so wealthy that no one could stop them doing whatever they want including secret work to proceed on their nuclear weapons program. The balance between moderates and hard liners in Iran is on a knife’s edge.

    So a what-if scenario is that ‘what-if’ the western powers (America in particular) know that there is a replacement for oil ready and capable. Then establishing peace with Iran means that Iran will have very limited time to take advantage of oil. The prices could (and would) drop to a profit more in norm with any other useful (but not political) commodity. Iran’s ambitions would and could be held in check. i.e. Iran could not use its oil muscle to threaten neighbors or anyone else. IT seems to me this is a valid scenario that has been stitched up.

    Getting Saudi Arabia under control seems to be the current item on the agenda and the goal seems to be to starve the Wahhabi extremists an opportunity to overthrow the Saudi government and thus have in their hands the power oil would give them. The Saud family are on thin ice. They are an anachronism in this modern age. They have been getting away with it because they controlled the world’s greatest oil reserves and also one of the cheapest in cost per barrel to lift.

    I don’t know what today’s real cost per barrel to lift are (it is all online though) but there is a big difference. The cheapest was always the Iraq oil, Saudi oil came close, but then the cost starts to rise markedly. Off-shore oil is much dearer per barrel to lift, Alaskan oil even more so. Many of the smaller oil nations such as Venezuela and Nigeria have of late only kept their production costs around sale price. Any significant drop in price would hit them hard.

    So again, the case exists that a sudden introduction of a disruptive new cheap energy could topple many producing nations. The political instability would affect us all. At worst trigger a new world war.

    So, if LENR has been proven, then the governments of the world have some very serious challenges they must deal with before any shift in the balance of energy power shakes up the world.

    What is the use of a cheap eCat if we are all fighting world war 3.

    Doug Marker

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