“Mad Dog” Fred Zoepfl of the ECN Troll Dungeon plans To Visit Swedish Embassy to Discuss Lithium!

Update #1

I really have share this recent threat from the very angry Fred Zoepfl. It is absolutely amazing … What Fred seems to forget though is that there is no case whatsoever against Leonardo/Rossi only a complaint against IH/Cherokee/Darden et al. And he is threatening me with extradition and the police and EBM … and everthing his tiny little head can come up with, becuase he has nothing … He is only making things up … or maybe hallucinating from lack of lithium.  😀




And I kind of the respect the colors of the Swedish Police authorities … 😉


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This is hilarious.

Allthoug I do actually believe lithium could be the answer to all of Freddies problems. Take some of the edges off; reduce anxiety and anger …


And here is a soundtrack as well…

5 thoughts on ““Mad Dog” Fred Zoepfl of the ECN Troll Dungeon plans To Visit Swedish Embassy to Discuss Lithium!

  1. It’s proven. The Rossi Effect is what happens when some people are exposed to the e-cat theories and alleged results, i e they meltdown… Please instruct the Swedish representative to offer beveragea with Li added. Then observe. /H
    (Ps. Is he at all aware that other people read his posts?)

  2. I can’t wait to read about it– “Swedish Embassy officials turn a crazed american blogger over to D.C. authorities.”

    With respect to his “Rossi Effect” comment: I don’t recall Rossi originating that term; I could be wrong; I think others did it & he seems to accept seeing it used for the most part. I can’t even recall reading anything where Rossi himself actually used that term, though I suppose that it could have happened. It’s a great term; whoever originated it deserves to get credit.

    I found it interesting that the blogger said, “… this is all physically impossible.” I assume he/she means “it violates the laws of physics”, which is a very uncommon use of the word ‘physically’. A more common use is something like, “You can’t put a 10 lb fruitcake in a 2 lb tin, it’s physically impossible.” … Just an observation. 😉

  3. When reading Fred Zoepfl posts I got a strange feeling that this Fred Zoepfl is 15-17 years old. Are we sure that he is an adult????

    Its pointless to warn any “suspect” about legal actions. Its like posting signs “traffic cops further down the street, drive within the national speed limit”.

  4. I remember that the name “Rossi Effect” was proposed by a Journal of Nuclear Physics reader

  5. Mad Dog Fred Zoepfl the stooge is clearly showing signs of suffering from dementia, please flush him out of the closet and expose this masquerading king of clowns.

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