Did Jed Rothwell Admit Being an IH Contracted Spin Doctor with a Freudian Slip?

Update # – July 1

Quick update on Jed. Here, by answering a question from “IH Fanboy” he comas as close you possibly can get to admiting being paid by IH for slandering Rossi and Penon.

Q [IH Fanboy]:

Jed, there are questions floating around about whether or not you have been paid any money or compensation of any kind by IH or any of its affiliates. Do you want to clear the air and address this issue? I think not answering my inquiry might not work in your favor.


A [Jed]:

I will!

It is none of your damn business.
In a technical debate, you should consider an argument on its own merits without reference to the livelihood of the person making the argument. A complicated technical problem can only be addressed by professionally trained people who work full time on such problems. You cannot expect them to work for free.



— original message —

It sure looks that way. In this comment Jed Rothwell admits talking ONLY the IH spin:

Our enemies will put fraud front and center. This will be another blow against cold fusion, thanks to Rossi. By the grace of God we may still have money from I.H.,
without which this field would be dead, dead, dead.

Who is “we” , and who is “our enemies“?

Reading Jeds rants it sure seems like the people who are NOT arguing fraud is the enemy … Jed on the other hand is furiously persuing the Rossi/Penon fraud hypothesis in every single comment … …  And then he’s refering to the “we” as in “from I.H.” – as if without I.H “this field would be dead ….”

Unless Jed only is speaking pure IH spin from an IH insider point of view, refering only to IH as the “this field” this does not make sense. It’s obvious really. Freudian slip maybe, but obvious.

From this I conclude Jed proved himself to be a paid for, full time, IH spin doctor.




4 thoughts on “Did Jed Rothwell Admit Being an IH Contracted Spin Doctor with a Freudian Slip?

  1. I wonder what will be the harm to the funding LENR if WOODFORD will refuse to fund more LENR projects in addition to the 50 million which they already invested in IH (and probably lost). IH is responsible to this premature investment, not rossi who didnt take a peny from WOODFORD. WOODFORD has 10 Billion dollars to invest whereas IH seems not to have more than 11.5 millions. Recall that WOODFORD was convinced to invest 50 millions after IH show them 1 MW and first ERV reports.

  2. I think you’re reaching here. I think the ‘we’ here are supporters of cold fusion/LENR or the LENR research community (of which Jed is undeniably a part, mainly in his role at LENR-CANR).

    Let’s assume for the moment that Jed is telling the truth as he sees it for no other reason than that he believes what he’s saying is true. In his mind, Rossi is the source and cause of the fraud, so he’s upset at Rossi, because by engaging in fraud, Rossi is giving “them” (the people who want to quash LENR) ammunition against the field, which “they” will then put front and center in their efforts to kill cold fusion. (From Jed’s perspective, Rossi is the reason that fraud is being put front and center, he does not believe that IH is making it up or full of shit or whatever–they are just trying to defend themselves against being defrauded by Rossi). In that case when he says “we” might still have IH’s money he means “we” the cold fusion research community. In fact, not only do I think this reading makes the most sense, it’s also how I initially interpreted this statement.

    • I guess it is possible that Jed is actually believing this, but there are to many logical leaps. Mainly; he knows he does not talk for the LENR “community” as a whole. That would be rediculous since he absolutely know there are two camps (at least). So the “we” must mean a subset, and in this case probably the IH subset of IH per se, plus those recieved some funding from IH; Lenuco, Brillouin, Biberian, and more (probably several friends of Jed). And the them of course it would be devastating if IH goes down…

  3. Rothwell is doing what he has always done in this field. As he is a very wealthy investor he is likely now raging about Rossi as he sees his investments in IH going down the drain.

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