Is Clueless Jed Rothwell Paid or Played to Slander Penon and the ERV Reports on the MW COP~50 E-Cat Plant?

Update #1 – June 29

Jed Rothwell admits talking only the IH spin. Look:

Our enemies will put fraud front and center. This will be another blow against cold fusion, thanks to Rossi. By the grace of God we may still have money from I.H.,
without which this field would be dead, dead, dead.

Who is “we” , and who is “our enemies“?

Reading Jeds rants it sure seems like the people who are NOT arguing fraud is the enemy … Jed on the other hand is furiously persuing the Rossi/Penon fraud hypothesis in every single comment … …  And then he’s refering to the “we” as in “from I.H.” – as if without I.H “this field would be dead ….”

Unless Jed only is speaking pure IH spin from an IH insider point of view, refering only to IH as the “this field” this does not make sense. It’s obvious really. Freudian slip maybe, but obvious.

From this I conclude Jed proved himself to be a paid for, full time, IH spin doctor.


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This is an interesting question that I have been touching before. Here , here , here and here.  It is becoming more and more obvious that he now is the main slanderer with focus on Penon and the ERV report.

He does not strike me as the sharpest knife in the drawer, nor the brightest crayon in the box. He is, in short, several tacos short of a fiesta platter; three bits short of a byte.

This is what he said recently. And then you have to know that Jed has only seen some probably fabricated data coming thru IH and a several year old report, which was not even written by Penon, and was made before he was hired as an ERV by IH.

This is what Jed is basing this psychological profiling on…


What bugs me is still WHY Jed is doing this obvious slandering nowadays, so very removed from what used  to be a rational voice on Vortex-L.

I believe “played” is the most probable cause, maybe combined with monetary incentives, or not. I back this analysis, among other things, on the fact that someone easily tricked Jed into spinning the sauna conspiracy some time ago, remember (from Vortex):

Not a chance. Just looking at the facility you know there cannot be a 1 MW heat source in it. It would cook everyone in that part of the building. That is enough heat for 100 dry cleaning machines. You couldn’t fit that many in such a small area, never mind operating them.

This sauna comment is so stupid that it blows my mind. How is it possible to even write such a thing unless you’re either, paid well, threatened or plainly clueless.

Btw, a well insulated family sauna needs about 1kW per m³.


5 thoughts on “Is Clueless Jed Rothwell Paid or Played to Slander Penon and the ERV Reports on the MW COP~50 E-Cat Plant?

  1. Here is a guy with a B.A. in Japanese Language and Literature insulting a guy with a degree (with Highest Honors) in Nuclear Engineering, on matters related to Nuclear Engineering.

    Let’s not forget that IH was happy enough with Penon’s credentials to accept him as ERV over their $89M stake.

    Res ipsa loquitur.

    (The thing speaks for itself).

  2. As I said in other places – Rothwell has no solid background in engineering or exact science. He is sort of technical Journalist, nothing beyond.

    His ridiculous fiasco about the “sauna in container” convince me that he is a crank (better be ignored).

    Rothwell gained some respect in the LENR community in the period before Rossi came to the stage and LENR community was in poor position; he didn’t need to be very smart in order to be respected. Only courage to support LENR and some common sense was enough.

    When Rossi came with a sensational success he became obsolete figure in LENR community. Therefore – (I believe) that he doesn’t tolerate Rossi and find any excuse to find faults in Rossi’s behaviour.

    He has a psychology problem, not money problem. He is a new variation of the pathetic Steve Krivit (same personality problem); although about Krivit I believe that Krivit also have financial problems because his LENR magazine is dying therefore High chance that Krivit is being paid by IH and Cherokee in order to spill nonsense .

  3. While people(?) like Weaver and Zoefpl actually bring in some comical quality, Jed’s involvement has a tragic touch to it. It is sad to witness this steep decline from a formerly rational, proficient and well-respected LENR advocate into a freaked out FUD machine.

    It is the respect I still hold for the former Jed Rothwell that hold me back for a long time to comment on his anti-Rossi FUD, until I recently became fed up by his comments on E-Cat World:

    Timar > JedRothwell • 6 days ago

    I am calling you out for being dishonest, Jed.

    Anyone who has read a fair share of your comments on the test, even limited to this post, will notice that you can’t possibly condemn Rossi and the report the way you did – claiming absolute (or “99.9999%”) certainty and using the strongest available language in an almost inflationary manner – and on the other hand write something like this:

    “I could be wrong, and they could be right, but I would have to study their work carefully before reaching any conclusion.”

    At least not withouth being either dishonest or schizoid. I’m worried about you, Jed. I have read your book on cold fusion and over the years probably thousands of your posts on vortex-l. You have become one of my cold fusion heroes. The behavior – the blatant lack of consistency, modesty and now even honesty – you show lately regarding this subject is completely at odds with your former qualities I had come to regard so much and I am affraid that – if Rossi is right – people will not remember you as the highly accomplished librarian of LENR that you are but as a main proponent of IH’s campaign of denial and FUD.

    That wouldn’t be the place in history that you deserve. I wonder whether you have ever asked yourself if you may have been played by IH? If they may have spoon fed you cherry-picked or even manipulated data in order to reinforce your bias about Rossi and to turn you into their primary astroturfing agent? Have you ever even remotely considered that possibility?

    He intially wrote an answer to my comment that was so utterly ridiculous and evasive that I deemed it neither necessary nor worthy to reply. Later he silently deleted that answer.

    • No idea, but remember that Jed is so (deliberately) clueless that he doesn’t understand the simple calorimetry of a sauna …

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