New Court Documents on Pacermonitor. IH MtD Failed. Jury Trial in Sep 2017!

Update #1 – July 1

I think this is an interesting observation by “Chapman” on ECW regarding the choice of “long haul” and why IH is not interesting to get the case settled by showing the ERV report…

I will add this one last observation. If Weaver and Jed had been correct/informed/sane regarding the so called “BLATANT and OVERWHELMING incompetence of the ERV report” which we have all been hearing SO MUCH about these last few days of the FUD onslaught, IH would never have asked for the “slow boat”. Having such overwhelming and undeniable proof that the ERV was fraudulent would have led IH, as the defendant, to demand as immediate a court date as the docket could accommodate. Instead, they BEGGED the judge to DELAY as long as possible, even while knowing that Rossi is working feverishly as we speak to prove, by way of getting functioning products on the market, that the ERV was correct in it’s assessment! Clearly, we have been lied to, over and over again. Just thought I would mention it…


Let’s see how many voices go silent now that IH is no longer going to be paying for a FUD campaign. Wanna make any bets???

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I can’t tell exactly what it means, but it looks that we are in for the long haul and a jury trial in September 2017 …

I guess it also means that IH failed with their MTD (Motion to Dismiss). Curiously IH ops also went dark on Lenr-Forum hinting that their agenda was to work as hard as they could to fill the forums with Rossi slandering to influence the judge to honor the MTD.

Now we can look forward to both focus on quarkX production in Sweden and the US, Leonardo together with Hydro Fusion has more or less the world market for E-Cat and quarkX products. Hopefully every single piece of E-Cat doubt will be gone by the time of trial.

IH will have to go on devoloping the older E-Cat tech that they got together with Brillouin, Lenuco, etc. But they are far behind.

Here are the documents:






2 thoughts on “New Court Documents on Pacermonitor. IH MtD Failed. Jury Trial in Sep 2017!

  1. Hi Sifferkoll,

    You seem to be missing 2 court documents. Numbers 22 and 23.

    Enjoy your work.


  2. Of course IH wants to drag-out on this, they have a “dead” case i court.

    But they can delay Rossi/LENR in USA and give big oil some few years extra to transform their business, right now it is going to fast for big oil.

    Just talked with a man from Singapore having a operation there. Many jobs have been lost in the area due to the energy business transformation. Singapore is not a oil nation but serve the area with logistic services. The numbers of lost jobs are so high that it can affect stability in some nations.

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