Why are DoS, DoD, World Bank, Northrop Grumman and Bechtel keeping a Close Eye if this is Only a Conspiracy?

If Rossi, LENR and this whole saga was only important for a selected few obsessed individuals debating a non-existent phenomenon, why would the entities (ie. IP numbers controlled by) mentioned above read every thing written here promptly …  ??

And this sample is only the last 48 hours. Looking back a bit in the logs it seems US DoS interest in sifferkoll started a few days after the Apco press release, with my post on not expecting IH to release the ERV report.   The other entities started reading my blog after the complaint was filed.

worldbank dos dod bechtel northrop

Also somewhat interesting is that my posts are closely followed by Saudi IPs. Since I do not know the structure of Saudi Internet access conclusions might be far fetched. It stands out though compared to access from other countries, that are much more diverse or non-existent.


1k visitors on sifferkoll..vismap


This maps indicates number of visitors per capita. The “green” scale is however capped somewhere between Italy and Norway. The Scandivian countries being having roughly ten times as many visitors per capita as other North American / European countries.

4 thoughts on “Why are DoS, DoD, World Bank, Northrop Grumman and Bechtel keeping a Close Eye if this is Only a Conspiracy?

  1. Shining light into interesting places, Torkel. Scary kind of entertainment. What is your take on HG and Gunnar? If Sheryl Attkisson has it right, both of those characters are actually paid trolls. You know the focus on character trashing rather than attacking their work. The idiot calling. Acting like three year olds in a sand pit and not like mature scientists. The mind boggles.

  2. It is obvious that you are more of a threat to those who want to manipulate opinions on Internet then just the bloggers. You have a novel approach similar to what secret services (SS’s) are using, No doubt they have more means to do things and I am sure that most advanced IT hardware to block access to sites and domains can be manipulated by those SS’s. Keep on going Sifferkoll, you are doing a good job!

  3. The new LENR appearance on the energy market will be “unsettling” to put it nicely. The impact is only matched by the bottlenecks in the production. USA will fall behind the rest of the world due to political interference and a mostly 3 world education system,.. but USA will eventually catch up as the Chinese get their production/supply line in order…

    The real losers are the moderate “beheader” countries like KSA. KSA are still spending like they got USD 100/barrel for their oil. Within 5-6 years they have spent all their savings and KSA is just another Muslim country (Syria II) where people behead each others.

  4. We are on the brink of making incredible breakthroughs in most scientific fields.
    But I am really given the most hope by those things happening in the energy and storage area. It isn’t as if there is but one contender. They may not have the energy density of LENR, but some are pretty damn good. How about 95 % transparent Thermoelectric Photovoltaic hybrids used as window panes, or NASA’s EmDrive and other ZPE derivatives, Then there is Photoswitching and what one can do with a few photons and hinged molecules, and all of the marvelous ways that Graphene, along with a boat load of new Metamaterials such as the Lanthanum Aluminate / Strontium Titanate Interface could play with them all. I don’t figure it will be to much longer, if it hasn’t already been done, until someone comes up with a special multilayered hybrid that is just to damn good to not go with.


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