And Now: Let’s Have a Closer Look at a Real Apco? Astroturfing Professional!

Update #4 – June 3

The post below was actually allowed after about 24 hours, followed by rude comments by MY and some others. Frank turned incomprehensible …

Update #3 – June 2

A note about ECN, which supposedly should be the most uncensured LENR forum (to some extent it definately is as you know) … Well, when I posted a very verfiable answer to Frank this happeded. 10 hours counting …


Update #2 – June 1

In this latest comment Frank fails to understand that it is his secretive behaviour that makes him stand out from the crowd. Panama registered email in combination with multiple proxys for surfing is suspicious. No doubt.

… I am sure, if I would have used an e-mail with my real name in it, than my personal data would now be spread all over the e-cat blogs, because some bullheaded fools believes that I’m an “Apco agent” which needs to be stopped, that I am an “IH-insider”, that I was send out with an agenda to supress the e-cat – which of course is all wrong. …

And then, this Frank, whines about his email being public. Well, firstly it is not. Secondly it is a panama registered anonymous email adress, so even if it was public I see absolutely no harm to Frank as a person by this. Since this story is not about Frank as a person but about the astroturfing phenomenon with the handle Frank and From that point of view this story is more than justified.

Update #1 – May 31

Frank responded to this post in a predictable way on ECN and it’s fair to show it I believe.


As Frank says (using the “conspiracy” word again — prosaic…), it doesn’t change anything. Is he telling the truth? Impossible to know. The only thing we can be sure about is that Frank is better than most anyone I’ve run into, covering his tracks. This he has proven by posting (simple) advice to his fellow ECN crew, and by using multiple proxys and other tools himself when visiting LENR sites.

We can be absolutely sure Frank does not want to reveal his identity. This is fine, but it has to be taken into account when analysing the bigger picture.

This is worth watching on the astroturfing subject. Remember Apco has loads of BigPharma customers …


— original post —

So far I’ve been examining the amateurs of astrotufring, the expendables [as the very aggressive Fred Zoepfl here]… They are dedicated but transparant and somewhat sloppy with their handles, email and IP numbers. Of course the real “professionals” are anonymous as persons, but they are actually equally easy spot, since there are certain definitive markers, ie. their flawlessness and extreme consistency. I’ll show you a perfect example from the ECN goldmine.

On ECN, he calls himself “Frank“. 

He was activated as an operative on or about Jan. 18, 2012 (One week after IH first White House meeting / somewhere around the time IH started to pursue Rossi) and presented himself.


He immidiatly takes a liking to MY  … Making friends for life. 🙂

Fast forward 4 years and an endless number very consistent Frank-posts. Always balanced and smart, never saying much but quick to link news that suits the agenda. Clever.

This also makes “Frank” a perfect handle to be managed by a team, since it includes absolutely no personality; only a simple manageble profile. 

What ticked me off recently was his focus on me on Mats Blog. I didn’t know it at the time, but found this comment on ECN. And again the pieces of the puzzle falls in place.



A prime astroturfing 101 rule is to call the truth conspiracy. Well, it didnt take long. He has not made any comment on sifferkoll (he’s obviously scared…), but I know he is watching…

Another really interesting fact is him being very careful. Look.


As a matter of fact I happen to know that he uses several proxys around the world when posting comments to different forums. So far I found colocated tight servers in Switzerland, Czech Republic and the US.

He has also taken it upon himeself to help his less experienced virtual team on these issues.  What kind of LENR pathoskeptic is working with that kind of tight security?

It is hard to tell how well organized the Apco team is, but I found this (right below) online meeting that give us some kind of clue. It is interesting to see Frank managing both Zoepfl and Krivit into the correct narrative of the day…

Also Frank is serious about security when it comes to new arrivals, which handle “Jacky” learns (left below)…

frankNG_apr28_cleaning frankNG_apr27_narrative

Frank however did seem a but surprised when the complaint arrived. This is also the first time he started to worry about Sweden. He’s quick to publish the IH response though.


And then something that is really sort of funny from the guy who is probably the best paid troll in this story …


It’s time to send them your invoice Frank and take on the next assignment. Maybe you can sell processed suger or drugs.  Apco has a lot of those clients as well…

3 thoughts on “And Now: Let’s Have a Closer Look at a Real Apco? Astroturfing Professional!

  1. Fascinating insight like always 🙂 Wasn’t “Frank” the person who made the first mention of industrial heat? See the comment below:

    December 30, 2013 at 2:12 am
    If Rossi has a US partner at all, which is doubtful…
    Actually I wouldn’t be surprised if Rossi found a partner/investor in the US – After all, the money for his Miami real estates must come from somewhere.
    Check out where Fulvio Fabiani – according his LinkedIn presentation – is currently active:
    Freelance Electrical Engineer Consultant at REFC LLC
    Frelance Tech Consultant R.D. department Manager at INDUSTRIAL HEAT LLC
    Frelance Tech Consultant Director & R.D. at Leonardo Corporation MIAMI – FL – USA
    Let’s forget about his Freelancer activities for REFC LLC and for Leonardo Corp (is his task there to blow up the hundreds of nuclear reactors Rossi is talking about?) and take a look at ‘Industrial Heat LLC’ – which seems to be this one:
    (Coincidently, Fabiani has the Vice-President Vaughn in his Google+ circles)
    They would have some money which they could put at risk…
    Good luck, in case they did…

  2. Very interesting… I skipped a couple of years in my ECN browsing. Frank leaks Fabiani and then argues it was Fabiani that leaked …

    “As I said before: If someone posts such information on social network sites, I assume it is his sole intention that this information spreads in public.
    One may speculate the reasons behind this ‘leak’ …”

    For some reason IH wanted to be known/rumored to be the partner at that specific time, although nothing official.

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