Who is this Eric Walker Guy? Is he an Astroturfing Pro? Or … is He Simply an “Useful Idiot”?


It seems that Eric is a believer of some obscure religious sect (an islam offspring called Bahia). And since before we know that  Abd is a islam convert… Is it a sign that LENR critics and pseudo sceptics are also often religious fundamentalists (incl christian)? Well, maybe not, but only thinking about it gives me the creeps.

UPDATE 5/7 – Huge success for Rossi E-Cat/QuarkX technology

Game is over…

Rossi and IH settled in court. Everybody smiling. Maybe a win-win deal made. Huge success for Rossi E-Cat and QuarkX technology.


Once again I was banned from the LENR-FORUM when questioning the motives of various pro-Industrial Heat posters like hitman Weaver, Sigmoidal, the THH/TC group, Jed Rothwell, MaryYugo (not really pro IH, but fills a relevant gap as will be discussed below) etc.

Once again I suspect that the forum is (still) very much a target of organized astroturfing by one or more entities.

It is also increasingly clear to me that the forum is now controlled by some of the members. Eric Walker being the top-moderator-guy. Since he so willingly took upon himself to spend hours everyday moderating he has continuously promoted an environment where the discussions are directed only towards subjects that are part of the IH agenda, often introduced by insider feeders like Weaver and Jed. The subjects are often technical or maybe legal, filled with unknowns and Rossi thrashing, and the aim is to flood the forum with nothingness and Rossi character assassinations.

It is allowed to say anything about Rossi of course. There is no end the the possible allegations that are allowed. Using similar allegations against IH and the members of their team on the forum will as I’ve experienced get you instantly banned.

Different standards are used where Dewey Weaver (as a “principal”) regardless of his in general despicable character, attacks his demons, or when Mary Yugo throws another set of libelous accusations against Rossi. These are for some reason allowed.

This is the treatment given to Dewey when making obvious threats (of godfather like consequences)…

Dewey: we have given you great latitude in what you post here. Please cut it with the apparent legal threats. If you wish to pursue a legal remedy, do not use our forum to communicate it. Potential libelers will have to find out through some other channel.

Compare that to being banned for answering to threats like these:

Questioning these motives of the members and Industrial Heat is simply not allowed.

So what is this all about?

Looking into the handbook of astroturfing we read:

  1. Forum Sliding – always trying to direct discussion in the direction meaningless subjects like technical unknowns and details of no importance to divert attention. Drown the important discussions in endless rantings again and again. Clarke/THH and Abd are the experts. – CHECK
  2. Consensus Cracking – always include bad ad-homs towards Rossi in every post. Twist the truth about his past and person. Make it look as if these accusations are facts. CHECK
  3. Topic Dilution – More or less no 1. Always move the discussion towards safe areas that can never be be proven right or false because to many unknowns. Often endless technical or legal speculations. Always with the aim to hide the big picture. CHECK
  4. Information Collection – As much as possible I guess, but not always too obvious. Although in combination with 5 below I’ve received several hints by both Jed, Dewey and others to think about my future career etc. And Abd has been very thorough looking up stuff in my past and different engagements. None seems to care when these are outed as motives. The same standard does not apply to other members.  CHECK
  5. Anger Trolling – Making hidden threats against moderators (Alan) and other parties (Mats) when applicable. And me of course. Numerous times. Usually hitman Weaver has this role. But also Jed does not hesitate to “give advice”. CHECK
  6. Taking full control – This is where Eric shows up. At the top of the pyramid. Being a moderator he has extra powers and takes advantage of the role by moving posts out of view and into other threads out of context regularly (when they do not suit him). He makes up rules about the threads and change them when needed. And he is not afraid to use his banning privilege when the IH “order” is threatened in anyway. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!

About (6) according to COINTELPRO:

It is important to continuously maneuver for a forum moderator position. Once this position is obtained, the forum can then be effectively and quietly controlled by deleting unfavorable postings — and one can eventually steer the forum into complete failure and lack of interest by the general public. This is the “ultimate victory.”

Depending on the level of control you obtain, you can deliberately steer a forum into defeat by censoring postings, deleting memberships, flooding, or “accidentally” taking the forum offline. By this method the forum can be killed.

However it is not always in the interest to kill a forum as it can be converted into a “honey pot” gathering center to collect and misdirect newcomers and, from this point, be completely used for your control for your agenda purposes.


Sounds familiar, doesn’t it…

This made me curious on this Eric character, and I did some research on him using google. And what I found is interesting. There are two very different profiles showing up. One of a mid-level Java-Script developer of sorts, with an extremely generalized profile on LinkedIn . Absolutely no details on past engagements, even when logged in. And some very minor links to projects of his workplace. Hardly a full time job the way it looks. Neither the Facebook page shows anything. It exists but only a couple of meaningless pictures. Nothing. Everything is very vague.

The feeling is strange. How is it possible that a real person is this bleach?

Even when introducing himself at StackExchange/Physics he takes extra turns to say… nothing…

Enthusiast with questions about physics from time to time. Since I’m not in much of a position to assess the validity of answers, I generally just pick the answer with the most votes after a certain amount of time has passed.


Still, I guess there is something because even though he has only a BS in Math/Computer Science he started to produce articles about the Lugano test (and this shows a very different and more advanced profile)… And funny enough these articles showed up in december 2015. Hmm. That timing… The interesting thing about them is that they are very well made in form, but that they cover and are made to say … you guessed it …. absolutely nothing of importance … The only thing they establish is some weird kind of authority/showoff on the physics/LENR subject without taking any positions what so ever. And the articles are only signed with his gmail-adress.

Here we have Eric arguing that it’s ok for IH/Dewey to use any techniques available without consequences … but when answering in almost the same way (except for the all the threats also used by Dewey). He actually admits that Dewey has a different set of rules … I would say this suits nicely as examples of  5 & 6 in the COINTEL schoolbook…

I do wish Dewey and others arguing on the contra-Rossi side would also not resort to techniques intended to undermine rational discussion. Dewey gets a lot of latitude because he is a principal. In some of the other cases the distinction between Kev’s and Sifferkoll’s behavior and theirs is one of degree and not of kind.

This is actually the same tactics as used by THH/Thomas Clarke when attacking the Lugano-report on unknowns at the time. The profile of Thomas Clarke, as we know, were before that mostly engaged in AGW promotions … and also his profile is very vague as a mid-level lecturer at some university. And now, when established, this nobody profile do not hesitate to argue both physics and law… Makes you go hmmm.

Here is one example of  Thomas Clarke / THHuxleynew making stuff up. Rossi NEVER said he was a scentist. He’s an inventor who wants the market to decide. So how can he pretend and deceive … This is an obvious example of “2 Consensus Cracking” performed by a pro. Painting the IH people on in nice colors with a bla bla evil capitalism comment. Kind of funny when Rossi is the one who believe in the market…

And firstly; look how this university teacher? somehow excels in psychology profiling.

What makes it most fascinating is that different groups can place good and evil differently. IH make an easy Evil Empire as rich capitalists – but for me Rossi wins Darth Vader as someone who misrepresents and deceives, yet pretends to be a genuine scientist. It is in my book despicable behavior, because I care about getting science right. None of that speaks to whether IH are not also baddies, but unless given incontrovertible evidence I (like many of Rossi’s early fans) tend to assume no-one deliberately deceives. IH would need to be doing that, and for what reason? It does not make sense. Whereas Rossi can just be a fantasist, and so used to telling stories he knows not right from wrong.

And about the Uppsala team and Lugano

The Swedes have shown themselves collectively to be highly unprofessional, or highly incompetent, or both. But not rotten.

Remember, this pathetic comment is made by a school teacher spending time to invent endless fraud scenarios on something he know nothing about. And he expects the Uppsala team to discuss his nonsense with HIM… Wow?

But, yes I do understand that this suits exactly into the FUD agenda and is according to the COINTEL schoolbook of mainly Topic Dilution and Consensus Cracking.

So, what kind of person would want to spend time doing something like that. Ie. having extremely ordinary nobody profiles and still spend all that work producing agenda driven articles with the aim to attack Rossi and the Uppsala team. to I don’t get it. Maybe that is me, but I suspect others are feeling the same way. There is a bad smell to it.

A nobody java-script developer … A nobody university-teacher. Turning up to trash the Lugano-report from different directions … Thomas Clarke to trash it on technical unknowns. Eric Walker to say noting very nicely to establish reputation. Only conclusion I can think of is that they both work to deliberately produce FUD in the interests of IH and their “customers”.

Eric seems to have been  working the Vortex list for some time to establish reputation. I’ve noticed the name, but since he usually takes good care to not have an opinion I’ve ignored him. Looking at it now the agenda was probably to have no opinion and to befriend both camps over there to establish confidence for future endeavors.

In 2015, at more or less the same time he produced the pointless articles he started to work the Lenr-Forum. Keeping a low profile, building more confidence. And recently when asked, he was very eager to became a moderator. He has now started to use his powers actively for the first time by keeping the forum on a tight IH/anti-Rossi track. Maybe this was the plan from the start. Who knows? These things do happen.

I could of course be wrong, and Eric could of course simply be an “useful idiot” but too many coincidences points in the direction of him being an astroturfing operative of sorts. Could be IH, could be Apco, could be something else.  The profiles are not impossible (extremely vague for an IT professional) and they do not match his actions and articles. Too weird. Too vague. My guess is that his main assignment right now is the lenr-forum, not some java-script API. Makes sense when it comes to the number of posts he produced the last 18 months or so …

Does not compute…

Unless Eric is simply working according the the COINTEL schoolbook when managing the forum. Then all the pieces magically fall into place …

6 thoughts on “Who is this Eric Walker Guy? Is he an Astroturfing Pro? Or … is He Simply an “Useful Idiot”?

  1. He’s also a of the Baha’i faith. Did you know that Abd Lomax is a crypto-salafi/wahhabi?
    Theory: might as well infiltrate religious sects when your job is being an infiltrator/disinformer

    • Not too knowledgeable about those sects.. Did know Abd is an islam convert which I guess could be a good cover on other assignments if so, but otherwise feels very alien to to me. Borderline to other authoritarian really nasty ideologies that ends with -ism… Do not like.

    • Googled that Bahia stuff. Even though somewhat friendlier than islam it also gives me the creeps. As is the case with all these authoritarian world order collective stuff. How is it possible that people engaging in these BS sects are even taken as remotely serious in these discussions about science, economics and politics. I dont get it …

  2. The thing I don’t understand about astroturfing (if this is the case, in this case) is that regardless of how much money may be invested into destroying Rossi’s reputation, it really won’t matter if Rossi produces a reactor – it will all be just money down the drain.
    If Rossi doesn’t produce a reactor, then so what, why even bother wasting resources on him? It is once again just money down the drain because he’s going to show himself to be a fraud anyway (in time).
    So, what is the ultimate end-goal of this astroturfing (if there actually is astroturfing taking place)?

    • I’d like to believe that too. Unfortunately astroturfing works. The goal being to produce FUD about LENR in general and Rossi in particular, as well as destroying the reputation of all those involved. Technology might work, but it also needs to be invested in (R&D) to be reliable and distributed /marketed. Astroturfing are applied to disrupt these areas as much as possible.Hopefully not enough

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