Do We See even more Indications of Eric Walker being an Anti-LENR Astroturfing Professional?

— Update 18/7 —

Oops. Seems my predictions were a little off. Please read Mats Lewan Interview of Rossi and the full settlement, including hilarious notes on the so called “experts” Smith and Murray 🙂 Brilliant.

Rossi got everything back including the American, Russian and Chinese markets. IH/Darden is out of the game. HUGE victory.


— original post —

First some reflections on the Rossi-IH settlement. Dewey disappearing into the void was sort of predictable. When there was nothing left to gain for him making his “thing” he launched into another unknown orbit … Hi did what he was paid for and that is all there is to it.

Abd and Jed are both a bit more complicated. They both probably believe they are doing the right thing, but on limited information – need to know basis. They have probably been played. Jed has serious problems with Rossi as a character but I think it is starting to dawn on him that Rossi and IH made some kind of deal and that the whole affair is not black and white. We will see him scale down and focus in LENR as a whole. It is already happening. His issue with Rossi are mainly personal.

Abd also seem to come to his senses to some degree after visiting Miami. I believe he is starting to realize that the E-Cat QX actually could be real (since Darden seem to do so – Abd probably noticed this in Miami when meeting him) and that it is in his best interest to adopt this possibly-real-QX point of view.

Here are some predictions on the settlement.

  • Rossi has the full IP ownership. This was the single most important issue for him and he would never leave without it. His work will belong to him.
  • IH still have some, rewritten and now bulletproof IP-wise, sort of license agreement. Probably of a geographical kind, incl some manufacturing rights and still covering huge markets. E-Cat QX is part of the deal. IH knows the QX works. There is no doubt about it.  And, of course, the technology is superior so there is no need to argue about the older stuff anymore.
  • I also believe it is part of the deal to not argue anymore about the GPT, partly to save face. It is now history and both parties will be looking ahead. The trolls that keep arguing about this are not IH people but the pure anti-LENR crew wanting to produce FUD.
  • Only minor cash changed hands, if any. Although Rossi will have a nice percentage on all future sales up to a billion or so, on the IH markets. Then normal royalties.

That’s about it. It needed to be simple to work.

And now back to the real enemies of LENR. I believe there are four major ones.

  1. Academics – the fundamental hot fusionistas. Everything they stand for is threatened. Not only funding. They will do anything to take LENR out.
  2. Business entities. Not really oil & gas per se (they are paying attention and making business plans though), but more so the AGW agenda that are more or less completely tax-funded. This funding will disappear with LENR and this whole global “green” hugely profitable political agenda is threatened. The fear of climate change is their livelihood and they will fight for it to to the end. It is a huge industry.
  3. Geopolitical concerns – mainly US government entities that want to seize control and slow everything down. In order to use the shift in a most favorable way politically.
  4. Religious entities. Oil is perhaps what makes the mid-east wheels turning more than anything. Including religious fundamentalism of the Islam kind. Maybe there are also some other religious/political entities that believe they need to stop cheap energy since it will increase freedom for individuals on every level. Increased individual freedom is rarely part of political/religious agendas. Control is everything.

So what strategy will be used. Mainly FUD and uncertainties. And as much as possible to disrupt anyone trying to take the technology to the market … and to silence those voices that reveal this obvious agenda.

They will try to stop any R&D and if not possible they will try to contain it in small controllable institutions where they control financing, and they will ensure it will make only small or no progress.

On LENR-FORUM these opinions are mainly represented by Mary Yugo, THHuxley (Thomas Clarke) and of course the subject of this post, Eric Walker. And their small army of sock-puppets … Since the IH settlement there are some signs of confusions and they need to regroup and start to criticize IH as well if it would turn out (as I believe) that they are still in the game with Rossi to some degree.

As I wrote in previous post I’ve been banned by the moderator-at-large profile of “Eric Walker” at the LENR-FORUM. Recently it seems that Eric expanded his search and is banning every account that is questioning the agenda and arguments of the other accounts there. All accounts that show somewhat similar “mannerism” as me are directly banned on “mannerism”  ie. questioning motives … (ISP and timing are also used, but since I know I use only Telia and Telenor, which are maybe the two biggest Scandinavian national ISPs with many millions of user that is of course BS. )

There seems to be no doubt anymore than Eric executing an agenda of some kind that suits the COINTEL astroturfing manual extremely well. Read this again on forum moderation.

It is important to continuously maneuver for a forum moderator position. Once this position is obtained, the forum can then be effectively and quietly controlled by deleting unfavorable postings — and one can eventually steer the forum into complete failure and lack of interest by the general public. This is the “ultimate victory.”

Depending on the level of control you obtain, you can deliberately steer a forum into defeat by censoring postings, deleting memberships, flooding, or “accidentally” taking the forum offline. By this method the forum can be killed.

However it is not always in the interest to kill a forum as it can be converted into a “honey pot” gathering center to collect and misdirect newcomers and, from this point, be completely used for your control for your agenda purposes.

One indication of this agenda is allowing the well known pseudo skeptic @maryyugo profile to post as well as allowing all possible ad-homs, defamations and attacks on Rossi. And maybe most importantly always promoting the FUD line an any argument and never allowing any discussion of the motives behind FUD postings. All these posts are redirected out of context immediately and the posters, threatened with the “mannerism” argument, suspended  or banned to keep the discussion on the LENR-PC corridor.

All this is schoolbook astroturfing. We have yet to find out though which organization Eric represents. I guess it is possible he represents himself only, but his very vague profile (that seems to exist only to make him seem to exist) points in other directions. Most probable is maybe some US gov/edu entity or some religious fundamentalist organization (the Islam/Bahia connection on EW Linkedin).

Keep you eyes open for signs … there will always be markers that reveal the operatives.


8 thoughts on “Do We See even more Indications of Eric Walker being an Anti-LENR Astroturfing Professional?

  1. This is a lot of stupid drama when a live, open, irrefutable, independent test could settle the uncertainty once and for all. It could be done black box style.

    • Unfortunately I do not think so. There is always n+1 fraud scenarios that can be invented to produce FUD. This is the truth about any so called irrefutable independent test as well. There is always the ad-hom aspect on any tester. No one is immune. Basically anyone that even hints of LENR working can be called a fraudster or deceived and will be attacked on ad-hom basis. This has been shown numerous times. Rossi knows this.

  2. Their Fud will be short lived. Once LENR does hit commercially, it will be over for them and few of us will be on the ground floor of the next world changing investment. Let them be an echo chamber, it only helps us in the long run I think. Great post SUPERKOLL! Pun intended.

    • Wow Abd, 7500 words… That is amazing. And all of it is about me, myself and me 🙂 That is a lot of attention. I’m flattered.

      Needless to say, if this isn’t proof of me being on the right track, then what is? Your postings are so incredibly transparent…

        • You are some twisted fuck Abd!!!! Hehe. Of course I’m not going to get into details about all your delusions. Too long. Simply not worth the time it takes. Have better things to do. I understand that your (or whatever) pov differs from mine, and that you got a lot of it wrong. I do have to say though, that sometimes you seem to grasp a bit, but you have a long way to go. I like that you like the song though 🙂 Although it is mine in this particular case. 🙂 Have a beautiful day…

  3. This was posted recently on LENR Forum for a short time before being being taken down completely. Wyttenbach is a fairly active poster there and mainly pro-Rossi.

    Wyttenbach · Jul 29th 2017, 2:01 pm
    Dear fellows: A year ago Jed Rotwell placed a link that pointed to an infected jpg. It showed up on the Apple macintosh using the photobook services and the hacked photosanlysisd tool. This NSA tools was clumsy as it required regular spin.dumps to collect the info gather on your PC.

    Since yesterday I know that NSA (the persons behind the alias Eric Walker) are again regularly monitoring at least my Mac. The back door they use is the apple helpd (heldp process) service where they use the plugin injection method.
    This process obviously is started/stopped by marked downloads from the LENR-FORUM. Today they marked an Alfors post.
    The backend of the NSA tool is the Akamai (Mossad/NSA cover company since more than 20 years active) distributed service layer of our LENR-forum host cloudshare.
    The backlink of my NSA connection pointed to IP own by AKAMAI (Europe)

    If you use an Apple macintosh then I recommend to kill the helpd process (over process monitor) as soon as it pops up. Further on you should block all back traffic to the subnet 2.20.*.* may be more are needed.

    I have deep knowledge about NSA trapdoors since about 18 years. The sad news I have for Microsoft PC users is: NSA has full access to all PC’s worldwide as soon as they are online – you won’t be able to notice them. MS is fully cooperating with NSA (Apple not directly..) and delivers them an encrypted service password to directly access your system. The only – cumbersome – way to block them is to build your own router using a preconfigured rasperi phi and block all IP’s related to them. This includes all MS addresses, which you must open for updates again…
    In case of questions mail me at If you don’t get an answer, then your mail was possibly captured.

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