The #LENR #ECAT @ApcoWorldwide @JonesDay #IndustrialHeat Puzzle. Putting the Pieces Together!

Updated mindmap 20/5

Added som new connections like Bill Gates, Clintons, etc. Focusing a bit more on the AGW agenda, which becomes a global non issue with LENR. At least not in the way marketed by the elite today.

Inspired by this picture from @TheNewFire blog, I made a mindmap that shows who and how some of the pieces in this puzzle could fit together. I’ll probably add more pieces later, but I post it now anyway. Enjoy!

To be clear, I do not really believe an a conspiracy per se, only that these connections exist and that these people communicate and have opinions/influence on actions in different situations. Follow the money is always good. Money tends to have influence on actions. This is why I’m mostly concerned by entities that rely on tax dollar funding like NGO’s (ie. AGW), Academia and gof course.


10 thoughts on “The #LENR #ECAT @ApcoWorldwide @JonesDay #IndustrialHeat Puzzle. Putting the Pieces Together!

  1. Great schematic! One thing I’m not clear on is: why do you think Thomas Clarke might be connected to Industrial Defender / Deep River / Weaver?

    • Not really. I used the @TheNewFire graphic I linked to as background. T.Clarke had previously worked for British Gas according to that. A little far fetched, but a connection over several steps though

      • PS – for the record:
        I have no relationship with Dewey Weaver
        I have no relationship with Industrial Heat
        I have no relationship with Woodford or his funds (except I have some money in one of them, not the one that invested in IH).
        My sole motivation here has been a mildly obsessive interest in combating untruths: specifically scientific untruths.
        I prefer to remain relatively anonymous because this mild obsession has no relationship to my work.

        • What I find most interesting with your comments is that you are the one most accomplished in JTRIG HUMINT methodology.

          I believe that you are obsessive but I dont believe it to be about “scientific untruths”. That is way to altruistic; explainations are usually more emotional like being obsessed about finding other peoples mistakes and point them out for personal gain, etc. Envy is often much stronger than greed.

          I dont rule out greed though. Could be about AGW agenda, which you shown and stated in other places. So I put you in that branch as well.

  2. Nice work!

    It’s amusing to link Tom Clarke – British Gas – Weaver, but possibly very tenuous.

    I think his natural home is next to Hody in the anti-LENR science category.

    • I put him on the AGW political agenda since he’s argued in similar ways on those issues. As I said before I beleive the “greens” to be among those that will fight LENR the most since all their tax dollar funding will vanish within a couple of years and very few of them ar in it for ideological reasons. (and I added a ?-mark on the British Gas connection)

  3. I appreciate your efforts to support , strength, and spread the education of new energy discoveries. As we are on the cusp of new era of cheap, abundant and reliable power from LENR technologies , it is an imperative we can all support , every where in the world. Regardless any misunderstanding for the same.

  4. TC said: “My sole motivation here has been a mildly obsessive interest in combating untruths: specifically scientific untruths”.

    >> But TC has been engaging in some very speculative and unscientific AstroTurfing for a long time. See this thread he started:

    TC said: “I have no relationship with Dewey Weaver, I have no relationship with Industrial Heat”

    >> Hmmm.. Are you sure about that Tom?

    TC: “IH can pay me consultancy if they want me to go discuss the finer points of it with them 🙂 I don’t volunteer that lightly, and am not looking for an extra job, but I’d do it well.” (12/05/16)

    Dewey: I miss Thomas and think that his email address has been located. I’m going to see if I can send him the “ERV” a little early so that he can get a head start on the P.R. folks” (18/05/16)

  5. Read investigative reporter Jane Mayers new book “Dark Money” & see if there is an Oil Baron connection to the LENR situation unfolding before us? They own the dis-functional Republican Party / started Tea Party with their plan proceeding since about 1970! It is a known USA consperacy that has changed our Democracy slowly & methodically to an Oligarchy form of government. One only has to look at our Congresses actions, against health care, high cost of education, minimization of central government, lower taxes for wealthy, etc!

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