Leonardo/Rossi Partnering with Hydro Fusion to Build E-Cat Factory in Southern Sweden!

Excellent news on Mats Lewans blog today. It is now confirmed that Leonardo/Rossi is planning to build production facilities in sothern Sweden, now bidding on a 10k sqm factory for an initial production of ~600,000 “QuarkX” units per year using ABB YuMi robotics. In a positive scenario we are looking for production already this year.

Mats article is full of interesting pieces of information confirming my hypothesis on IH actions and agenda.





5 thoughts on “Leonardo/Rossi Partnering with Hydro Fusion to Build E-Cat Factory in Southern Sweden!

  1. I feel very proud to tell that I am following Mr. Rossi & prof. Focardi from early begning in their experimental works on LENR. I am very glad to find from day to day the continous successful every where in the world in this regard, for the benefit of whole humanity. and this will be one of the dream of Nikola Tesla ( father of the poor peoples), who said : ” The desire that guide me in all do , is the desire to harness the forces of the nature to the service of mankind “.
    Mr. Tesla is the origin of A.C Electrical Current, and Wirless Communications.
    He said in 1926 ,” When Wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain ,which in fact it is , all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly irrespective of distance.

  2. I would do the exact same if I were a con artist who just scammed 11.5 million $ out of an investor – spend half of that money on a factory building and the other half on a costly lawsuit that would inevitably uncover my fraud.

    I guess wouldn’t make a very good con artist.

    • You’re saying that Rossi offering to give back the $11.5M and cancel the license agreement (as Mats said) is something that a con artist would do?

      I’d say that it’s closer to the reverse– it’s something that an honest man would do when he realized he’d gotten himself into a contract with someone he can no longer trust.

      To me the alleged offer to return the $11.5M and rip up the contract is a *KEY* piece of information that Mats has given us. It says that trust has broken down on both sides, that Rossi wants to terminate the contract, but that IH wants, very strongly, to maintain the contract.

      One might ask, if they want to maintain the contract so badly, why not pay the remaining $89M and then they have clear ownership of the licenses. To which, my belief is that they think that their leverage over Rossi is stronger if they don’t pay the $89M and they use that as a carrot to keep dangling over his head.

      None of that, not in any way, make me think that Rossi is the con man in this whole thing.

  3. I meant to write : I gues *I* wouldn’t make a good con artist. Obviously, I can’t speak for others 🙂

  4. I’m pullin’ for you Andrea. Be the guy that changes the world is wonderful ways.

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