The Killer App of LENR!

Lets be a bit speculative and focus for a second on what would be the absolute killer app of LENR?

I guess a Rossi style heater is a really good choice. I want one for heating my house. And eventually we will be able to connect it to a generator of sorts to get electricity and then we could also charge the batteries for an EV, etc.

But, I can imagine an even more attractive application … Consider this quote from an article by Mizuno – Confirmation of anomalous hydrogen generation by plasma electrolysis

Continuous generation of hydrogen above levels predicted by Faraday’s law is observed when temperature, current density, input voltage and electrode surface meet certain conditions. Although only a few observations of excess hydrogen gas production have been made, production is sometimes 80 times higher than normal Faradic electrolysis gas production.


Then have a look at the slides from yesterdays presentation by BlackLight Power: January 2014 – BlackLight Presentation

Do you see the connection?

You can also search the great number of verified LENR experiments producing excess heat from electrolysis, often using high voltage plasma discharge. Obviously (see Mizuno) they sometimes produce excess hydrogen as well. Although there are few reports.

So. Thinking intuitively; if it is possible to produce a large amount of excess hydrogen from plasma electrolysis in the way Mizuno describes, it could be possible to engineer a device that do this on demand in a combustion engine. Making hydrogen from water and ignite in one go, like a sparkplug!!! Much like the Stan Meyer water fuel car.

The way I see it, this would be THE KILLER APP of LENR. Every combustion engine on the planet could be relatively easy retrofitted to run on hydrogen using plasma electrolysis of water as fuel. Food for thought anyway …


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