Open Source E-Cat in a Garage?


I just found this in thecomment section of a BLP discussion on E-Catworld from the user “Justin Church”.



I was looking for updates to the BLP demonstration and was pleasantly surprised to see you guys chattering about our work with catalytic combustion of hho aka oxyhydrogen gas. You seem to have a pretty good grasp on the process. Yes we are sending raw hho, no flame into a standard catalytic converter of a car and seem to be obtaining a substantial amount of heat. A lot more heat than using an hho flame pointed at a piece of metal. We have found many similarities in this process and the so called “E-Cat” device. The heat effect works on the same principle. If you study cold fusion or LENR you will understand they are loading hydrogen into a catalyst metal structure inside the core of a reactor and obtaining an excess heat effect as the hydrogen fuses into the metal lattice to release helium or fuse with the atomic structure of the metal to trans mutate it to another, in Rossi’s case, Nickel is claimed to transmutate to Copper which releases the excess thermal energy. Blacklight Power also use HHO plasma in their reactor and the plasma bursts create electrical energy instead of heat. It is very possible people like Andrea Rossi used a catalytic converter in the beginning stages of the research to get to the point he is now. I am working on sealing up and insulating the cat over the course of the next week or two to get some baseline numbers for everyone. For the most part people have been very positive and excited but we are seeing a lot of “We Want Measurements” from the community as well. Most of these people are what I call the “Peanut Gallery” and have never built anything their-self. They don’t care about the engineering of the device and the usefulness of it unless they are spoon fed numbers. It is a very simple process to test out. Buy or build a small hho generator, inject gas into a catalytic converter, watch it heat up. The information has been out for almost a month now and there have been only about 3 or 4 of us that have actually experimented with it. We are looking for others to join in, we can not do it alone. I am working just as hard as I can to get the cat ready to go up against a standard resistive heater of the same wattage but I have to finalize the design. If we get it right, we can easily build a highly efficent forced air heater or boiler using off the shelf parts. We don’t have to wait for Rossi or others in the Cold Fusion arena to put the technology on the market. Garage Engineers are much better at taking the technology and putting it to use than some of the Corporate boys that haven’t made it out of the lab yet and their reactors are sitting in the corner with more probes on it than a hospital patient. We want to make sure everyone around the globe has the opportunity to explore the same phenomena that most of us can only read about.

I just love it! Regardless of this beeing real or not, this is the way to go. Amazing! I will follow their progress closely from now on.

There is an ongoing discussion here at the H-Cat forum.

Som videos can be found here: Youtube channel JdcProducts and channel Hydrofuelincanada (and he’s playing Panama by Van Halen in the background…like…:)