Swedish Public Radio (SR) Freelancer Marcus Hansson goes Ballistic…

I find this qoute from the new edition of Mats Lewans book quite interesting. It shows in very clear way how denial takes over and occupies the mind of a tax paid ignorant fool… (not the mention the obviously obscure mind of and paid oppinions of “science-blogger” Sylvie Coyaud). Enjoy the society we live in!

In May 2014, the scientific editorial team at SR had devoted a week’s air time to a critical examination of the story, with me as one of its main targets. The reportage focused on Rossi’s background and the sentences against him back at the time with Petroldragon (when I suggested that Rossi could have had enemies who might have had an agenda against him, reporter Marcus Hansson became quite upset and almost shouted at me that I was the one who seemed to have a hidden agenda). This, together with a claim in the reportage that Flesichmann’s and Pons’ results from 1989 were due to an erroneous measurement, and that no evidence of cold fusion had ever been presented, led to the conclusion that the involved scientists had allowed themselves to be fooled by Rossi who was probably a scammer, and I was pointed out as the one who uncritically had pulled them into the story. The French-Italian science blogger Sylvie Coyaud, who featured prominently in the story, described the first version of this book as a story where Rossi was the Messiah, and I was the prophet.

— Mats Lewan

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