Prof. Bo Höistad of the Lugano Report Endorsing Carl-Oscar Gullström papers!

Here is another quote that I find interesting from an open mind perspective.

“It is very interesting. It fits like a glove with our results, both the isotopic changes and the absence of radiation. It is the first time that I see a scenario that could explain the results—it has not existed before!” Bo Höistad exclaimed when I asked him to comment on the article. (Mats Lewan)


It really seems that there are some interesting things happening in Uppsala. Unfortunately the fundamentalistic priesthood of Pomp & Co still resides in some of the corridors…

Here are the Gullström papers:




The sad part is that they actually seem to have som influence among MSM. As Mats writes:

Their clear rejection made it virtually impossible for mainstream media to touch the subject. Furthermore Stephan Pomp repeated the allegations in personal blog posts and expressed ironic admiration for Rossi having managed to get away with his tricks for so long. In an email correspondence between him, Essén and Bo Höistad, the group’s spokesperson, the deadlock became clear. Essén and Höistad felt that they had observed experimental results that could indicate an important new phenomenon and could not understand why Pomp was so sure Rossi was bluffing; Pomp, in turn, could not understand how they could ignore the most likely explanation—that they had been cheated.


I actually believe that the monumental fundamental hybris expressed by Pomp is a very dangerous personality that put in the wrong place at the wrong time could be life threatening for a lot of people. He seem to believe that he knows more about both Rossi and the test than Höistad that participated… And some media believe he is worth listening to…  Not pretty.