Ok, So What Did Really Happen When Industrial Heat F*cked Up the Deal with Leonardo/Rossi? And Why?

“Argon” on LF came up with this scenario on what happened (and some others)

Of course if E-cat works, but Rossi becoming suspicious early and left out one ingredient/treatment from recipe he gave ‘to IH top manager who made the powder by his own hands, assembled the core and device worked’. Maybe Rossi did some treatment, to one ingredient before giving it to IH in knowledge transfer? It is almost impossible to substantiate if that secret sauce is not known.

This could maybe be the case, but the patent applications points in different directions. However I believe it could be possible IH not having the complete skillset to do what Rossi does from more of an art form perspective. I wrote about that before.

  1.  IH simply failed to raise enough money (hey it took them until 2015 until Woodford was on… before that it looks like nothing, except private money). They managed to get the $50M from Woodford but the Chinese money never hit their pockets. The complaint came as a surprise, since their plan was to keep negotiating with Rossi under NDAs to have him keep on doing research for free (and then maybe even pay him when they got enough money), for another X years as they had since the plant reached Relaigh in the first place. This looks very much as exactly what has been going on since 2013 and since it worked so far … (this is actually as nice a scenario I can come up with)
  2. IH never ever had a plan to pay Rossi for the GP test. They delayed as much as possible to be able to pocket as much IP as they could before flushing Rossi out. The plan was to hand over IP to other cheaper LENR folks (who were only paid in toilet paper/IH stock, ie no cash); Rumors are that this has been the Weaver agenda when travelling around the globe talking to people. IH knows that every possible IH investor would have questions about the IP before parting with the money; who owns it, who controls it… Especially at $billion valuations…  The reason for Woodford to invest was probably that IH guaranteed they had the “stuff”… But then came to quarkX and changed everything.
  3. IH actually didn’t care about Rossi at all. They only saw the money raising opportunity and their plan from the beginning was business failure. Other IH investments seem to have gone down that line, ie raise money from pension funds etc, flush them into bad offshore company structures and have the money dissapear.. I mean the IH people seems only to be lawyer types; fishing for tax subsidies and pension fund money, with a som type of quasi fake green agenda. Fred Zoepfl involvement supports this, with his clear Biofuel interests. Also other solar/green energy connections thru Darden et al. (see pic below)
  4. Finaly the big conspiracy; there could be power players above the IH pawns, with a plan to both pocket IP and delay. Most probable heads of this is the AGW political NGO crowd. Taxes is the biggest business in the world and tons of “important” people are counting on this to continue with AGW as the new cow to milk … Apco Worldwide involvement is the strongest indication of this, together with Darden White House POTUS visits… (pic below)
  5. maybe more…


4 thoughts on “Ok, So What Did Really Happen When Industrial Heat F*cked Up the Deal with Leonardo/Rossi? And Why?

  1. There are only one (1) lasting impression that can not be explained or otherwise provide a reasonable explanation as this case is unfolding ..and that is: DELAY.

    If IH have executed all the points as required under the contract.. this project have been been (several) year(s) into the production phase. Mr Rossi transfered several of his key employees to IH to ensure that the IP transfer was successful. As for exam they made the Lugano reactor.

    Why IH is causing the many DELAYS and why they tried to get Rossi to abort the testing is another ballgame. But I will save your time on that issue..

    The LENR situation reports and briefing available from government agencies the LENR technology is described not as “promising” or “ground-break” but “DISRUPTIVE”. The rest I lives to the readers fantasy

  2. You often talk about the AGW agenda. What do you mean by that?

    • Agree. I use it a bit sloppy. What I mean is basically the wet dream held by global corps (big banks&oil, but maybe even more subsidized alt. energy), NGOs and certainly politicians of the western world that aim to create, control and TAX energy scarcity. They do it by selling global warming (which may or may not exist, but today is a minor problem compared to the actual polltion created by the energy scarcity in third world countries.) It’s all about power and today with a “fake” green facade.

      • I see. Another angle of that are pollution trading markets. But the follow-on will be energy trading markets based on small-scale distributed energy production (solar, wind, maybe LENR). Darden has his thumbs in that pie, too, with his investments in distributed energy infrastructure.

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