More IndustrialHeat WhiteHouse Connections; AGW Agenda, Tech Policy and National Security …

Except from visiting the @POTUS on January 11 2012, Darden has been to the White House twice.

On May 1 2012 he visited Nancy Sutley:


She is a central figure within Environmental Policy. From other links it seems that she is connected to both the AGW climate agenda

Obama, in a statement, thanked Sutley for her five years with the White House, calling her a vital part of such policies as the second-term climate agenda he rolled out in June.

and to the Clintons.

She was a prominent supporter of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s primary campaign, and served as a close adviser to Mr. Davis, who was recalled and replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003.

Then, as recently as November 6 2015, Darden visited Gabriele Fisher who was an intern at the National Security and International Affairs. Hmm.


Among others these people were attending this meeting according to a comment by “Uchoads”:

According to the same website Darden also visited the White House on 6th Nov 2015. He went to two meetings apparently organised by Gabriele Fisher, a “National Security and International Affairs Intern” from the “White House Office of Science and Technology Policy”

Also in attendance (among 80 others) were:

Jeff Baran – Commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Steve Corneli – Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy, NRG Energy.
Theodore Garrish – who provides strategic compliance advice on matters relating to the export of nuclear technology.
Janet Gorn – Senior Foreign Affairs Officer at U.S. Department of State.
Mary Alice Hayward – Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation
Arthur Samberg – Boardmember of Tri Alpha Energy (aneutronic fusion)
Kristine Svinicki – Commissioner of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Kevan Weaver – Terrapower (Bill Gates’ travelling wave reactor)
Jay Wileman – CEO, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy


Also interesting to note is that JT Vaughn visited Erin Szulman at the office of Science an Technology Policy on June 16th 2015. She was formerly at the Department of Energy.

It gets even more interesting realizing that this meeting took place about the date when the first Penon report was received by IH (three months into the test).


All in all, this points to the White House being seriously involved since probably 2011 (when the first MW reactor was sold to a military customer in Bologna). I would say it strengthens my hypothesis of Darden being part of a high level scheme to control IP and LENR roll out.

5 thoughts on “More IndustrialHeat WhiteHouse Connections; AGW Agenda, Tech Policy and National Security …

  1. Hi all

    I remain of the opinion that the current hiatus in the E-Cat story may be to establish an October Surprise.

    By the way, Obama changes the head of the DOE this year and their priorities are changing from Hot Fusion to Condensed Matter research.

    Kind Regards walker

    • How do you “get” that the priorities are changing?
      Virtually all HF developments of the past 3 or 4 years fall into the category of investor-seeking based on VERY blue-sky hype with a closer horizon, which I suspect is due more to the increasing sense of urgency rapid weather disruption (I don’t care where you stand on AGW, the rapidity of increase of change in, and severity of, weather events is inarguable) than real imminence of commercialization.
      “Studying the potential” can be just another kicking of the can another decade down the road clear past the next administration. I applaud the increase in scrutiny from both the WH and Congress, but it doesn’t at all mean ANY effective action will result. At least they’re no longer completely ignoring or rejecting the subject.

  2. Most of the 167 attendees at same meeting JT Vaughn went to seem to be involved in environmental / green energy finance.

    • PS… Darden’s meeting with Obama was a 1-on-1 private affair, although other White House ‘staff’ may have been present.

  3. Hey Sifferkoll,

    I’ve read that you met Rossi recently. How was your meeting with him?

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