Digging Deeper Into the Dunghill of Dewey Weaver Deceptions?

Here is todays episode of the Weaver chronicles

Before reading this you should be aware that Dewey Weaver is a shareholder of IH and the right hand and hitman of Darden/IH. He has obviously known about the Penon report showing COP~50 since at least June ’15. Quotes are from the NCkhawk Disqus goldmine.

March 1 (starting to worry about the QuarkX, and taking the MW almost for granted and a done deal…):

Considering the pace of progress from the multitude of very credible scientist in CF over the past 25 years, it is inconceivable that Rossi is making this much progress in such short order. What happened to the E-Cat 1MW factory and all of that excitement of just 6 or 8 weeks ago? How (and why) have the gears changed this quickly? I hope it is all true but this all defies logic and has to remain in the realm of the nearly impossible until he proves otherwise.

Silicon / software progress has at times moved very quickly in a development cycle. I don’t think that Moore’s law is a valid comp to energy / thermal system development – how long have we been stuck with 35% affordable Carnot – 100 years? There is no believable way that energy / thermal systems can move from 1MW shipping container sized heat & steam systems, that may or may not work, to 100W modules in this short amount of time. Still pulling for Rossi but this is all too fantastical to be credible. It makes one really wonder what he is up to? .

March 11 (after the press release worrying about the Stockholm symposium, but still not hinting anything wrong with the MW test.):

I think that the statement from IH is interesting and informative and seems intended as a high-ground positioning move. I am wondering why Rossi hasn’t mentioned it on JNOP? Instead he has just referenced an old Darden interview with Marianne Macy that references “competitors”. His David vs Goliath Q &A also seems quite strange as well. Is anyone else getting the feeling that the Q&A narrative is contrived? I sense is that we’re moving into a very interesting and entertaining season.

Believe that at your own risk. He’s planning something big and at present I don’t like the smell or feel of anything related to Rossi. The flow of JNOP has a manipulated pattern to it – so many patent mentions, so much discussion about mass production and large scale distribution. Does that throw a flag with anyone else around here?

Mats – with all due respect, you now appear to have too much invested in Rossi and need to consider if you are interpreting developments through an overly-positive filter. What has happened to the journalist in you?

Mats – thank you for the thoughtful reply. I’m having hard time with so many people accepting everything that Rossi says these days as truth. In the history of invention, has there ever been such a maniacal period of progress in theory and application? The answer is no. Rossi may be a genius in many ways but there is no way that he can turn a 1MW steam engine that is the size of a shipping container into an electricity producing quark and solve the theory all in 3 months time (apparently all by himself). My guess is that he got busted by IH and has to break out on his own (which seems to be a repeated pattern) in order to continue whatever it is that he is up to. Again, I want to be wrong and time will tell but for your own sake, please keep your eyes wide open and continue ahead with the utmost of caution.

March 21 (getting really worried about the Stockholm symposium. Still not telling it all, maybe still believing IH having some kind of NDA leash on Rossi – more worried about contractual issues):

Mats – Is there a chance that Rossi is operating outside of agreements with IH? Have you taken into account Rossi’s history of using half-truth to suite his purposes? These things must be considered here.

For whatever reason, you are personally raising the stakes to a very high level right now. You may already be crossing the point of no return. LENR doesn’t need another high profile failure right now. You will have responsibility for raising a lot of potentially harmful hype and interest. You risk taking a lot of people down with you if you are getting tricked by Rossi. Sober up man and stop believing EVERYTHING that Rossi is feeding you! This is getting beyond ridiculous.

March 25 (now starting to spin FUD on MW test, asking for power bills!!! and no money changing hands, and stating he does not know where the installation is… yeah):

Now that you bring it up, I wonder what happened to that customer? It seems that the E-Cat 1MW project went suddenly quiet as Rossi jumped to the “Quark”. My guess is that there was no real customer and not a dime changed hands. Would love to see the power bills from wherever this installation was. I just realized that in the LENRIA 2016 calendar picture that Rossi is wearing a jacket while “listening” to his 1MW system – was it that chilly next to that system? The heat had to be huge coming off a 1MW steam generator. A heat protection suit would be needed, not a jacket to protect against the chill. He is in a golf shirt in the other picture. Look at the available evidence folks. It does not add up.

March 26 (MW trouble materializing, but still not all in … actually bashing the QuarkX against the MW test… Strange isn’t it?) :

Rossi is the one hawking patent enforcement as a co-anchor of his business strategy. While we don’t know what else he has coming or what will issue, I’m saying will not be able to reliably hang his hat on the narrow isthmus that his present patent defends. No one knows if Rossi has a working device or not except Rossi and hopefully a handful of others.

I disagree. It really would be fantastic if I’m wrong – I was pro-Rossi until it dawned on me that we may be in the process of being tricked. I don’t see how Rossi has innovated from a 1MW shipping container to a 100W “quark” so quickly. He claimed safety certification for the 1MW shipping before the start of his 1 year test. His bait, buy time and switch tactics continue. Regarding the 1MW system to the latest, that is like going from a one-off of the Model-T prototype to full scale production of a Prius and / or Leaf in 1 year’s time. It all reads as if he is up to something to me and I’m concerned about it. Cold Fusion research is just now broadly coming back to life and the sector cannot afford a big deception – that is why I am urging caution and sobriety while anticipating some trouble ahead.

To your point of too many people involved to be a scam, I interpreted the IH statement to be a sign of big trouble with the 1 year test. Very happy to be totally wrong about that though. Anyone who knows how a CF system works would be very wise to consider a trade secret / patent thicket strategy. Rossi’s public demos and disclosures have already cooked his goose in the EU regarding much of his patent strategy. He’ll find that out the hard way if his system is real.

March 30 (really worried, even though IH knows exactly what is in the report. Weaver is gaming on everybody else not knowing… leaking and going ad-hominem on Penon …):

I think we can expect things to start going downhill from here. Rossi appears to have rushed this report out two weeks ahead of his intended schedule. Something is up with that. To me, his JNOP appears to be highly manipulated with frequently planted questions and convenient answers that help Rossi shape the story. The next move appears to belong to IH. This could go asymmetrical soon.

My guess is that he is a self-employed contractor who needed some work. No self-respecting nuclear certification agency would have taken on this assignment. I think that Rossi has made a mistake by not engaging a straight forward boiler expert.

I speculate that R may have discovered that the ERV is not a true PhD.

Digging thru Frank’s archives, I wonder if this could be the ERV?
He’s listed as M Eng in Nuclear Power in an Elforsk LENR summary document in 2013.
Lots of speculation but If it is this guy – is he qualified

April 7 (after the complaint… Weaver starting to lose it):

Rossi’s E-Cat technology apparently doesn’t work and he has been busted. Its also not hard to see who has the best reputation for standing on the truth.

April 14 (still worried about Stockholm, making threats, but …):

Rossi says ERV report release is no longer necessary. I predict that he is going to bail out on Mats’ conference next.

It doesn’t matter what you think. Rossi knows that he has now become the prey The silence of the night is deafening. It didn’t have to be that way. He is making horrible moves these days and this will not end well for him.

I feel badly for Mats and know this was a difficult but correct decision.

Then as we all know Weaver started to lobby for the Penon report to be released

Regarding the Penon report, my guess is that Rossi is going to release it when he feels the need.
I suspect that IH is going to preserve their response for the court.

I do wish that Rossi would stop his prolonged bluffing and go ahead and release the Penon report.
That is the only information that he is keeping secret and don’t you wonder why?

Mats – You should ask Rossi to release the Penon report for your review. It is my understanding that IH has no need to release that document at this point in time.

And then Penon was suddenly sending IH special reports … and was a victim of Rossi …

Rossi is going to have to wait and find out what Penon sent to others prior to the “final report” in court.

Regarding your question about Penon – I’m not sure about him. He’s been Rossi’s tool for so long – it could be that this is the last time he gets abused.

And then finally a complete hero of IH. I guess this FUD is safe at the moment since Weaver assumes Rossi is not going to leak.

Penon sent draft reports to IH that Rossi was not aware of.

Rossi is terrified of the day that the “ERV” becomes public.

However as Mats Lewan stated there are confirmations on the report showing COP~50 and the only way for it to show COP~1 as Weaver/IH states is Penon being totally fraudulent. This is going the be difficult for the Weaver to spin himself out of.

Well that’s all on the Weaver chronicles today.

5 thoughts on “Digging Deeper Into the Dunghill of Dewey Weaver Deceptions?

  1. Hi,

    These set of comments are interesting, but in the broad sense come across as very reasonable ?.

    While I have seen other comments attributed to Dewey Weaver that did not impress me, this set of comments are cohesive and rationale in regard to what Andrea Rossi has been doing and claiming.

    They don’t exonerate IH from making what now appears to be appalling judgement in going to work with Andrea Rossi and paying Rossi two separate and large sums of money for working reactors. However, these comments do open the door (as some of us have already done elsewhere) as to what IH’s game plan has been in regard to raising capital based on telling investors of Andrea Rossi’s progress and success.

    Doug Marker

    • I agree. What I find most interesting is the shift in focus from the quarkX to MW test as a result of the complaint. IH were planning to negotiate with Rossi still in the NDA contract leash. But with the complaint they had to a 180 and discredit the whole thing including first going ad-hominem on Penon but then realizing they actually contracted Penon themselves … etc.

      • Sifferkoll,

        I do like your incredibly sharp focus on the oddities of peoples’ behavior.

        IMHO you have a very very sharp ability to hone in on what matters 🙂

        I do confess that I am bothered by the claimed ‘stunning’ progress that Andrea claims in LENR and how each new claim always seems to allow him to step ahead of the current or past lack of confirmation – it is bothersome.

        But IH’s apparent behavior is more than a match for any questions about Andrea Rossi and those claims that Andrea is the master of manipulation. Please keep up your ‘blow torch’ focus.

        Doug Marker

        • Thanks! I actually believe Rossi and those that have seen the progress with their own eyes don’t see this lack of confirmation. There is only a lack of public acceptance which is fueled by FUD from those inventing n+1 fraud/incompetence scenarios from second hand data. I talked to Andrea about it and this is the reason he does not see any point in aiming for those kind of “confirmations”. It is a waste of time, since there is always the n+1 factor.

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