More Deceptions and Diversions by Mad Dog Weaver – Sauna FUD and more Evidence of quarkX IP to be Core of the War!

Again I have been browsing thru the goldmine of old Weaver comments. It is striking to see that PR strategy is so clearly to drown the enemy in FUD without regarding the inconsisitencies.

First a sequence of comments that shows the initial strategy; not attacking the MW performance, but discrediting the quarkX. Some hints about “busted” but nothing about a total fraud. The explaination is of course that this was before the complaint. IH strategy was still to keep Rossi in a NDA leash, but they were certainly worried about not getting the quarkX IP before the $89M payment was due.

The trouble Weaver is anticipating is that, since they did not plan to pay, they would not recieve further important IP, which more or less makes the old IP worthless … See where I’m getting at.

The answer is no. Rossi may be a genius in many ways but there is no way that he can turn a 1MW steam engine that is the size of a shipping container into an electricity producing quark and solve the theory all in 3 months time (apparently all by himself). My guess is that he got busted by IH and has to break out on his own (which seems to be a repeated pattern) in order to continue whatever it is that he is up to. Again, I want to be wrong and time will tell but for your own sake, please keep your eyes wide open and continue ahead with the utmost of caution.

What happened to the E-Cat 1MW factory and all of that excitement of just 6 or 8 weeks ago? How (and why) have the gears changed this quickly? I hope it is all true but this all defies logic and has to remain in the realm of the nearly impossible until he proves otherwise.

I don’t see how Rossi has innovated from a 1MW shipping container to a 100W “quark” so quickly. He claimed safety certification for the 1MW shipping before the start of his 1 year test. His bait, buy time and switch tactics continue. Regarding the 1MW system to the latest, that is like going from a one-off of the Model-T prototype to full scale production of a Prius and / or Leaf in 1 year’s time. It all reads as if he is up to something to me and I’m concerned about it. Cold Fusion research is just now broadly coming back to life and the sector cannot afford a big deception – that is why I am urging caution and sobriety while anticipating some trouble ahead.



Then, as it became more important to slander the ERV and the MW test, Weaver and Jed starts to spin the sauna idea. Problem is, as you know by now, that this idea is completely taken out of the blue. No substance, only FUD… But they really tried …

To me this shows only it is a PR strategy; insert as much FUD as possible … on everything … regardless of facts … 

I’ve been wondering why somebody in this forum has not done the math around the heat output of the 1MW system that Rossi has been testing. He lived with that thing for 60 to 80% of the day and should have been par-boiled by the system heat no matter how efficient he was at transferring steam to another system. A 1MW system in a shipping container which is apparently in a confined space doing work for the customer can only be so efficient. At 24MW/day, my guess is that temps had to be 150F+ or so around that device. Did any pictures ever show a cooling system? How was it so cool that folks could be working beside it for long periods of time? Did the building have AC? In FL, it would have needed to be really beefed up to make it so Rossi could coexist with his creation.
Any thoughts on that?

Frank – I saw that and noticed that the heat from the AC cooling the workspace was also pouring into the building that also housed the 1MW reactor. What is cooling the 1MW reactor / building space? It would be roasting everyone the building without one. The AC would be no match for the heat output if it was working as advertised – it exacerbates the problem as pictured. The heat, if it truly being generated and converted to steam, has to go somewhere.

USCitizen – Rossi shows his insulation strategy in the pictures. If his COP is 6 then he is generating the approx. equivalent of burning 2+ tons of coal per day to make his 24MWh production claimed in the test. The system efficiency and heat exchange also depends on pressures which dramatically shifts system needs up or down. I’m simply saying that I don’t see that he has the engineering built in to the system in the pictures to handle that kind of heat generation. If everyone else on this board does then fine.

This is a huge amount of heat on a daily basis. In coal burning equivalent, that is close to 800lbs of coal per hour (depending on quality / heat values). Imagine the heat removal you would need to handle that kind of output. Rossi and his associates would have been baked lobsters if they just had an AC system. Perhaps that explains the rapid shift to electrical quarks. (real F1 or imagined F2).

In addition to studying power feeds, someone should do the math on the HVAC system for these buildings along with the heat dissipation requirements for a 1MW system running full out for 350 days. My guess is that you could see the resulting heat signature from space but I might be wrong about that.

Not to mention the boiling of the roof materials and annealing of the steel or aluminum structure.

You need to continue with your analysis. There were not any heat exchangers anywhere and temps inside that building would have cooked a human to medium rare in short order.

IMG_4315 (kopia)

Amazing, isn’t it?

Remember; thumb rule for sauna design is 1kW per cubic metre of WELL INSULATED sauna (no windows, closed doors, etc). The factory was probably 5-6000 m³ … so it would not be very hot at all, most heat would simply dissipate thru the simple roof into the outdoor Florida space …


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  1. Mr. Weavers comments says more about the American education system than solving any LENR issue.

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