#LENR #ECAT Saga: Dewey Weaver – a FUD Machine In Action?

Update #3 (10/5)

The spinning Weaver threatening Frank at ECW to back off.

Frank – I’m working on traffic report for you that your advertisers aren’t going to like it. You should consider cleaning up ECW and prepare for the future. While we’re at it, why same repetitive question on JNOP? Can’t you get a little more original than that or is it that Rossi uses you for filler in between points he is trying cluster together? Or are you not the author of the almost daily “how goes the QuarkX today”?


Update #2 (4/5)

Keep this in mind when reading the FUD. It’s all about deception from the JTRIG handbook.



All the slides. An interesting read.

Update #1 (3/5)

Another one … this never ends …

One last comment – it is painful to watch Rossi’s pseudo-logic and abnormal view of the world unfold thru his online comments. He really doesn’t seem to understand how many things work. He seems to have somehow convinced himself, along with many of his imaginery friends, that his invention works and that his contrived methodologies are good enough to convince others / save the world. He is only making a bigger mess and digging a deeper hole for himself. I hope that he can come to his senses and wise up before things get much worse for him. We’re talking about the “Rossi Effect redefined”.

Well, I would say that in the logic department Rossi outperforms the Weaver with several orders of magnitude. And then, finishing it off with another hint/threat.

But, as always; we should never underestimate the power of denial. Sooner or later though, he will realize who is working the shovel …


Found another goldmine of Weaver comments on the Lenr-Forum. Most of them is pure FUD and nonsense, but there are som nuggets of interest. Especially interesting is the way he tries to “talk” his way out of the License Agreement and Penon as the ERV. Have a look at this …

Next let’s move to the 1 year 1MW test. Are you saying that Rossi gets to determine whether the test was a success or failure based on the Penon report? You have no idea what has been conveyed in writing but Rossi and Penon surely do.

What is the source of the COP of 50 information?

I didn’t realize that was in the complaint. Yet another material mistake by Rossi.

I believe that the ERV claims a COP in that neighborhood.

Strange. First, he argues that WE have no idea what the ERV report says. Then, he says that HE dont know it himself either. Then it turns out it is in the neighborhood after all …

Not to mention ignoring the fact, and trying to marginalize, of the signed License Agreement that clearly states the ERV report determining success or not. COP~50 is a huge success, regardless of which dim sum lunch Mr. Weaver had …

In the murky mind of the Weaver, there is obviously a mountain of schizophrenia still hiding about the ERV/Penon issue. Soon he might realize that he can not have it both ways. We’ll see.

Here are som other comments of interest:

Frank – you need to consider other scenarios besides the storyline that Rossi is feeding you. Let’s leave at that.

Well, listening to you Weaver is sooooo much better, isn’t it? You seem like a stable guy … Right?

Have we established that Levi is a “pinball wizard”?

Wow! Ad-hominem in absurdum by hitman Weaver … I guess it’s very important for IH to discredit the Lugano team right now. Wonder why? (not to mention the team of Thomas Clarkes working on inserting technical FUD 24/7…)

 your theory is very interesting. Rossi first has to survive the hearing that determines whether his lawsuit is legit or not. What the ‘Rossi effect” actually stands for will be determined by the outcome of this court battle. I can share with you that IH is in no mood to settle right now. If Rossi decides that his long term prospects might be improved with a settlement offer then IH has been saying all along that 100 watts excess heat and a COP of 6 would be acceptable on a fully vetted system. For the record, that will not be a 1 year test using the systems and techniques invented on Planet Rossi.

Well, the 1 year test was in the contract IH signed and Penon was agreed upon as ERV. IH was in on the game from the start… Easy to forget isn’t it?

Rossi launched a concerted PR war when he filed his lawsuit against IH.
His plan was mainly a slash and burn hyper-conspiracy slant that slandered some folks but actually seems to have backfired on him. Everyone will have their own opinion there.

I guess you could feel that way when in denial, but that seems like a matter of opinion.

Nothing Rossi taught to IH worked. IH took some steps to protect IP based on public disclosures that we knew Rossi would be making. Provisionals were filed with the belief that reactors had previously worked elsewhere and with the hope they would eventually work in the IH labs. It’s funny how much focus there is on that part of the story. Offensive and defensive patent applications are filed all the time and those that don’t prove useful melt away in one click.

FUD. Again. It looks now that he’s playing IH for fools, filing stuff on hearsay… Well, I guess that is the only way to get the logic straight.

Rossi also hasn’t realized that an impeachable character puts patents at risk. He needs to hope and pray that IH doesn’t decide to put some focus and resources into that one as well.

“Impeachable character” is an ad-hominem statement and an opinion. But I guess that is the modus operandi strategy regarding Rossi, Penon, Levi, Fabiano, et al.

I’ve read the “ERV” report. It is beautiful, wonderful, sexy, exciting, stimulating, fabulous and incredible. Until you study the data……..

Oh no. More FUD …


8 thoughts on “#LENR #ECAT Saga: Dewey Weaver – a FUD Machine In Action?

  1. Good detective work.

    and, regarding this extract …

    >>I’ve read the “ERV” report. It is beautiful, wonderful, sexy, exciting, stimulating, fabulous and incredible. Until you study the data……..

    Oh no. More FUD …>>

    That line of wording is fud but also looks like laying a case for attacking and undermining what will apparently be a very good report (Weaver is actually saying so ). Then we all know when iyt comes to data, it is easy to create fud about any statistic when the statistics are about highly technical processes.

    The story coming through about Mr Weaver is not unlike the story of Mary Yugo. Yugo has been posting non-stop for 4-5 years to discredit LENR and Andrea Rossi. I am in no doubt at all after much interaction with someone who claims to be Yugo, that anti-LENR was always the primary agenda and attacking Andrea Rossi made it easier because of his background and his somewhat eccentric mannerisms.

    The other conclusion I reached (but need to say I don’t have 100% proof – just 5 years of observation) is that Mary Yugo (aka Al Potenza, aka George Hody), may be a ‘brand name’ that relies on the writing of several operatives. The volume of posts over 5 years seems way beyond a normal person.

    There is a clash in style between the very early Yugo posts (excellent prose and very logical and also back then, *very persuasive*) to the current stream of posts under that name that contain personal attacks, ad-hominems and downright vicious bile. These are often posted under the name Mary Yugo at ‘ecat news’, mostly in the past few months and immediately after the ERV Report.

    Yugo had been banned from ecat news (and over time from many other energy forums – reason obsessive and one-eyed posting) but Yugo apparently took on the name Al Potenza to post at ‘ecat news’. Al Potenza stated in that forum within the past 2 months, that he had asked the admin to finally let him post as Yugo again and that was granted but Mary Yugo today has none of the eloquence of the Yugo from 2011, 2012 and 2013.

    However, I find it very very difficult to accept that Mary Yugo is one person. More like a franchise brand used by a group set on undermining LENR and primarily by attacking Rossi starting back in 2011. If one were to count the post rate and longevity of Yugo’s posts, it seems either ‘irrational, and/or ‘obsessive’, and/or more than one person. The total way well approach or even exceed 10,000 posts in all the forums and other places the name Mary Yugo appears when attacking LENR/Rossi.

    There are several other very suspicious posters who often come across as perhaps being Al Potenza/Mary Yugo but using added aliases to create the impression of a group of like minded people. We know Yugo and Potenza are aliases. The tactic is a well practiced one by ‘agents’ seeking to force a view.

    So Weaver is a new boy on the block but appears now to be specifically anti Rossi.

    Doug Marker

    • Correction:

      “The total way well approach or even exceed 10,000 posts in all the forums and other places the name Mary Yugo”

      should say

      “The total way well approach or even exceed 10,000 posts in all the forums and other places the name Mary Yugo/Al Potenza (let alone any other aliases) “

      • “The volume of posts over 5 years seems way beyond a normal person.”

        The operative word being “normal”…

        I’m suprised you think of the Artiste Formerly Known As Geroge Hody as being eloquent. His repetitions, facile insults and masturbatory humour are all suggestive of a limited intellect.

        • Uchoads,
          The early posts were IMHO, very eloquent. (whoever was posting them). I am talking of his early public posts back in 2011 and 2013.

          But when it comes to the past 2-3 years, this entity (maybe 1 person but I doubt it) has a mouth that rivals the most poisonous of creatures with its bile, vile and venom. A single-minded propaganda machine. Quite in contrast to the actions of the ‘gary wright’ an entity who appears to have psychological problems (pathological obsessiveness being a starting point).


  2. Regarding ‘Team Clarke’…

    Between the 6-13th April, T. Clarke averaged 34 posts per day. Many of them lengthy.

    You do the math…

    • Makes me wonder if an earlier version of this was at work back in 1989 with the initial breakthrough.


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