#LENR #ECAT @ApcoWorldwide Saga: Jed Rothwell – Transforming Into a Primary IH Spinner or Simply Lost in Emotions?

In an unusually long thread on Vortex-L Jed Rothwell is defending Industrial Heat furiously against Rossi using mainly “Rossi says” vs. “IH says” arguments. That is interesting from a psychological perspective, but one quote caught my attention first.

I am not quick to judgement. I heard many months ago that the I.H. and
Rossi disagreed about the calorimetry. They did not say why.

This sounds a lot like Mr Weaver spinning about something happening October/November when things started to get out of hand for IH in their relation to Rossi. To me it is not a coincidence. As you know this was the same time IH started to line up competitors like Brillouin and Lenuco in their stable and Rossi started to get suspicious about their intentions. This was probably the time when Rossi realized that IH was not going to pay him the $89M regardless of ERV results

Obviously Jed was included in the IH spinning at that time. He was not convinced though, since he agreed to participate in the Stockholm symposium by Mats Lewan as a speaker.

or …

Did he know this all along? Was he part of a setup? Was he actually a trojan horse used to cancel the Stockholm symposium? Many indices points to this being a priority on the IH (maybe even Apco) agenda. Darden travelling to Sweden to insert FUD and  “hints” is another dirty one. Why on earth would IH/Jed care if it took place, especially if they thought the Penon report was so bad? The use of personal hints/threats in mails and forums towards Mats (and me!!!) to back off, certainly hints their malicious intent.

Then on March 10 I.H. issued the press release, and I knew they & Rossi had
not reconciled. I thought "it's over now." I spent a few weeks trying to
convince Mats to cancel the symposium, which he finally did when it become
apparent Rossi would not release the report.

Then came the complaint. And suddenly the vague press release became very explicit. Jed was briefed the following:

"Industrial Heat has worked for over three years to substantiate the
results claimed by Mr. Rossi from the E-Cat technology – all without

I asked them what that means. They said it means the machine did not
produce excess heat.

Well. If this is so obvious, why do not IH write it themselves and make it official? Because it has to be deniable of course … Since it is not the truth … IH is playing Jed for a fool or worse, threatening him in some way. Since personal hints and threats are plentiful (even against me), this is not too far fetched I guess.

The threat hypothesis became even more probable reading Jed’s comments om different forums, even here on this site. Something scary had happened. For several years I’ve known Jed to be rational, allthough I realized that he did not “get” the Rossi personality, he was generally open minded and fact orientated.

Because I know about Rossi. I have spoken with people who tried to deal
with him, and offered him millions. He refused to do a simple test to get
the money. This happened on at least three occasions to my knowledge. Not
counting the 1-year failed test he did for I.H. He is either incompetent,
crazy or a fraud -- or all three. I can't tell what his problem is.
You are completely wrong. Everything I say is based on facts.

Suddenly he became totally lost in emotions. And he do not even realize it!

The ERV is Penon, who is a certified idiot.
> Talking about the validity of the E-Cat technology, Fabiani continues:

I don't believe that guy either.

Is he an employee of I.H.? I doubt it, but if he is they should fire him.

Rossi's blog is not a reliable source of information.


Wow! You see where I’m getting …

Again, trying to deny facts. Fabiani has been contracted by IH for more than two years. And the information did not come from JONP, but from an interview by Mats Lewan.

Bob Cook wrote:
> I think I understand why you believe NASA the Navy and elsewhere, as well
> as the venture capitalists—they have spoon-feed you.  Most of them are the
> same government/energy village, not unlike the “nuclear village in Japan,
> that has tried to discount the LENR technology development for the last 27
> years at the great expense  of civilization  IMHO.

Oh give me a break. That's such nonsense. Such unfounded, ignorant
bullshit! You have no idea what you are talking about.
Do you think I was born yesterday? I can judge people and judge facts

Facts maybe, people – no way. If the person analyzed does not fit in the Jed box emotions takes over and Jed is clearly loosing it.

And here, the business side of it, which I have covered before. 

I.H. will get nothing out of the deal. No intellectual property. Nothing.
Because they did not pay the $89 million. If they actually thought it
worked, why would they turn their backs on it now, and write off the $11

There is no intellectual property in any case, because the gadget does not

As I said. The not paying/discredit Rossi strategy fits extremely well in a scenario well suited for IH

Finally; Jed has been pushing his calorimetry knowledge for ages, but when it comes down to it his primary argument is exactly the same as the damaged Mr Weaver. …

Not a chance. Just looking at the facility you know there cannot be a 1 MW
heat source in it. It would cook everyone in that part of the building.
That is enough heat for 100 dry cleaning machines. You couldn't fit that
many in such a small area, never mind operating them.

Hmm… Scientific …


9 thoughts on “#LENR #ECAT @ApcoWorldwide Saga: Jed Rothwell – Transforming Into a Primary IH Spinner or Simply Lost in Emotions?

  1. If what Jed and IH say are true, then the remedy to the lawsuit should be simple (and it should result in a quick, out of court settlement):
    –> IH pays nothing more and IH releases ownership of all IP and exclusive licenses back to Rossi/Leonardo (essentially, all parties agree to rip up the contract).

    – If IH truly believes it doesn’t work, they lose nothing (in giving up the IP & licensing) and they save the $89M.

    – If Rossi does truly believes that it works, and that it produces a COP of 50, then the IP and licensing reverting back to him are worth much (MUCH!) more than $89M.

    However, I have the strongest feeling that things really aren’t that simple.

  2. As much as I enjoy your blog and hope Rossi is the real deal. I have always found Jed Rothwells judgement to be pretty close to the mark.

    • I agree. That is why I’m worried. It is not like him at all to call people idiots, frauds, crazy, etc. turning irrational/emotional.

      • Interestingly, I have noticed the same odd ’emotional’ behavior coming from Brian Ahern. In fact it got so bad at Peter Gluck’s Ego Out site, I challenged him on why he was choosing to post emotional rants versus commonsense science. He never responded.

        My own view of the Ahern case has been that some external factor outside arguable scientific logic, is driving his particular anti-Rossi ‘agenda’. Strange to be seeing Rothwell exhibiting what seems worse behavior.

        Rossi certainly brings out an intensity from opponents that seems to defy the situation. There is nothing that Rothwell or Ahern have said that convinces me to believe their POVs.

        Doug Marker

      • I agree. For years, I have held Jed in very high regard as a most knowledgable voice of reason in the LENR community. This is why his recent descent into ad hominem and prejudice seems so disturbing.

        That said, in his comments he always showed a tendency to hold a very strong opinion – almost black and white – once he made up his mind on a certain issue or person. See his comments on Defkalion and some LENR researchers who fell out his favour.

        Assuming someone has followed Jed’s comments as closely as we have, and now wants to spin this story on behalf of IH, he would know about this personality trait and could possibly exploit it for his purpose.

    • I dont really get it! Are you refering the the specific comment on Clarke and his pinball machine knowledge? That is hilarious, I know … 🙂

  3. My comments never pass the administrator..

    In February I stated that the Stockholm symposium would be cancelled and Rossi would not release any report. This was several weeks before the law suit was filed.
    Am I a prophet or an expert in LENR and have observed Rossi for the past seven years.

    • And … ???

      I only know you seem to have some issue with Rossi as a person. Probably (and hopefully) the same way as Jed; simply not understanding him.

      As for the symposium and the report both IH and Rossi could have released the report at anytime. Neither opted to do so, for different reasons, which I covered on this site. The most interesting fact being the change in attitude from IH after the symposium was cancelled; then they wanted Rossi to leak the report, but did not do it themselves, even though they could. … Strange isn’t it?

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