Holmlid ICF patent: 95g of D will produce 9 GWh per year

I find this passage in the patent really interesting as well.

… These studies yield a pulse energy around 1 J at break-even. In our experiments, break-even is indeed observed at 1 J pulse energy. From break-even to an energy gain of 1000, a further factor of at least 4 in laser pulse energy is required. We conclude that the available information agrees that useful power output from nuclear fusion in ultra-dense hydrogen will be found at laser pulse energy of 4 J – 1 kJ. Such a pulse energy is feasible.

[0066] At a rate of one carrier foil per second carrying 3 [micro]g ultra-dense deuterium giving fusion ignition, the energy output of a power station using this method is approximately 1 MW. This would use 95 g of deuterium per year to produce 9 GWh, or one 5 liter gas bottle at 100 bar standard pressure. By using several lines of target carrier production, several laser lines or a higher repetition rate laser, the output of the power station can be scaled relatively easily.