Mats Lewan on E-Cat and Rossi: An Impossible Invention

Mats Lewan has written a new book about the E-Cat and Andrea Rossi story. Interesting insider insights. No doubts.


The other story in the book is about how people relate to the unknown, to the mysterious, to the improbable and to what we believe is ‘impossible.’ The story of how new ideas are accepted or rejected, of whether one is curious or uninterested, open-minded or prejudiced. -Mats Lewan


And from an interview in ECW.

Personally, this is absolutely my personal assessment, I’m quite confident that it works. Of course I couldn’t prove it; I could be wrong; but for me there are so many factors supporting the idea that it works, that I actually think it does. Still, I got an email from a nuclear scientist today that told me that he was absolutely convinced that it’s just a fraud. But the funny thing is that most often, those people who know that it’s a fraud, they have never been close to it and they have never been interested to look into it — they’re just convinced. – Mats Lewan

As you know from previous posts I find the above really interesting….

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