First Hand Information from Visitors of the Industrial Heat E-Cat Customer!

I know first hand from very reliable sources that themselves have visited the Rossi/Industrial Heat E-Cat customer that the plant works very well. This has been verified both by measurements made by the customer and by significantly reduced electricity bills. The plant seems to be able to produce heat from electricity with a COP in the range of 20-80 depending on the level of self-sustain-mode applied. I guess that is what Rossi is working on right now.

The implications of COP in this range is of course nothing less than … revolutionary … “a tipping point” to quote Tom Darden

This is a good day!


9 thoughts on “First Hand Information from Visitors of the Industrial Heat E-Cat Customer!

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  2. LENR dreamers are a happy bunch. Reality does not concern them.

    I believe very few of them will ever wake up, so this hilarious mass psychosis will continue.

    Keep it up, some entertainment value is still left.

    • Well, since I obviously know a lot more than you about this, it’s kind of funny that you keep coming here, home to me, ranting about your pathetic psychotic dilusions …

      • whois leads to

        Looking into the history showed relations to Finnland’s nuclear Safty Authority. If you look into the nuclear fission field, the ties between industrie and regulatory body are rather sick, at least in the USA. Don’t know about finland.
        But at least it shows that he has some ambition towards physics, but what shall I say, they are often the worst. They have half knowledge about this field and don’t see all the problematic parts and are therefore so utterly convinced that the whole theory is right, that you will not get any change through logical argumentation. There is no critical thinking towards the standard model on their side and therefore everything that contradicts this can not be.
        Half a year ago I thought the Big Bang Theory is a feasable theory now its bollocks for me. Thats life and if you stick to your theories and models you are simply stuck in progress. I don’t care about what those people think anymore, they where wrong then and will be wrong in future 🙂
        He is one of those guys:

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