A Quick Comment on Tesla Powerwall and Off the Grid Power – And The Killer App of LENR…

Elon Musk of Tesla recently anounced the 10kWh Powerwall. I like it. It’s beautiful and useful, and it’s a development in the right direction, It’s not unique in any way, and not very cheap either (more or less the same as existing tech, see pics below), but a lot more pleasent to watch …

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My comment is about where the power comes from. And I know about this stuff. For almost ten years I’ve been using solar to power a 12kWh battery unit for my cabin in the archipelago (pumping water, desalination, dishwasher, TV, computers, fridge, etc.). It works fine but solar is simply not enough here in Sweden. In the summer maybe, but not otherwise. No way. I use the diesel generator way too much.

And I believe Elon Musk knows about this. He knows about LENR (through Carl Page/Rossi among others – since years). It’s a prerequisite of his investments in the powerwall product. Solar and wind is simply not enough in most places where it is not pleasently hot most of the time. Combined heat and electrical power to be stored in a powerwall from LENR is the way to go. Everywhere. It will enable loads of people around the globe to get completely off the grid. And these people, like me, is a huge market.

On another note. The killer app for transportation will be E-diesel the way Audi/Sunfire/Climeworks does it combined with LENR. It uses HTE (high temperature electrolysis) and synthesis to produce E-diesel from water and CO2 (in the air). This E-diesel will be dirt cheap using LENR in the future since most of the energy from HTE is through heat. A killer App – nothing less. Please meditate on it. It’ll change everything.


4 thoughts on “A Quick Comment on Tesla Powerwall and Off the Grid Power – And The Killer App of LENR…

  1. How exactly do you dream 10kWh of power is beyond my undertanding. But so are many other things.

    I guess imaginary technologies are amongst those mysteries.

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