Eric Walker of LENR-FORUM is not Feeling Comfortable After the Rossi Demo – Acting like a Religious Fundamentalist

— Update 26 Nov —

A comment about astroturfing.

Since the low costs involved and since there is an enormous potential upside present for some entities I believe it is a very safe bet it is happening.

  1. The Academics, primarily the hot fusionistas. For obvious funding for their research the coming 30 years or so is on the line – We’re talking billions of dollars.
  2. The Greens and to some degree politicians in general that have spent many years building an opinion, funding and careers on the illusion of scarcity when it comes to energy. And of the taxation of it, including the AGW agenda, global taxation initiatives, etc.
  3. US military entities increasingly worried that they will not get the upper hand on this technology. They want it to difficult and it is not in their interest it being available quickly and everywhere. Entities like SPAWAR, NASA has obviously done research the past 25 years in the dark (with results, but probably not yest anything working). So it is safe to say they are watching.
  4. Industrial Heat. Definitely  during the trial, but less so now I guess since they have other things to tend to. Unless they are involved in no 2 or 3 above which is not entirely impossible.
  5. Oil producers locally (mideast etc). But not really the big corps. They are owned mostly by the taxpayer and they will survive fine adjusting to new realities. Neither the banks who will mostly benefit. Read my report here: blackswanascending

My suspicion is that the two main astroturfers is Eric Walker and Thomas Clarke, aka. THHuxley/THH.

  • They both entered the scene by publish a type of semi-professionally looking article; Thomas Clarke by inventing fraud scenarios and trashing the Lugano Report and Eric by doing some pseudo stuff on the LENR (isotopes I sort of remember). Both having a clear agenda to make FUD and discredit the Lugano team and the gain some credibility.
  • They both have what looks like “fake” profiles difficult to research but made to look somewhat real. Thomas as a mid range lecturer on a collage/university (US) in electrical engineering or something and Eric as a mid-range java-script free-lancer/developer (US) with extremely unspecific LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.
  • They are both very careful when it comes to actually stating fraud and other criminal activities themselves but are doing everything they can to nurse an environment where other handles and sock-puppets are doing it.

If you want to know for sure you should keep your ears open to those calling the analysis above a conspiracy theory. All you have to do is reconsider the costs involved and money being protected … One year of delay achieved is worth billions in taxpayer funding to some of these entities.



Well, it happened again. Thrown out of LENR-FORUM for pointing out the obvious. After the demo yesterday the opposition have accumulated some energy for another crusade against Rossi. Mostly they fall into the trap and argue that Rossi failed to show any convincing evidence, etc. They do this even though it was stated from the beginning that the demo was not intended to do so. They absolutely want it to look like it was a failed test.

They fail to recognize that it is not important (and impossible) to to convince them. And they fail to realize that Rossi knows this. And they fail to realize that they do not matter at all for the objective Rossi wants to achieve, which is to show current and potential partners the technology. Simple as that.

And here. From the forum:

Two factual comments about his pathetic arguing made him ban me. Obviously he didn’t like the comparison when using statements like “obvious” and “truth” to similar statements made by religious fundamentalist.  This I find interesting …

And he obviously don’t like when I stated that  Rossis objective is clearly not to show him it works (which he keeps on arguing as a default.).

Also arguing against FUD made by different anonymous handles/sock-puppets is awarded by being moved out of the flow of comments to the “clearance zone”… Like it is absolutely ok to make FUD (on what is Rossi intentions, etc) on simple factual statements made by Rossi (like the location of the demo) but when I make a remark on this despicable behavior I’m censored within a minute … go figure …

As a side note; in the picture above Eric is also licking the a** of his MaryYugo pet (or if is the other way around, who knows ) when he is  making seriously degrading comments regarding the physical appearance of G. Levi.

I guess everyone has to draw their own conclusions but mine are that Eric is put on a mission with certain objectives that has nothing to do with objectivity. It is all about pushing an agenda from his moderator position.

Astroturfing live it is. Eric is #6 in the manual.

Always worth watching if you have not already.


2 thoughts on “Eric Walker of LENR-FORUM is not Feeling Comfortable After the Rossi Demo – Acting like a Religious Fundamentalist

  1. How can Eric Walker ever become a moderator on a LENR forum when he is a LENR denier? When a high level astroturfer like him is full time moderating a low level discussion forum about LENR, you know for sure that Rossi’s technology is real.

    • Prior to becoming a mod Eric has been nursing a neutral handle in order to be accepted by both side. He has been careful not to express any opinions. Because of this he was asked to become a moderator. He then swiftly brought in MaryYugo etc (who is probably not professional but a dependable angry troll) and Thomas Clarke/THH (probably a pro since he like Eric carefully avoids getting into emotional discussion – but nevertheless hints fraud in every other post). Add to that another 5-10 exchangeable anonymous handles engaging in psudo discussions to flood and FUD the subject.

      Since this is the most frequently used forum (apart from ECW – curiously attacked before the demo – I bet Eric knows a lot more than he ever going to tell about this) it is a very low cost effort that keeps the uncertainties about Rossi alive. This FUD scares most other more unbiased reporters away. They want to keep those dependent on their reputation and the “system” away.

      These people for sure the E-Cat is real – And I believe there are two groups involved in this story – Firstly hot fusion lobbyists (with the same agenda that brought F&P down 25+ years ago), and secondly US gov entities (mil) that want to avoid that the tech gets into the wrong hands to quickly. Spending a couple of $100k’s on trolling is nothing in that regard.

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