Andrea Rossi E-Cat QX Demo in Stockholm Results = COP ~550

Probably write more later. Here are some initial pictures from the demo at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) in Stockholm.

According to measurements made by Mr Hurley a COP of 244 was achieved with power applied 3/7 (3sec ON, 4sec OFF) of the time resulting in a COP ~550.

As everyone can easily understand this is absolutely revolutionary on every level of this society; from everyday cooking in Africa to geopolitics and macro economy.

It changes everything…

14 thoughts on “Andrea Rossi E-Cat QX Demo in Stockholm Results = COP ~550

  1. Thank you for the better images.
    Pity that the lenrforum has deteriorated to little more than negative speculation. The truth will out in the end.

  2. When would be the live streaming of the demo?
    nothing is seen in the link given

  3. Why is Rossi wearing a wig? Just another of his cover ups I guess…

    A pocket-sized Powerbox, not only makes the energy industry and mainstream physics tremble, but also this expensive, resource-consuming transmission industry.
    He has entrusted us with two important secrets. He has communicated the use of what elements he used for the plasma, once again lithium is with it, which has often provided for energy surprises. He did not tell us how these materials are put together.
     He uses a high-precision high-frequency direct current, which he switches at slow intervals, which resembles a rhythmic swinging swing.
    For this high-precision current input, he must still use a commercially available device, or he uses the same device with which he operates his large equipment. He emphasizes, however, that this performance could also be reduced enormously, but that specialist technical electronics experts would have to be consulted.
    At some point you end up with a cell phone sized device which can fire a wireless hot air dryer, or heated clothes. What a big step towards autonomous consumers, towards more emancipation of individuals, who then no longer depend on the cable of a disaster industry. Away from the CO² release, which is well known to do after the current energy generation, the atmosphere once more the hundredfold warming.
    Once again, Rossi credibly emphasizes that this is not a classic nuclear fusion, because no radiation and fusion waste would occur. He even doubts that the previous calculations of nuclear energy are correct. He is pursuing a completely different theory which radically puts an end to many highly decorated performances and therefore he is not ready to speculate, only when such a very different point of view is in every detail consistent, then he would put it out. Presumably, he also came to the conclusion that a variable inertia is the other, equally important side of the one energy medal.
    He gives the hint that the individual theories should be set up faster and also more radically rejected.

    Rossi does not like complaining, as does many Free Energy developers, and says that it would only require a small additional supplemental therm in the formulas that would save school physics. He does not rant about zero-point energy, space energy and other great concepts, all of which have the catch, that they ultimately say nothing.
    Since he is just on the side of the makers, like Tesla indeed, which must not impress by lightly brought explanations. Such figures have dazzled the eyes of science and now you can not get rid of these desinformers, because they were long ago sanctified.
    Since he has thrown the school physics a chunk on which they can swallow, or have to ignore him. This shows us once again clearly, what are bound for energy eunuchs in our empire bred.

    • Tieni presente che il LITIO è uno degli 84-101 oligoelementi del plasma-sangue e che le nostre micro-cellule-mitocondri-DNA-mRNA, sono delle micro-centraline nucleari , a produzione di energia pulita, a temperatura corporea che, con la presenza di minerali e, principalmente di Oligoelementi, a Livello di Ioni-Atomi, da elementi catalizzatori, in sinergia sono gli attivatori di tutti gli ENZIMI e, questi ultimi dei produttori esponenziali di energia pulita, tanto più elevata, quanto più equilibrati-presenti son tutti i Minerali-Oligoelementi e, la Natura, è così perfetta che in caso di squilibrio, tramite il fenomeno alchemico naturale, detto ” TRASMUTAZIONI-ELEMENTI” RIESCE A RENDERE FUNZIONALE LE MINI CENTRALINE-MITOCONDRI E, quando la carenza di Minerali-oligoelementi, diventa eccessiva, anche il fenomeno di trasmutazioni tende a mal funzionare, fino alla morte cellulare !! e, da qui, la importanza-vita-cellula di Minerali-oligoelementi.

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