Will #IndustrialHeat choose Not to Release the 352 day 1MW #LENR report? In that case, Why?

I’ve been reiterating the IH PR letter and it is obviously extremely carefully worded aimed at several entities. As I wrote earlier, it’s i a broader sense directed to the overall community to raise LENR credibility and to fend of the pathoskeptical cult in particular.

But there are more to it. As I said, this paragraph gives credibility to earlier third party tests, ie. the Lugano Report team, but also refers to the present 352 day ERV report. They want somebody to know that they are in control …

We value credibility through sound LENR research. That’s why any claims made about technologies in our portfolio should only be relied upon if affirmed by Industrial Heat and backed by reputable third parties who have verified our results in repeated experiments.

And I believe that this somebody could be very specifically Rossi/Leonardo. Because no one is even close to benefit as much from the ERV report as Rossi and Leonardo. This IH knows.

Following the JONP blog it is clear that Rossi is NOT in control of the EVR. He does not decide if and when to release it. Rossi has been very clear on that he is now working for Leonardo, not IH. He has also been clear on that Leonardo plans to start manufacturing in both US and Sweden.

rossi_leo4 rossi_leo3

And he is also clear on that, even though he knows the result of the test, his credibility is limited compared to IH.





IH knows, that even though they might benefit from a release (or maybe not), it comes with a serious downside; loosing control over the Rossi know-how, which is as close as IP as they have. Rossi on the other hand clearly boosts his plans to work with Hydro Fusion building a factory in southern Sweden.


So we have a standoff; Rossi has the IP and wants to pursue other goals than spending time in a container. IH has the credibility and controls the report. They are negotiating …

Putting it all together I believe it looks like this:

IH are holding back because:

  1. They value the information advantage. Although this one is not new. Still, there is no product in the market yet. It is work in progress, and the less other entities know, the better for them.
  2. They are negotiating continuation of the Ecat series with Rossi and rights to the technology. We dont know the fine print between “manufacturing” and “know-how”. Rossi comments supports this thesis by suggesting delays.
  3. To keep Rossi in line. Releasing report would boost his credibility enormously, possibly leaving IH for Leonardo/Hydro Fusion to build a plant in southern Sweden, with his core innovation team and know-how. That would move focus from IH as main LENR player to Leonardo who has the IP. Ie. not good for IH investors; they certainly would like IH to have more control over IP than they have. Rossi comments support this thesis also. As well as IH letter stating only they themselves are credible.
  4. Maybe there is an issue with the ERV entity. Especially if the COP is really good. The downside is huge and upside limited. Negotiations going on here as well?
  5. They realize that regardless of ERV report there will be multitude of attacks also on IH stating fraud/scam. The better/longer report the more attacks. It’s easy to invent scenarios of fraud, not having to prove them. Harder to prove oneself innocent. This thesis is also supported by the IH letter.

It makes business sense to me. Hopefully Rossi, who benefits the most from a release and is in the loop can put enough pressure on IH to release it anyway. A summary would be nice 🙂 Actually I think less is more in that case, leaving less for the pathoskeptic cult to fantasize about.

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  1. I think ROSSI has the main cards in his hands . He has the know-how and the IP and can repeat the same test again via Roger Green in Australia, Japan, Korea or whoever the customer comes to his door.

  2. Trying to put fence on your land is probably the stupidest act when your are pioneer of Western Frontier with billion of acres to dig and one shovel.

    This will be good for competitors.

  3. Additional factors of the negotiating balance:

    Rossi has indicated that the next test will be in England for the E-Cat X constructed with quarks if memory serves me. England is the territory of HydroFusion and Woodford (deep pockets) Investment Management.

    Also, it has been mentioned repeatedly that Rossi’s character is based upon the long distance runner who set a 24 hour distance record. Simply put, Rossi has an extreme competitive sense and personal persistence. He is no longer so focused by his 18 hour days and is now resting up.

    So if Tom Darden thinks he can out compete Rossi by applying UNWANTED pressure upon Rossi, I think he is deluding himself. IMHO, if he goes to that extreme, he very likely will be pushed to the putz/enemy column by Rossi . . . just as Rossi did with Defkalion.

    With this in mind, I believe the notion of division leading to a Win-Lose situation is poor strategic negotiating move. That points to the negotiating strategy of Win-Win with Rossi and Darden focused upon the common goals.

    • Agreed. Let’s hope that the competition remains a friendly one. The world needs both IH and Leonardo as far as I can see.

  4. Hi all

    It is all down to the negotiation.

    Rossi wants a bigger share. IH want IP protection. Somewhere in the mix is an agreement. Time for them both to have a sit down, eat dinner, while the lawyers argue in a different room, and for all parties to realise they will all be phenomenally rich; if they do not screw it up at the last hurdle.

    Time to deal.

    Kind Regards walker

  5. If they were smart they should have built a few units by now and have them ready to sale the moment they put out the year long report along with any required certifications. I would have a big press release with a demonstration like an Apple product release. To bring credibility to the technology I would have already been talking to people like Elon Musks, Bill Gates and whoever I could get to take a look at the product and have them at the release. At the release I’d show the evolution of the product and the manufacturing facility where the e-cats Industrial Heat products are being manufactured. I have the “Customer” make a comment on the new technology. Then I’d lay out the plan for how the technology will be introduced to the market. On the same day I’d have a brand new website up and ready to take orders for a limited amount of units.

  6. People need to embrace the failure chasing Rossi right now. IH will be making excuses for him for years to come. There is no ERV entity.

    • I guess it is entirely possible that no ERV entity emerges for several reasons as I stated above. In case of failure though, I’m certain that those are not about the validty of the 1MW E-Cat (it works), but the failure of IH to secure IP and know-how.

      So might have reached the correct conclusion, but for the wrong reasons.

  7. So many have preceded… so many have replicated. Others are replicating with a slight twist, change of ingredients, excitation method, etc.

    The low energy nuclear reactive environment is not a narrow band set of physical phenomenon. Many methods to capture energy market, transformational.

    By the time A Priori patent war is resolved… market share will be determined.

    A Priori

    Simple Definition of A Priori

    :relating to what can be known through an understanding of how certain things work rather than by observation

    Full Definition of A Priori

    1a : deductiveb : relating to or derived by reasoning from self-evident propositions — compare a posterioric : presupposed by experience

    2a : being without examination or analysis : presumptive b: formed or conceived beforehand

    LENR NRNF is moving ahead no matter what what Rossi or IH does.

    Joannes Van Den Boagert can clam A Priori, from 1989, against the Rossi patent.

    Nothing much matters at this point except capturing market share…
    snooze you loose…

  8. Having raised research money for P&F in 1993, my up close view/speculation is that Tom Darden appears to be unimpeachable intellectually, ethically and “globally”. He was however initially rejected by Mr. Rossi including a Host of others Far richer. He called TD back because at that time because, “the long distance runner who set a 24 hour distance record”, tasted his limits and converted with his last breath to a relay-race to avoid the damages he survived due to the great other success of his Italian waste-to-oil factories. His ThermalElectric disappointment was soo similar to most efforts in that very difficult science of coaxing opposing forces to harmonize (such a perfect set of preparations for becoming what he is). The negotiations with TD were protracted precipice after precipice and rather than giving up, he knew better than most men; there would be another day.
    That day is now and for all good reasons all will, as one man sees it, go well.

    You will recall that Mr. Rossi was all about preventing the Chinese from stealing the ball and then the first thing TD did was to observe that if the problem is co2, you do China first and you do it with hotness not a regulatory nightmare like a consumer device – thus the Banner, “INDUSTRIAL heat”; elementary!

    The parties knew then as they do now that “owning” CF was absurd. Keeping it from being taken away from the world, was the way forward. These men remind me of those at the beginning of the formation of the solar energy industry, remarkably strong on green- no opportunist need apply. Mr. Rossi is often seen to be a fool only because we have so little experience with such people. Mr. Rossi is an art lover and borrowing from opera when appropriate, is the way of Cultural inappropriate to smaller players. That other Renaissance was hard fought too.

    Darden understands stillness; Rossi understands action — The Art of War, a perfect team for to introduce The End of Scarcity, TEOS.

    Whew! Forgive me. My entrée into “posting”.
    PS. Frank A. fits perfectly.

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