Why are Pomp, Eriksson, Ekström and Håkansson Making Fools out of Themselves in Ny Teknik?

It’s not easy to comprehend, but I will try to be somewhat leveled here. As I always said, this is not a question of physics or science, but of pure psychology. So to cool down I’ll try to think that they actually feel the same contempt for the personality Rossi and other people that they don’t understand represents, as I feel for them.

Read this analysis (inventor vs. inspector) about the personalities involved. I think it describes in a clear way what is happening, now more than ever. 

For them Rossi represents their highest fears since he threatens their world view, built on years of intense study of the ancient books of physics. They actually use ”ancient” as an argument in some weird way. And since something that ancient can’t possible be wrong in their mind their only conclusion is that Rossi commits fraud. However they don’t dare to connect the dots, that this also means accusations against Rossis employer and owner of the technology Industrial Heat. I believe this is to complicated, so they just leave it.

Being physicists it is also hard to believe how easy it seams for them to resort to circular arguments. In their world view there seams to be no way that what has been thoroughly measured and described in the report can be true, so they use those measurements as a premise and deduce their fraud conclusion, without any single indication to back it up.

Makes you go hmmm.

5 thoughts on “Why are Pomp, Eriksson, Ekström and Håkansson Making Fools out of Themselves in Ny Teknik?

  1. I think that the only valid skepticism is the one that gets involved into studying and trying to understand a new phenomena, and that’s exactly what the researchers in the team are doing. The insistence in claiming that the researchers are not independent is insulting, and could perfectly give rise to a legal case. One has to remind that Hanno Essen, one of the authors of both reports, was president of the Swedish Skeptical Association, and that he resigned to the position shortly after engaging in the research of the e-cat, just to be able to devote time to this research. That’s the kind of skepticism we need, not the whiny / complainy that Pomp and company are showing.

  2. LENR really is a phenomen of psychology. The weird thing is, that some of you acolytes will never understand it is mainly fictious phenomen at best and scam at worst.

    • Well, come to think of it, you are in some weird sense correct, however in a completely different way than you believe. The, by far, most interesting psychological phenomenon in this LENR story is the hatred and fear shown by the pathological sceptics. Yes, like you my friend. Mostly it has to do with the fear of change and the fear of the unkown. And also a hatred of the creative people that brings it to your front yard … This is the reason that you can not use reason to analyze LENR but only your impaired feelings (fear and hatred are strong forces you know)

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